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Coach pearl and the team deserved a hero's welcome. War Eagle!
The last time we won the SEC tourny in 1985, (In 4 games just like this time) we had to go through Kansas in the second game of the NCAA tourny to get to the sweet sixteen. We upset them 64-62. Maybe this will be deja vu. I think we lost to North Carolina in the Sweet 16. We might have to face them again too.
Pearl regretted what happened at Tennessee, but I am very happy we were the ones who gave him a second shot. Awesome coach!
We got to hang a banner last year. This year we get a trophy and nets to go with another banner. Bruce Pearl has been awesome in reviving Auburn basketball.
Even if the foul was called, he was fouled before the act of shooting. It would be two shots, not three. They still would have lost.
No matter who won UT or Uk, I figured it would be an uphill battle for us to win a 4th game in a row. I'm hoping for a miracle though. I would like us to have a banner of some kind for this year.
Been awhile since we have played this well at the SEC tournament. War Eagle!
While bama and the dawgs argue all this dynasty stuff, there are three others that can always at any time be the monkey in the wrench. Florida, UT and Auburn.
Geography? Kentucky and Missouri were divided about who to support during the war between the states and stayed neutral. West Virginia clearly sided with the yankee's. Having a clear yankee state in the SEC? I don't think so.
The conference that has missed out the most to me is the Big 12. I still say they should add a couple of cougars. Houston and BYU.
I wouldn't want UCF even with their football success of late. I do not agree they are a good fit. Mizzou, hasn't been exactly great, but like the article said: they haven't done anything to embarrass us. Texas A&M was a natural fit.
I was hoping to see the guys do something like this. Thanks guys. War Eagle!
Yeah, he looks like some wimpy professor from Cal Berkeley.
Whitlow came on stronger toward the end of the year. I definitely think he will do it this year.
Whatever A&M's decision is, the SEC is behind them. Personally, I would say your better off without them.
Missing out on a bowl hurts the conference. That revenue is shared you know.
I have no dog in this fight, but I'm a little surprised. I thought Luke did a great job recruiting this year, and He did inherit a mess. I would think that it takes time to fix it.
Typical. Every time you decide to give these leagues a chance, they soon fold.
I liked everything except for the Birmingham Iron's helmets.