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Looks like most of the teams have some talented new comers this year, should be an exciting season. One of those will be freshmen Issac Okoro of Auburn. Learn the name.
It may have already been broken before you got there, but you guys haven't tried to use duct tape or anything to fix it. ;)
Every time we complain about Gus Malzahn, I think wait, we could be Arkansas.
I get why the fans haven't been energetic. The team hasn't given us a lot to be energetic about. Do something big, and the fans will get energetic. Beat Georgia!
Florida played like Auburn today. Now you know what frustration we felt.
I think we still had a hangover from the LSU game. We were not sharp tonight.
It's gonna be a really interesting game with Kentucky next week.
I thought Florida looked a lot like Auburn did when we played them. :o
To me it doesn't make sense. Why bail now? The least he could have done if he really cared about his teammates is wait til the end of the season.
Wow! National statistics suggest LSU are idiots? Learn something new everyday.
That is a bold face lie. There has been NO Auburn fans calling him Heisman anything. The only people that have said that have been jerks from other schools.
If UT can somehow limp it's way to six wins, that would be a very impressive turnaround, and good for the SEC in bowl eligible teams.
Our offensive line just sucks. They can't block or get a push on anyone.
If Tua comes back, then I still think Bama is the better team. I'd leave them at #1.
I would still hold him out. That sounds a little quick to come back.
Their hype video should just say: yeah, we will at least show up.
I think his wife might have accidently put starch in his underwear.
I think meyer wants in a cushy NFL job, but if he came back to college, Southern Cal. would make more sense for him.
Alabama is our biggest rivalry. of course he would answer that way. if it was a bama player being ask that he would probably have said the same but in reverse.
It is too squatty looking. Just leave our original logo alone. It has been perfect the way it is since 1966.
I see them getting to five wins, but the Ole Miss game is gonna be a real fight. Ole Miss is playing the better ball right now.
That's interesting. I know Auburn has a big ROTC program. You always see them in either Army, Navy or Air Force ROTC uniforms in the student section.
Wrong. Auburn like Alabama, Penn State, Nebraska, USC, etc. like tradition and we do not want to change no more than they do.
Well you now join us in the one loss column.
Congrats UT. At least you got the monkey off your backs for one week.
Let somebody else change their name. Auburn is Tigers for a reason. it is part of the poem that the City was named after. "Sweet Auburn, loveliest village of the plains." "Where crouching Tigers await their hapless prey."
It wasn't all on Bo. He didn't get much help from his teammates, especially the offensive line.