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Okay, Georgia fans talking smack? That's fine they won the game, but a Miss. State fan talking about how Auburn is "always" an average SEC West team? That is funny. State has an occasional decent season and has been historically smacked around by Auburn for a hundred years. Plus State has accomplished absolutely nothing ever in the way of championships. So shut up and enjoy your rare season.
Finally a home team wins in this series. Glad it was us.
I can't believe it! What a come from behind victory! War Eagle!!!!!!!! These guys didn't quit.
If I was Mizzou, I'd go after Les Miles. He wins, and he can recruit well.
We have just imploded, and there is no excuse for it. Way too much talent on this team to suck this bad.
Auburn fans and Carolina fans are paying attention. Cam makes us proud, even if he does have a strange taste in clothing.
I would have liked this article to have been done in the old style of Leonard's Losers. ;)
If they don't quit and just try and get better every game, things will eventually turn around. I remember not very long ago (2012) going through this as an Auburn fan.
That TD before the half that was called back was total bs from the refs. That was a clean block. The SEC refs this year are screwing up more than I've seen in a long time.
I think Pruitt did the right thing. Back in the 80's when Pat Dye came to Auburn, he ran a lot of guys off with his toughness, but it paid off. Should be the same for UT.
I like a lot of the SEC teams going with white helmets. Mizzou, Ole Miss, Vandy. Florida has worn white helmets a few times, Texas A&M. I think it's great.
I have no idea who will win between these two, but it should be a great SEC game. Both Kentucky and Miss. State have some momentum going into the game.
Well, maybe in time Chad Morris can be another Dan Mullen. Mullen was known for making his 3 stars play like 4 star athletes.
We want to win, but I don't like injuries playing such a big part. Hope those players heal well and can return soon to help y'all out.
We have got to get a heckuva lot better if we don't want this to happen again.
I wish Mizzou all the luck in the world, but Georgia and Alabama are tall orders right now.
I wish him well, but the truth is he isn't very good.
Hopefully we can find another good center out there to replace him with.
Sal Cannella is a 6th degree black belt in Karate? I did not know that until reading this article, but I did notice that he used a karate technique to brace himself for the fall on his TD catch. Good job.
As much as I hate to go there, I'm not even sure we are playoff material right now, and they lost to us. So PAC 12 is in a bad situation.
I think Georgia probably pulls it out. Will Muschamp just never wins big games.
If LSU can get past a really good Miami team it will complete an awesome week for the SEC. UT let us down.
A lot more room than the old locker room, and the lockers are awesome.
One, he is a former player, and two nobody even remembers him. So why a big headline about it?
He knows that. He was being sarcastic because Joe Burrow is about the only one left.