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War Eagle! and Welcome Mr. Greene.
He did a good job while at Ole Miss raising capital for their facilities, as well as at Buffalo. Jacobs left most of our facilities in great shape but we need to continue to improve Jordan-Hare Stadium, and to get the new football only athletic building off the ground.
I think Auburn bringing back J.B. Grimes today as Offensive Line coach was pretty awesome myself.
This is great news! Most of the O-linemen know Grimes and it will be a smooth transition. I never understood why he was replaced for Herb Hand, but I'm glad he's back. Best O-line coach in the country in my opinion.
I think irvin is right. We'll be fine. We will get someone even better.
Yep, he was ready to go to LSU. LSU's loss and our gain on this one.
So glad he is coming back. he is a great QB and leader of the team.
Definitely looks like a rebuilding year for LSU, but they recruit well so I expect there will be some talent that steps up.
Bama and Georgia are set to remain strong for the foreseeable future, but my Auburn Tigers will also be there to be the monkey in the wrench for all their plans. Had to use a Diehard reference. LOL!
One thing I've seen since Miles was fired. LSU's recruiting took a dip.
Malzahn was right on every point except one. He never had to face Tua.
Well 3 of us have something to hang our hat on. Alabama won the National Championship. Georgia won the SEC Championship, and Auburn was the only team to beat them both.
I think he stays, but leaves after the season and tries for the NFL, but winds up in the CFL.
Not if something to say about we have. Had to quote a little Yoda. ;)
No offense, but Mizzou can't do that with 3 and 2 star talent, while Georgia and Florida is racking up 4 and 5 star talent.
I'd rather Alabama win. I'm used to their big mouths. Kirby Smart bouncing on the sidelines was like Grandpa trying to fit in with the grandkids by saying words like lit. Looks ridiculous.
I'll use a good old southern phrase: "Bless their hearts." if they want a trophy, they can have the Peoples National Championship trophy we got in 2004. LOL!
They didn't have Crockett, so they were kind of one dimensional.
Good effort Mizzou. You guys have a young team and your trending up.
The guy hasn't been at Auburn in 10 years. Why the heck put an article about him on the Auburn site for? Put his azz in jail and forget him. Nobody wants to remember this guy ever again.
Well, next man up. Kam Martin, Devon Barrett, Malik Miller, and next year Asa martin.
Auburn's nickname of Tigers came from the poem by Oliver Goldsmith in which the town of Auburn was named from. "Where crouching Tigers await their hapless prey." Also plainsmen, another nickname came from that poem about Auburn being the loveliest village on the plains. Everyone copies something. Auburn got it's colors of burnt orange and navy blue from the Virginia Cavaliers. As for the War Eagle name, that is pretty cool and unique. There are four stories of how that came to be, and no one is quite sure which one is true. But at any rate War eagle is the battle cry. Despite having an Eagle on the sideline, it isn't our mascot exactly, but it is a symbol of Auburn. I love it.
Considering the dire straits UT was in a few weeks ago, I'd say Pruitt did a nice job.
I wouldn't mind seeing him at Jax St. They have had a history of Auburn transfers working out well there.
Gus has been part of three wins over Saban if you include his years as an OC at Auburn under Chizik.