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Agree! They're scaring me with all this talk about hiring Cadillac. I love where his heart is, and he's definitely brought some much needed energy. But that energy fades with a 4-6 record. Auburn needs an experienced X's and O's coach!
The 3 QB's in the NFL are average at best! The best of the is only still a QB because he left Alabama and went to Oklahoma. The other two can't throw downfield! Belichek doesn't trust Mac at all. Dolphins are doing everything they can to figure out how to get rid of Tua. Lol It's funny how average bama QB's look when the talent levels are even.
I hope every non-team player that opts out on their brothers flop and never get paid!
Sorry bro, but Louisville was a top 10 defense last year and led the nation in turnovers. They lost a few, but replaced them with Harvey-clemens from Georgia and another transfer on & - line, so probably best you get your facts straight @ekingill88.
So, Bama should be ranked really high, since the only ranked team they've beat has 2 losses, and they beat TAMU for their 3rd straight loss. Lol
Don't mess with the midget! Lol
Anyone else feel like the one on Ruffin from Auburn was all shoulder and zero helmet? Horrible call.