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Jealousy coming from a fan of a team that lost twice in the regular season, and fired their coach.
Only our 3rd regular season championship in Auburn basketball history. (1960-1961, 1999-2000, 2017-18) It feels good. WAR EAGLE!
I hate that because I thought he had so much potential. Sometimes you just have to have patience, but moot point now. Good luck to him wherever he winds up.
Prayers to his family and the tide nation.
Instead of changing the name, why not just add his name? Walton-Richardson Arena?
This is the best top to bottom SEC I have ever seen. Teams just beat up on each other. Hopefully we will get 8 or 9 teams in the NCAA tourney.
Unbelievably, we didn't need him and could rest his shoulder. Auburn 78 Georgia 61.
We landed 17 4*s and still finished out of the top 10 at 12th in the country. There was a lot of talent out there but not so much in Alabama as there usually is. Our biggest disappointment was not getting more O-linemen.
I'm glad. UT's traditional uniforms look pretty good. The great teams in the country wear traditional unis. All the sucky teams try to jazz things up.
I agree, but 17 year olds still are not mature. He made a mistake as well as the Mom of the kid who chose Florida. She was an adult and acted like a kid so.......
His Mom is wearing a bama shirt and a UT cap. He went with Florida, so he was against everything his Mom stood for. LOL!
it's hard for any team to out hustle Auburn. They wear people out.
After that deal we gave him we will just have to ride it out. Firing him would be a disaster. There are no coaches out there right now any better we could get.
We love Coach Pearl. His enthusiasm and his accent are awesome.
I was sweating it out, that is a big relief. We needed him.
LSU looked like a good team to me. They actually played a great game. Auburn was just on fire from 3 point land.
Being #1 in Orlando is a far cry from actually being #1.
You are forgetting Carlton Davis DB Auburn projected #23 to the Rams.
In order for Mizzou to get back to Atlanta they are gonna have to learn to play defense.
It's tempting to feel empathy for UCF after remembering the frustration we felt in 1983, 1993, and 2004. However winning it in 2010, and almost winning in 2013 changed all that. Celebrate a great season UCF, but you can't claim a championship if you don't have the trophy.
Gamecocks have been benefiting from SEC transfers for a while now.
I hope he can give Jordan-Hare the attention it's needed, and not kick the can down the road like J.J.
I think the center position is the biggest concern on the O-line. I think the guard spots and tackle spots are in good hands. Marquell Harrell and Mike Horton have experience at guard, and Wanogho does at tackle,and Calvin Ashley may be the most talented young tackle we have recruited in a long time. Kaleb Kim and Nick Brahms are really going to have to step up at center. on Defense I agree with you on T.D. Moultry, but don't forget about Paul James the III. as a pass rusher also. At running back Jatarvious Whitlow was doing great things in bowl practice, and with all the newcomers coming in, we are bound to find a great back in one of them.
War Eagle! and Welcome Mr. Greene.
He did a good job while at Ole Miss raising capital for their facilities, as well as at Buffalo. Jacobs left most of our facilities in great shape but we need to continue to improve Jordan-Hare Stadium, and to get the new football only athletic building off the ground.