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I told y'all that Bryan Harsin wouldn't go to Washington.
You must be an Auburn fan you comment on literally every single Auburn article.
Wouldn't it be funny if Georgia lost to Tech. LOL
At this point Auburn does not have a QB better than Bo, he gets all the blame in a loss if it's his fault or not.I expect him to start next year.
Bo Nix will not transfer it was his lifelong dream to be the QB at Auburn.He's dad was an Auburn QB and he will definitely not transfer. He will be starting at Auburn again next year.
North Carolina? Dang I was hoping we would play Clemson.
Nick Saban went 7-6 in his first year at Alabama. Just saying.
As a Auburn fan I hope Ole Miss wins but honestly I don’t think they can
The four teams would be Auburn Georgia Cincinnati and Norte Dame or Ohio State.If the above happens and auburn wins the SEC Champ they will pick them over a two lose team because of strength of schedule.Auburn has no bad loses and also the above is a speculation not a prediction
So College Gameday comes to Ole Miss/TAMU and doesn’t come to Auburn/TAMU. Classic.
Auburn can still make the playoffs if the following happens: Ole Miss beats TAMU Auburn beats Alabama Auburn beats Georgia in SEC Champ Purdue beats Ohio State Baylor beats Oaklohoma Ohio State beats Michigan St Penn State beats Michigan SMU beats Cincinnati Utah beats Oregon And there you have it Auburn in the playoffs WDE
Note to writer it’s Derek Mason not “Derrick Mason”
Ur gonna eat those words after Auburn beast Georgia in the SEC championship.
Bama hasn't even made it to the SEC championship yet!!
Auburn has much improved since the Penn State game.
I wonder if they will put TJ Finley in if Bo Nix can't perform.