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I've been a Gus supporter for a long time, but now even I can't take this anymore. Time to find a real coach. Whoever we get though, I hope they give Kevin Steele a big raise to stay on.
kerryon stays injured. I've never seen a guy with such bad luck.
I think the SEC top to bottom is much improved over last season. That being said Alabama is still way ahead of everyone else.
***In case it wasn’t obvious, this was not really written by Nick Saban.You're right, it wasn't written by Nick Saban. It was written by a doofus.
I don't know if that is true or not, but I do know it is Alabama fans that like saying that about LSU fans on most of the comments I've seen on that.
I wouldn't complain about it. All it can do is light a fire under Kentucky's players. That's a good thing.
I actually think you guys cowbells are a cool part of college football tradition, except when they are clanking them during a game. ;)
Auburn has been voted one of the best places in America to raise a family. Boy, are you misinformed.
I agree the East will be a 3 team race, but I wouldn't put it past a South Carolina, Kentucky, or Missouri to throw a monkey in the wrench on who wins it.
Gus Malzahn may have only 1 win over Saban as a head coach, but he was the offensive coordinator of that 2010 team that beat Saban.
Mason seemed like he literally lost his mind. Is he trying to say he is all better now? I doubt it.
Well Georgia 4 star LB Micheal Harris chose Auburn today over Georgia, so right back atcha.
I feel quietly confident about the season as well. We are loaded with talent, just need to take advantage of it this year.
I'm very happy to have A&M and Mizzou in the SEC, but I want them to re-start their rivalries with Texas and Kansas for the good of college football. Time for all the butthurt stuff to end.
Sgt. Carter better get his bunch of Gomer Pyle's playing harder this season.
Last year he was still injured when he tried to play. Also, bama's defense did not have to worry too much about Auburn throwing the ball.
I think I read before that he did drop some weight. 235 is still a load to tackle and now he may be even quicker.
Georgia is a running back U, but there is a number of them. Auburn has continued to be running back U through the years. Alabama, LSU and Arkansas have certainly joined this elite club. Outside the conference you certainly have to include USC, Oklahoma, and Texas at times.
I find it interesting that a number of former Auburn head coaches still call Auburn home. Pat Dye, Tommy Tuberville, and Gene Chizik.
The one's which let in more natural light look better to me. Auburn's, UT's, Georgia's new facility, Carolina's and Vandy's. I hate the closed in look of the others.
By the way, I notice he's double parked.
I don't think he has to worry about Auburn fans. Messing with peoples vehicles seems to be a bama fan thing.
Pretty hard to close the gap when bama added six national titles in one year.
Sports can sometimes bring out the worst in people. Similar to how some people with road rage can be the calmest people when they are not driving.
I can see where his enthusiasm comes from. There are a lot of athletic guys in the secondary, and they kind of turned a corner last year.
We've lost a lot of our rivalries the last few decades. We used to play Clemson and FSU a lot, and Georgia Tech every year. Then we lost the UT and Florida every year rivalries. Nothing is the same anymore except for Miss. State, Georgia, and Alabama. I guess this is what we are stuck with.
I think it is obvious by the way Alabama treats it's "real" little brother (UAB) that it doesn't like to even admit they exist.
Hopefully we come out of Big cat with more commits.