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Hopefully Shaun makes everyone read the number on the back of his jersey a lot this year. Tail lights!
It sucks the way it ended but it is what it is. Nothing can be done about it now. It is kind of like the 2004 football season all over again though.
Lots of us have seen coaches shoot themselves in the foot, but Mullen is taking the cake.
Would I like to see more success from our QB's? Of course! However, I think we have had a lot of great moments and winning, so I can't complain too much.
It sounds like something a bama fan would say to be honest. That and unless it's football who cares.
Had enough of the party school I guess.
We do have a lot of talent returning at the WR position. it is depth of talent he is talking about, and he is right.
If he comes that will be big. We have some great talent returning and with him we could make another run in the NCAA tourny.
I honestly think Gatewood is the guy. I think Nix needs a year of learning, but he is close.
I agree. They should keep the tiger logo but ditch the paw prints.
So, it is sort of a combination of an old and new look.
I wished they had waited a week so they could be recognized during A-Day when there would be a bigger crowd. So proud of these guys. War Eagle!
You can see in the photo that the ref was looking right at it and didn't make the call. yet decided to make a call on that last play on the 3 point shot they didn't make the whole game. It's kind of hard to not think the ref just wanted Virginia to win.
The Tennessee players have been nothing but class in their comments. Much respect back to our SEC brothers.
I wished if we had to lose it was by somebody hitting a game winning shot from downtown. Losing the way we did was just sickening.
Nothing we can do about it now. It is what it is, but it hurts to lose that way.
Ideally, you never want to leave it in the hands of the refs, but sometimes there isn't a thing you can do. Crap happens.
That was the absolute worst way to lose, but I am still proud as heck for my team. They did everything they could do. War Eagle! anyway.
How does Bryce Brown not make a team?
I would love to see Charles Barkley continue to have that set all the way to the championship game. War Eagle!
I was speechless too. This is something our program has never experienced before. It's special.
It's very nice. Auburn completed similar renovations last year in our stadium.
It's been an incredible run so far. I hope it continues. No team from this state has ever gotten this far before. War Eagle! indeed.
Kentucky fans are not trash fans. It was one of their idiots, but most of them are good fans.
It was one idiot. I'm not gonna put that on the whole Kentucky fanbase. They should of told that guy that was a dumb move though.
UT is a class program. Hats off to them for another great season also.