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Prayers for Coach Dye and his family.
Lets go ahead and spell it out for him: Booches, he wants to see some pictures and videos of naked cheerleaders. That was the sarcasm. Do you get it now?
Auburn has picked up two 4 stars in two days. maybe it's our turn to make noise in recruiting like UT has.
We have one scholly left. I'd like to get another big guard, or point guard for this class.
If the PAC 12 sits out 2020 so be it. I think that would result in transfers galore that would benefit schools in the east and south.
All the talk in the East has been Georgia and Florida, and now UT is stepping up. It's finally going to be really competitive in the East now.
As an Auburn fan, I am rather pleased that people are putting us low on the totem pole. We always shock people when they predict that. I would be more worried if they picked us to do better.
Did Saban pitch a fit like a 5 year old, or did he hold his breath til he got his way? NCAA always gives in though.
I think if Okeke was there we would have won, but he wasn't. Injuries are part of the breaks. I think the bigger call that cost us the game was the no call double dribble. That was inexcusable as the ref was looking right at it.
Whatever happened last year, it was legal and the refs called it right. Now that it's changed it is what it is, but arguing last year while it was legal is stupid.
At 6'7.5 I think he can handle the weight alright. I wouldn't want him to get below 335 to 340.
This from a fan of a school that doesn't even use their full name. Abbreviations is all they are capable of.
We definitely can use his help and experience. Welcome aboard Brandon. War Eagle!
I hope he lands with the Chargers. It could give that team a needed boost in offense.
They vacated their last two wins including the championship game. A year without a champion unless you count the AP which let them keep their trophy. Obviously they were thought to have cheated.
USC got the championship vacated because of cheating. The real shame of it all, is THEY should not have been there and Auburn and Oklahoma should have played.
I'd agree with your list for Auburn athletes, but if I could add two more I'd add Rowdy Gaines and Harvey Glance.
Congratulations to Coach Malzahn. A well deserved honor for his high school coaching days in Arkansas. I'm sure eventually he will be in Alabama's coaching Hall too.
I agree with Coach Pearl. At least make a bracket so those teams can include this year on their banners for the athletes and programs sake.
That is a really silly comment, because it is pretty much established that teams that do not beat Alabama usually do not go to the SECCG.
Arkansas did not need this. Things were tough enough already.
I could see Bielema coaching at a service academy.
Hopefully his injury heals well. Good luck to him in the draft.