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The rule in college is 3 yards and the lineman was probably 4 during the pass release, so probably a tough call to make. Nfl is 1 yard.
Except for every day in practice.
Turnovers have kept the defense on the field way too much. And against JSU, Auburn sat 3 starters that could have played(slightly banged up), because they didn't think they should need them. So in my opinion, the 1st half against Louisville is about the only true judgement of how the defense is. Of course it will continue on a downward path if JJ or whatever QB, and the offense don't straighten out.
Like I said, it's not success without the championship. LOL Enjoy that "average" mentality while the rest of us shoot for the stars. Hahahaha
I looked up the word average and it had an example: Georgia Bulldogs - Not a complete loser, but NEVER wins it all. Ask Mark Richt if that is what he is defining his career off of, because Auburn and Alabama coaches get fired for a Mark Richt type season. LOL
I'm fine with having an occasional off year when it's followed by Championship years. GA also had a 7 loss season, but is it true that they are changing the mascot's name from Uga to Aga (Average GA), in honor of being fine with being average? #wepreferchampionshipslol
I say success would be winning SEC and Nat'l Championships. Were you even born the last time Georgia won one of those? Georgia has lost 4 or more games for 6 of the last 10 seasons, with zero Nat'l Title appearances and this is the 10-year Anniversary of your last SEC Championship. Happy Anniversary!
Haha, true, but that was the first one to come to mind and Ole Miss has never really been relevant, so I was trying to make them feel special! West has been pretty tough the last 2-3 years and they were fairly successful for them up until the Auburn game and Treadwell went down. Kinda lost their wind after that.
I didn't say anything about Auburn's schedule or Auburn. Missouri's schedule the last 3 years has been minus the 3 or 4 top teams in the SEC, which would consist of Auburn, Alabama, and LSU. East has been weak since Missouri joined, and everything has just fell into place also, such as the team they are to play seems to lose their top playmaker, whether it be the opposing QB or RB, almost every time. But, in other news, Auburn has been in the Nat'l Championship game 2 of last 4 years, and the west has played for it 6 of the last 8 years. Thanks, and when Georgia can complete a big game and get a win to secure a successful season and play for something other than the Gator or Belk Bowl, let me know.
Yo greeny, that was either 2 or 3 seasons ago. Wake up!
Ole Miss could win the east blind folded, with Missouri's schedule. At this time, the SEC would like to say thanks to the Western division for all of the prominence and dominance you've brought to the SEC! Thanks
So, Alabama, MSU, Arky, and Tamu uni's are maybe an ugly shade of red different, with a spec of white in a different spot, yet one is last and one is 2nd? Hmmm Great article without bias! LOL
Kerryon Johnson with Auburn. 4 or 5-star. Not on the list.
Tyler Queen with Auburn was 4* with Scout and Espn. Not sure which rating SDS uses. Jason Smith just transferred from JUCO and was also a 4* QB, even though he'll probably end up at DB or WR. Auburn, TAMU, UT, and MSU are probably sitting best at starting QB in my opinion. Everyone else has a long way to go and a short time to get there.
The SEC considers the other conferences in-conference games weak, compared to what the SEC faces every week!
Auburn would probably have the best resume, but I'd say they were all screwed from the playoffs.
I say Bama beats MSU and Auburn beats Ole Miss, then rivalry weekend really means something. Wouldn't be surprised to see MSU or Ole Miss lose to Arkansas though. I keep thinking they are going to get somebody.
Seems like you really know your football. FYI: Auburn and MSU are in the West. DA
The defender also had his hand on the Sammy's arm pulling him back. Goes both ways and should have been a no-call. But how often in pro's or college do you see a Pass-interference penalty on the offense when both of them are touching?
They both had 4. Auburn just didn't capitalize on theirs, but theirs weren't inside MS's 30 yard line either. MS is a good team and played good enough to win. But Auburn lost that one more than MS won it, IMO. Seemed like a whole lot of good plays Auburn got, got reversed with penalties, some being pretty iffy. Congrats to MSU though.
Auburn pretty much lost 2 that mattered on offense and 1 on defense that were all pretty special, but I think they've all been replaced with equal or better talent, except for maybe Robinson at OT. Only reason I see them being at 9 is because of their schedule being so tough, which is the opposite reason Bama is high.
This offense just keeps getting scarier! Loading the box is disappearing, with 2 dangerous and tall WR's on the field at a time. Puts a lot of pressure on the DB's to go man-to-man!