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Of all the things wrong with malzahn, he at least has found a way to be more competitive with Saban than anyone else. Alabama out recruits everyone in talent and it is hard to overcome that.
We have much the same frustrations, except we do end up with winning seasons under Malzahn. We lose most of our bowl games though. Both of us screwed up allowing huge buyouts.
Schools in the future need to make buyouts more reasonable. I would say if you do not win a certain amount of games your buyout is reduced.
Muschamp has only one big win in him a year. Georgia last year and Auburn this year. He's done.
I think it was the block M helmets that made the difference. LOL!
Don't want to see us win on a refs call? Then beat us by more points. That's what South Carolina did.
I like the old Mizzou helmet, you guys should have never shelved that. Those yellow jerseys though?
Let everybody complain. This is a crazy year, and I'll take whatever we can get. I know if the same calls went for the other team those teams fans wouldn't care, so I'm not either.
The talk can heat up all you want but Gus is not going anywhere this season, which means he will be the coach for 2021. That is just reality. It is another year and a half before any movement happens.
All of this is moot. Nobody is gonna do anything this year. Therefore it will have to be what happens after the 2021 season. So Gus gets to make his 10th year at Auburn.
Malzahn we will have to deal with later, but Chad Morris needs to be fired now. His offense isn't working. Been a long time since it ever did.
frustration boiling over. It's effecting the fans too. Right now the team isn't executing well, and is not on the same page.
Yeah, we have no problems at Thanksgiving. It's all good either way. Just fun.
No. I'm just from a family that is split on both sides.
Well Georgia understands once again why they can't get over the hump. You have to get past Bama.
Every single week Gus says I think we have a chance to be a good offense. When the heck is that chance coming? After the season is over?
Glad we played Kentucky the first week. The cats have been steadily getting better and better and we are going backwards.
Auburn did nothing in the Cam newton case as the NCAA cleared us. What happened in case you forgot was a Miss. State guy was contacted by Cam's Father trying to get money, and this without Cam's knowledge. Because that got found out and exposed, Cam's father had to scramble and find another school for Cam, and this is where Auburn came in. NO money was offered by Auburn. I know this is an inconvenient truth to those who want to hate on Cam and Auburn, but that is what really happened.
Listen all you bunch of whiners. The Refs screwed up. The refs! Auburn isn't to blame for it.
I get it you Arky fans are upset, but STOP blaming Auburn. We didn't screw you over, the Refs did. Blame them, but stop crying to Auburn fans. If the shoe was on the other foot, you know not one of you hog fans would have complained.
It's probably the last win we get this year. We are too banged up.
I have to admit I didn't see this one coming. Congrats Texas A&M.
I would support 8 teams, that seems fair. The only problem is teams 9-16 would want it expanded.