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I think LSU is a premier job. It's like a lot of SEC jobs though, and that is you better be consistently good.
From what I've seen, I don't think the Florida offense is the problem. It's the Florida defense.
The receivers showed up today. It's about time. War Eagle!
When we start valuing the opinion of a troll, we will let you know.
I would not be too surprised if they upset Florida again, but even if they do I think he stays on the hotseat.
It's a good thing that bama doesn't lose very often, because this kind of headline seems to happen after every bama loss.
There may not be enough words to describe what a leg humping, butt sniffing, carpet scootin' dog faced chihuahua you are. Well maybe there was.
There is a lot to fix for Mizzou. It seemed everything that could go wrong, went wrong in the Tennessee game.
Just wait UCF fans. If you make a bowl game, Gus will lose that too. Gus hates winning bowl games.
I am totally floored that UT seems to be a pretty good football team this year. I thought with all the losses it would take them awhile to build up. They look ahead of schedule to me.
If Orgeron gets fired, just hope ESPN doesn't hire him as an analyst. Yo, yo, yo, Bobby Bouche, Yo yo yo whoop arse! Yo, yo, yo foosball.
The Birmingham bowl would be a good bowl for a team this year. It's no longer at old legion field, but in a brand new stadium downtown by the BJCC civic center. Guests can attend a concert or event within walking distance. Also beside it is two luxury hotels, The "Uptown" entertainment district, and Top Golf. It's actually one of the better bowls you could go to now.
We paid over 20 million to remove Malzahn. Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet and in the future do not make any more huge buyouts.
It doesn't matter to us if you get it or not. We get it and that is all that matters. great tradition unique to us. War Eagle!
Well somebody had to be held accountable. What happened Mizzou?
The only thing you need to know of who we are, is the team that beat you last night. War Eagle!
It was a stupid comment no doubt, but this is just one fans opinion. Why write an article on it as if the entire Texas fan base thought this?
I didn't even know that clown had a podcast. I bet outside his three followers like SmokeOne mentioned, nobody else knows he had one either.
What I see is all the people running their big mouths are outsiders who are not interested in Auburn succeeding.
Auburn and Finley especially, will not be intimidated by LSU's crowd. We have already played on the road with a crazy crowd over 100,000 and had a chance to win. It will be a close game, and if it is, I think Carlson could be the difference.
Nix shouldn't act surprised. he was terrible and a change had to be made. He won't start against LSU also.
maybe we are a 7 to 8 win team this year, but I think we have more potential than we've had in years. Certainly more fight.
Now the UCF fans see why Auburn fans were greatly relived to buy out his contract. In the end, the band aid had to be ripped off.
Fans need to vent frustrations. It isn't as if every fan base of good teams everywhere doesn't have fans that do that. Yeah, you want to stay positive, but sometimes you have to vent.