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Tradition went out the window when we changed to a playoff. What we have now is the natural course of that decision taking shape.
I really expect Bowlsby to throw a tantrum next, shouting it's not fair! it's not fair!
You can't go back in time. Sorry Reggie but that ship has sailed.
No more expansion. We are big enough already. Just let the ACC merge with another conference.
The Mountain West is possibly even weaker than the BIG 12, so it would make more sense that the BIG 12 would poach some of their schools. I'd look at Air Force, Hawaii, Colorado State, New Mexico, and Boise State. Also independent BYU.
Just a tip for you OU fans. SEC fans rib each other all the time, but in the end we respect each other. Keep your hate behind you in the BIG 12-2.
This will send Alabama and Auburn to the SEC east. For Auburn, that will gain back some old rivalries with Florida and Tennessee. That is about all I see good from this at the moment other than more money for everyone.
The days of being an independent are about over. Notre dame needs to finally join the Big 10. The Big 10 should also consider adding BYU.
Hopefully the day is coming when all snowflakes are banned.
An Alabama fan saying to calm down about taunting? So, you guys are no longer gonna chant the we just beat the H**L out of you chant?
Kicked a 65 yard field goal at camp with ease. perfect replacement for when the last of the Carlson brothers finish up this season. War Eagle!
MSU used to be the Aggies a long time ago, perhaps that is why.
The world would be a better place if we cancelled the cancel cultureists.
Those Polynesian kids are always massive.
Does Tennessee have anymore happy meals left?
He's been there since 2016? He should have moved on long before this.
Oklahoma and Nebraska has been a big rivalry for a long time, and I can see why it is disappointing. Especially considering this is the 50th anniversary. What if they told Georgia and Florida to kick off at 11:00 a.m.? I bet there would be some mad fans about that too.
This years Birmingham Bowl will be in a new stadium (Protective Life Stadium), downtown by the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center (BJCC) and the entertainment district, Top Golf and Marriott and Westin hotels. It will become one of the better bowl destinations now instead of the worst. Finally away from the ghetto of old Legion Field.
Hopefully one of them steps up and gives us a chance to be good.
Hopefully stronger competition will make one of them a better QB for us.
I'm glad to see Nix get some real competition. This could make both players better. It definitely makes Auburn better.
i think our defense will be as good as anybody's. It just depends on if we can make any improvement on offense to how many games we win. Right now it isn't looking as promising on that side of the ball, but I'm always optimistic each year that it will be different.
LOL! At least there have been some highs among all the lows. Some teams are flat constantly.