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Auburn has played UAB, Samford, Jacksonville St., Alabama A&M, and Alabama St. We've done our part.
I know it is tough on the UT fans right now, but you have to stick with your team even in the rough times. The worst thing you can do is give up.
Seriously Merk. You are few bricks shy of a load. You are not rowing with both oars in the water. The lights are on but nobody's home. Your elevator doesn't go all the way up to the top floor.
I think everyone has figured out the ESPN crew was ignorant of the circumstances, but how does that happen? Nevertheless, we will forgive them this time.
I fully expected this from the beginning. There really was no one else on the broadcast team left to do it without bringing in somebody outside of Auburn sports.
After watching his highlight reel, I don't know how they rated him a three star? He has good touch, good mobility, a strong arm and decent speed. Looks like at least a 4* to me.
Arkansas's Morris inherited a mess, it might take him another year of recruiting to turn things around.
It's a locker room where you are supposed to get ready and amped up to do battle. You really want guys kicking back and sleeping? You put that stuff in the team lounge, not the locker room.
I think we need to suck it up and keep him a few more years until the buyout is less. Honestly there is nobody out there right now that would do any better that isn't already at a great job. Maybe somebody emerges in the next couple seasons, but right now I don't see anyone. Also, if you fire Gus a boat load of our talent leaves and whoever takes over starts from scratch and the misery would just be worse.
Well now that he is not going to Alabama, it is "role" model now. LOL!
We all have a cupcake or two, but some schools are really pushing it.
I can understand Arkansas needing a lighter schedule until they can rebuild their team, but Alabama ought to be ashamed.
i think we have a chance to have one of the nations best defenses, but I wished we had a little more depth at LB.
We need to get this going ASAP. The Florida Gators have just okay'ed a football only facility and a new athletics dorm for themselves to be completed by 2021. We already have a new athletics dorm, but we need to quickly get a football only facility going. It's the biggest need we have for facilities right now.
He was a good x's and o's coach while at Auburn, but a not so great recruiter.
The difference is I am not the one who starts something. I don't go looking to say anything to anyone negative, but I darn sure will respond back.
I would love a really good one. All we have is Taco Bell.
He better brush up on his math before he gets to UT. ;) Looks like a good one vols.
Must be a requirement in order to be an Alabama fan, that you must troll like an azzwipe on every article.
Looks like we've added three really good receivers so far.