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So? I love how being "country" is a badge of honor in the South. But for some reason, having a vet school with a barn is something to make fun of. Hypocrite.
Don't overlook Auburn. We had a tough season, but have the best recruit in school history about to join the team and experience returning.
UGA only has the best QB in the SEC (but not because of anything Kirby has done - if anything, he'll make him worse). If Georgia doesn't win the SEC this Fall, I'd be shocked.
Auburn fans prefer the NCAA poll that has Tigers ranked 21st.
Agree on the Tank, but only the RB really knows if he touched the ball. He may have, maybe he didn't. But fans screaming like they absolutely know he did are idiots.
You're so cool. Bet you feel big and bad with your snide comment about us. *eye roll*
We've averaged like five losses a season since 2014. Maybe that's good for South Carolina, but for the rest of us - not going to cut it.
A mistake? We've lost at least four games every year Malzahn coached (some seasons five and six losses) except for his first season in 2013.
I thought they were going to be glowing or something, but no - just your average pinstripes. A little underwhelming with the "incredible" headline.
Nick Saban is ruining college football. Think if we just hand Tuscaloosa a few more trophies and Walmart coupons they'll be fine forcing him to retire... so college football can be a competitive sport again?
Call me in 10 years when Nick Saban has finally decided he's bored with winning and college football is worth watching again.
I think what's most irritating about Georgia's resurgence at the end of 2020 is that Kirby started to (finally) come back down to Earth - and then JT Daniels was there to save the day. Georgia has had some of the best recruiting classes in the country the past five years, but Smart had to go look all the way across the country for a quarterback? Really, Georgia?! Y'all have had a bazillion five star players and there wasn't a QB waiting in the wings? Never fear, the transfer portal was there to save the day. A majority of schools are fighting for table scraps because Georgia, OSU, Clemson and Bama are hoarding all the good players. So OF COURSE Smart was able to find just what he needed 3,000 miles away. The transfer portal needs to go away - except for extreme circumstances.
Except that he didn't recruit JT. Daniels fell in his lap, which is just SOOOO Georgia.
Alabama is the heavyweight, but only out of sheer luck. Had Kentucky paid a little attention to Bryant, he would've never ended up in Tuscaloosa. And had Saban not choked in Miami, he would've never ended up in Tuscaloosa. I'm not taking anything away from Bama's success, but they're only what they are because of luck and circumstance - not because they're some blue blood.
Agreed. College football is in trouble. Unless you're a Clemson, Bama or OSU fan, what's the point? I don't even bother watching the playoff rankings at all anymore. It's not fun to watch the same three or four teams reap all of the rewards because high school players think their only path to the NFL is through Nick Saban. Idiotic.
Not a Georgia fan, but totally understand McGarity's frustration. I bet he really is ticked at Vandy - even though he's not saying so. UGA is proof that a team can stay safe and healthy if the players are all-in. It's pretty evident at 0-8, Vandy's players probably don't care if they play again this season.
Just because younger people aren't dying, doesn't mean they're not getting it and not having long-term affects. Not to mention, they can spread it to older people who can die. Quit watching Newsmax and quit acting like the virus isn't a thing because it doesn't fit your "reality."
Oooohhh "cow girlfriend" - how original. Woulda, coulda, shoulda. I love when fans say, "well, you wouldn't have won if such and such didn't happen." Well all that stuff did happen. Pick sixes happen. You can't just cherry pick two from one game because you don't like the way it ended. You act like Bama has never gotten an interception to win a game before. Get over yourself.
If you think we'd fire Gus because of a loss to "this" Bama team, you haven't been watching very long. It's the fact that Malzahn can't win on the road against our biggest rivals. It's because Malzahn's current recruiting class is in the 20's. It's because Malzahn has played in just one SEC Championship in the last however many years. I can keep going.
I think it's hilarious that some or all of the biggest Bama fans are the straight-up rednecks - which is fine, takes all kinds. But it's those same people that call us "Barners" like it's embarrassing to have a school in rural Alabama. We all love the South, until it's time to make fun of Auburn, and then suddenly every Bama fan is some privileged grad of a "city" school and we're just a bunch of poor hicks on the other side of the state. Give me a break. One of these days, Saban will leave. Of course, college football will be utterly ruined by then - like it nearly is now with four schools having a legitimate shot at the playoff everyday. Can't wait to watch Bama-Clemson for the 846th time. *yawn*
I agree, the buyouts are absurd. Schools are basically guaranteeing coaches millions of dollars to suck. It's RIDICULOUS. I wish universities would start telling these coaches that there's no safety net. They do well, they make bank. They don't, they won't. It's that simple. But no one is going to do that.
I assure you - Auburn fans are not happy with three and four loss seasons. I always love the arrogance from Bama fans. They're lucky as all get out that Saban wanted out of the NFL, or they'd be just as average right now as everyone else. Players want to play for Nick, not Bama.
I don't understand and certainly not defending Aubie108 throwing shade, especially since we lost to South Carolina of all teams. Read the room, dude. But a Georgia fan telling someone to keep playing for "literally nothing?" That's rich coming from a fan base that is - this season - celebrating their last natty - 40 years ago.
fuzzyvol01, there's plenty of right-wing news outlets too: Fox News, OAN, Newsmax, Daily Caller, Info Wars. But point made. We really have to pay attention to what we're reading these days - a lot of it is partisan baloney.
No offense, but it feels like Franks has been playing since 1988. LOL
Did Auburn say we were “back?” Only people on here acting like a**hats are jealous-acting Florida fans. What gives? I know a lot of Auburn fans are happy we finally looked good on both sides of the ball, but no one is acting like we’ve won anything. Me thinks you’re all in your feelings because of all the negative coverage today of your players showing their behinds during the brawl. And Auburn is getting a little bit of positive attention (finally) because we finally won a game outright. We’re not going to apologize for being excited about a win. I really was rooting for y’all to kick the crap out of Georgia next week because their fans are typically THE WORST, but not anymore.