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I can pull for all the SEC teams in their out of conference or bowl games. I'm an SEC guy. But, I just can't do it as regarding Alabama. Their fans make it impossible for me to have anything but glee when I see them screw up.
I just want to come by and say thankyou. Thankyou for last night. LOL!
I love the SEC and want us to always do well as a conference. However, nobody wants to see one conference or one team always win. For the sake of college football everywhere, it is actually good for the sport to lose every now and then. We all know the SEC will win more than we lose so we just need to take this in stride.
It wasn't just Auburn fans. I think the whole nation was giddy about bama getting blownout. It was definitely bama fatigue. Now it will be Clemson fatigue after this too.
Why Clemson will clobber Alabama and win the National Championship. There fixed it.
Well the SEC West is 4-1 so far. MSU didn't come through for us, but the West is still the best division.
LOL! Yeah, I think we can all go back to hating each other now.
Yep. They embarrassed themselves and the SEC.
It's hard to focus on the bowl game when you mess up the SEC Championship Game and fail to get a playoff spot. Now Georgia knows how that feels.
I'm cheering for you guys. SEC needs to win a bowl game today.
Well, you got a more versatile QB coming. That will open things up for the Mizzou offense a little.
Well I'll give you that. Players sitting out is not cool. But you got shutout.
I really thought Drew Lock was gonna pull them through in the end. What a disappointment for the SEC. At least they did not fold like a cheap tent like South Carolina.
There could be uncertainty at any school you go to nowadays. That's why I think you should decide to play for the school you like more than who is the coach.
This was big. Auburn's defensive signee's look really good this year.
Whew! I was sweating bullets waiting on him to sign. Now we have to wait on George Pickens on Feb. signing day.
What would be the purpose of making it difficult to remove Lindsey? I don't get that part.
Tuberville is a quitter. Nobody cares what a quitter has to say.
It's been a long time (1974) since we played in a Gator Bowl, but we have a good history with that bowl. I think that would be our best option if we can get it.
Okay, Georgia fans talking smack? That's fine they won the game, but a Miss. State fan talking about how Auburn is "always" an average SEC West team? That is funny. State has an occasional decent season and has been historically smacked around by Auburn for a hundred years. Plus State has accomplished absolutely nothing ever in the way of championships. So shut up and enjoy your rare season.
Finally a home team wins in this series. Glad it was us.
I can't believe it! What a come from behind victory! War Eagle!!!!!!!! These guys didn't quit.
We have just imploded, and there is no excuse for it. Way too much talent on this team to suck this bad.
Auburn fans and Carolina fans are paying attention. Cam makes us proud, even if he does have a strange taste in clothing.