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Saban has always tried to get all the advantages he can. He out recruits everybody, and still wants more advantages.
He's not very original with his tweets. He copied word for word what K.J. Lacey said about his commitment to Texas with the exception of saying Ole Miss instead of Texas. Lacey said Why not Texas?
To me, we don't need to add any more teams, but if we ever do, the only teams that really make sense are the ACC schools: Florida State, Clemson, North Carolina, and Miami. I'm afraid other ACC schools have nothing too much to offer. That includes Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. Duke pretty much has basketball as it's main selling point, but is that enough?
He followed his Dad, so can't really be too surprised. We appreciate his time at Auburn and his contributions, but can't wish him well because now he is the enemy.
Harsin was definitely the problem. Lazy recruiter and lousy x's and o's guy too.
Back then Hugh Freeze was involved in what happened at Ole Miss, but not this time.
With a name like Cutter he better play well. If he doesn't, he may get a new nickname. Cheese Cutter.
Georgia probably has the most talent, followed by Bama and LSU right now. Any of those three could be a threat to win it all this year. However, i think there is a lot of talented teams in the SEC and they could make somebody stumble. Tennessee, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, and even South Carolina, Auburn or Florida could upset one of those three.
I wish him all the luck in the world. He may not be the most talented QB, but he is a fine young man.
Muskrat Love from The Captain and Tennille comes to mind. LOL! Welcome and War Eagle!
I wish kids would include a school in their decision instead of only coaches. Coaches are nomads.
Robby if he gets healthy does have a big upside. T.J. always says the right things and is confident, but his on the field work never matches his words. He just isn't a good QB. Geriner is still an unknown, but he has done nothing to really challenge Robby. We might need a portal guy, but at this point he would be too far behind Robby.
That is a big piece of the puzzle for next season. Great addition. War Eagle!
I don't think the risk is any greater than playing yourself. They would probably still use the no hitting the QB rule, and not doing kickoffs etc. to minimize it.
I've always wondered why colleges didn't do spring jamborees like high schools. It really would liven up the spring games.
Wendall really was a hard working player. I wish him the best in his future and appreciate his time as a Tiger. War Eagle! Wendell.
When Alabama came back from behind and built a big lead, I thought San Diego St. was gonna fold like bama's other opponents. The Aztecs didn't fold, they got mad and came back with a vengeance. I applaud them for their toughness.
Indeed. Tennessee had another great season, as did Arkansas and my Tigers. I think we all will be back in the thick of it again next season.
I have noticed that speedometers in cars have gone up. I rented a Camry from Enterprise car rentals and noticed it went up to 160mph. I'm wondering why anyone needs a car to be able to go that high on our roads? Are we just trying to kill people now?
I was going to say something nice about Vandy, then I read your comment and I think. Nah, you guys belong at the bottom in everything.
Let us see if we can even get past Iowa before you start whining.
That would be ashame. Texas A&M last season and Vanderbilt this season started playing their best ball the second half of the year, and to be left out would be a real shame.
We don't know about Hugh Freeze yet, though he isn't exactly unknown in the SEC, but I would put Bruce Pearl up as one of the best basketball coaches anywhere.
Rebel fans have visions But only illusions And rebel fans have nothing but pride So we've been told and some choose to believe it I know they're wrong wait and see.......
Kermit -Why are there so many, songs about rainbows, and what's on the other siiiiiiide....
I believe what Brandon Miller has said regarding what happened. I would say he needs to make better decisions about who he hangs out with however.