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I agree, the buyouts are absurd. Schools are basically guaranteeing coaches millions of dollars to suck. It's RIDICULOUS. I wish universities would start telling these coaches that there's no safety net. They do well, they make bank. They don't, they won't. It's that simple. But no one is going to do that.
I assure you - Auburn fans are not happy with three and four loss seasons. I always love the arrogance from Bama fans. They're lucky as all get out that Saban wanted out of the NFL, or they'd be just as average right now as everyone else. Players want to play for Nick, not Bama.
I don't understand and certainly not defending Aubie108 throwing shade, especially since we lost to South Carolina of all teams. Read the room, dude. But a Georgia fan telling someone to keep playing for "literally nothing?" That's rich coming from a fan base that is - this season - celebrating their last natty - 40 years ago.
fuzzyvol01, there's plenty of right-wing news outlets too: Fox News, OAN, Newsmax, Daily Caller, Info Wars. But point made. We really have to pay attention to what we're reading these days - a lot of it is partisan baloney.
No offense, but it feels like Franks has been playing since 1988. LOL
Did Auburn say we were “back?” Only people on here acting like a**hats are jealous-acting Florida fans. What gives? I know a lot of Auburn fans are happy we finally looked good on both sides of the ball, but no one is acting like we’ve won anything. Me thinks you’re all in your feelings because of all the negative coverage today of your players showing their behinds during the brawl. And Auburn is getting a little bit of positive attention (finally) because we finally won a game outright. We’re not going to apologize for being excited about a win. I really was rooting for y’all to kick the crap out of Georgia next week because their fans are typically THE WORST, but not anymore.
Too funny: Florida finally has one decent year after a decade and a half of being mediocre, prompting their fans to mouth off and act like they own the place. Memo to Florida fans, Tebow’s gone and this ain’t 2008.
I could not agree more. They beat a terrible Florida D and, all of a sudden, they're getting playoff talk? They're not getting out of Jordan-Hare with a win, and I wouldn't be shocked if Arkansas beat them.
A Tennessee fan is saying another team's players suck? That's the funniest thing I've read in awhile.
You could make an argument about the Arky game call, but you cannot say for certain how the Ole Miss game would've turned out. For starters, there's only one person on this planet that can say for certain if his hand touched the ball after kickoff. Not to mention, Tanks punt return called back for a bogus holding call nowhere near the play. AND, there was actually a blantent hold the refs missed on an Auburn linebacker during one of the Rebels scores. So please SHUT UP about bad calls.
So YOU'RE the last person still taking up for Malzahn. I honestly thought we had everyone on board after losing to a team Saturday we are clearly more talented than (or at least we should be recruiting-wise). You're right, not having spring and summer practice hurt. So how do you explain the fact that Arkansas is surging and Ole Miss gave Bama all they could handle? Other teams are finding ways to succeed while we're sitting here looking pretty bad. Look, there are areas we are improving. But overall, we're not good. I wouldn't be surprised if Bama hung 50 on us next month. Lastly, it's not like this is a new issue. We're two miracles in 2017 from having 9 average or worse seasons in a row under Malzahn. How much more of a snapshot do you need to realize, he's not cutting it?
I disagree with this. We've won before, so there's no reason we can't do it consistently. The problem is college football itself. When four programs are hoarding all the players, that's an issue. Saban and Dabo will eventually leave and that could help some. But Bama and Clemson playing for the title every year is bad for fans and the sport. Something's gotta give.
I'd rather Auburn go after P.J. Fleck from Minnesota.
Who cares about a few deaths so as long as the Gulp and Go makes a few bucks.
Oldfal, when you fill a stadium full of people who don't give a crap about getting the virus (because I guess Republicans think they're immune), what happens when you get it and don't know it - and then spread it to 15 people in the grocery store? Sure, it's not malicious. But I'd say it's worse than that. Because you don't give a crap. The same people who want don't want to be told to wear a mask or be safe now, are the same ones who want to tell women what they can and can't do with their bodies, who tell people who they can marry, etc. Hypocritical.
Hey Corch Irvin, they're not irrational fears. People are continuing to get sick. What's irrational about not wanting to feel awful. Not to mention, just because you live from the virus, doesn't mean there won't be other complications. Don't know if you've noticed, but we're trying to get the country back from the brink. You fill a stadium with 90,000 people, and it would create a superspreader event. If Trump had told y'all to take this seriously, you would. This is a new level of stupid.
AuburnRX, I totally agree. Stetson only looked as good as he did because he has a fortress surrounding him. I'm not going to make excuses for Nix, but if he had what Stetson has, it would be fun to see. Auburn has had years to fix the O-line and they haven't. Kirby and Saban are recruiting circles around us and it's evident every dang year. It's not going to change until we make a change. I love college football so so much, but it's beyond frustrating getting the same results every season.
He's the most overconfident 20-year-old I've ever seen in my life. Let's be honest, had what's his name not said "peace out" and JT not been nursing an injury for what feels like two years, Bennett would still be keeping the bench warm. And not for nothing, he's only succeeding now because he has NFL-bound athletes carrying his butt. Auburn looked bad and I'm certainly not taking anything away from Georgia, y'all earned it. But put Stetson in Nix's place, and he would've spent most of the game on his rear. So let's stop acting like he's the second coming. He ain't. He's a serviceable quarterback when that's pretty much all Georgia needs right now because they're stacked everywhere else.
Please talk to me about that difficult game you end the season with against Tech? And the announcer's line is hardly savage. Slow news day, Saturday Down South?
The only game I’ve been to in Athens, I had a bottle thrown at my head for getting excited after we scored our only TD of the game. Georgia fans are the worst.
We’re not allowed to be confident until proven otherwise? By the way, you’re sure running your mouth a lot after losing for three straight years. Get over yourself.
We lost to a team with a walk-on, 5th string quarterback. And have you listened to him in interviews? Doesn’t sound very bright. Just makes the loss that much more demoralizing.
We at least corrected in the second half and held them to a field goal. Of course, our offense still sucked, so...
I’m certainly not taking up for Gus. But love how cocky UGA fans get when they haven’t won a dang thing since 1980. At least when Bama fans are being annoying, they have some trophies to back up their nonsense.
You’ll be Bama in your dreams. Can always count on UGA fans to be doing the most.
To be fair, we did hold them to a field goal I believe in the second half. I realize it was too late by that point.
Wish Fowler was still on Gameday. Rece Davis' Bama bias is so evident.
I stopped listening to Saturday Down South podcast because I got tired of always feeling like Auburn was getting zero respect, whether it was deserved or not. Several months ago, they ranked the top returning QBs in the SEC and Marler I believe didn't even have Box Nix listed. I think maybe Connor had him fifth or receiving votes. And then they both thought Morris would be a bust. I know it's just one game, but glad to see Auburn proving them wrong already. We have a returning QB with experience, quality receivers, decent running backs and have always had a solid D, but not a whole lot of respect. We may lose the next nine games, we'll see. But so far, so good.