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A Jim Bob Cooter at UT would be hilarious.
It's difficult to just rip that band-aid off, (Just ask Florida and UT fans) but you know you have to.
The playoffs would be great, but if we beat Alabama, that will make my year right there.
If you can't get Gruden, you should consider Chip Kelly.
I wish the Taxslayer bowl would go back to being the Gator Bowl. It just sounds weird saying Taxslayer.
Vanderbilt will not make a bowl unless they are one of those teams that get in with 5 wins and their APR score.
Took a long time for payback, but it was sweet.
Several weeks too late in my opinion.
Wow! I'm a happy camper right now. WAR EAGLE!
LOL! I can't wait for the egg bowl. You guys crack me up.
Saying Auburn doesn't have a chance? We will find out, but I think we have more than a chance.
Mizzou can do it, but they have to focus on every opponent. Kentucky saw what happens when you don't.
he is one of the nations best backs, but he won't be long if we try and run him 30 times a game against Georgia and Bama.
You don't want to be the home team in this rivalry.
Great win Mizzou! You guys have a chance in every game you got left. The SEC needs another bowl eligible team. I'd rather that next bowl eligible team are called Tigers.
Georgia is most likely gonna beat Carolina, but the Gamecocks are gonna make it closer than many think.
I think Gus survives this year, there just isn't really anyone out there right now to replace him with that's better.
Yeah, I don't get why UT is silent. It's not like sticking with Jones right now is helping recruiting any. the uncertainty will drive more away. Do like Florida and just rip that band-aid off! It is inevitable anyway.
between those four 3 win teams, I think Mizzou or Vandy could be the ones to make a run. I really think UT and Florida have thrown in the towel.
Mizzou you actually have a chance to make a bowl! Until lately I didn't think that was possible. Florida, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Arkansas are all tossups at this point. I'm rooting for ya, The SEC needs a few more bowl eligible teams.
Personally, I enjoy SEC Nation better than ESPN Gameday anyway.
It was Texas that ended it. Just like Kansas taking their ball home and not wanting to play Mizzou again. Time for those crybabies of the Big 12-2 to be the ones to say sorry first.
Jacobs has been a convenient scapegoat when things go bad. He's done a lot of good things for Auburn as far as building up all the facilities for every sport. He has had the worst luck with hiring coaches though. I know he is gonna leave the AD office in far better shape than he found it, but I think it is time for some new blood.
MSU needs to be consistent. They either blowout an opponent or get blownout.
If Mizzou can somehow pull it together, almost all of those games are winnable.