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I don't think Nebraska is going anywhere, but I wouldn't mind seeing them return to the Big 12 and maybe the Big 12 also adding Independent BYU.
So basically they removed the shoulder stripes and put the number on. I don't know, I thought the stripes looked pretty good.
Teams are still limited to 85 scholly players. It would mean teams that have a few openings would be in luck. Auburn could use some of them big O-lineman.
Well, they are speculating that a corona virus vaccine could be ready to go before this year ends. if so, maybe waiting til spring would be best.
Newton moving to receiver was expected. The fact he can throw though opens up a possibility for a trick play or two. Matthew Hill moving to D-back helps a thin position, but I thought he was a pretty good receiver.
Putting a T-shirt on the bears statue was not desecrating it. No harm was done to bears statue. Maybe you are a nutjob too.
I can tell by the long page of comments that we are seriously in football withdrawal, and we have to wait til well into September? Arrrrrrgggg!
Despite the temptation, I'm not gonna say anything bad. I figure he was miserable enough in his last years, and no reason now to pile on. I hope he went peaceful.
Texas is still arrogant. If I were A&M, I'd let them do a lot more crawling before I'd meet them halfway. I remember when A&M first joined the conference and tried to keep the Texas rivalry and they wouldn't have it. Same with Mizzou and Kansas. Both A&M and Mizzou have the upper hand being in a superior conference, let them grovel some more.
Can someone please explain to me how playing an all SEC schedule, lessons the threat of covid 19 over playing a few more non conference opponents? Are we saying only conference teams can avoid the virus?
The tandem of great backs have a long history. Here's a tandem not many people think of from the early to mid 70's. Sedrick McIntyre and Mitzi Jackson. Then we have had backfields like Joe Cribbs, James Brooks, and William Andrews. Bo Jackson, Lionel James, Brent Fullwood and Tommy Agee. James Joseph and Stacy Danley. James Bostic and Stephen Davis. Then all the backs we have had the last twenty years like Tre Mason, Kenny Irons, Kerryon Johnson and more. It's an amazing legacy. Auburn is definitely one of the greatest running back U's of college football.
Vandy doesn't win a lot, but one thing I can say for them is they never play scared. They always play full out and loose because they have everything to gain.
The Vols version of orange is unique in that when they step out on the field, there is no doubt who it is. North Carolina also has that distinction. Like it or not, the color says UT is in the house.
Hopefully he can get acclimated to American football quickly enough to contribute.
I'd love to see it, but Notre Dame never picks the right time to play Alabama. Alabama is loaded again.
More like communist/socialist comrade Doug Jones. There is no such thing as a Democrat anymore.
I wish the one who is a center would choose Auburn. We need another center for 2021.
I voted for Tubs today. Sessions messed up by not supporting the President. Folks didn't like that, it made him look like a swamper.
The article above said he had 20 catches for 217 yards and a touchdown, so I'd say his hands were pretty good. We used him as an H-back at times.
Miller was really built more for a fullback role than a tailback. It's too bad not many teams utilize backs in that role as much anymore.
Well if we don't play, then Alabama will have to go another season knowing it's last loss was to Auburn. ;)
The only thing that would freak me out is if it started to do the Close Encounters of the Third Kind thing.