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I'm just gonna say it. This was a good article. However, I do wish y'all delved into Jay Jacob's handling of football as well as other sports a little bit more. Jay Jacobs and his handling of it is just as important as Malzahn's need to deliver a good season next year.
So, what y'all are saying is that Auburn is stuck with him for at least 4 more years?
How are they running their mouth off by saying they know they gotta earn everything they want?
"...such as after the 3-9 season in 2013" 2012 was our 3-9 season, unless you mean how Auburn responded to the 2012 season in 2013. If so, then your wording wasn't clear enough.
Y'all do realize that there was another kick-six in 2013? I'm sure the phrased was used before that game but it wasn't coined for the first time in a pro game in 2015. Google is your friend!