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You will not be able to take the Alabama and Auburn rivalry away. That just will not not happen.
The conference has become too big to still have the division model. Doing away with divisions is the only way to go forward.
I am legitimately surprised that nobody has jumped on the fact that negan still thinks "tapes" is a technology still used. LOL! Hey negan it's 2022 not 1978.
We are not gonna claim it "officially" unless someone official recognizes it. The AP still says USC was the champion. The coaches poll vacated it, and until they change that we remain screwed for that one just like the 1983 one. There is one we should claim though different than those, and that is the 1913 team. Almost every SEC team claims those old championships except us. I wish we didn't always have to be so noble.
I'm thinking you are reading into that wrong. I think what they are saying is, if you need more than the allowable 25 scholarships in a year to get to the 85 limit.
Sounds like a wonderful experience they are gonna have. Once in a lifetime opportunity. I hope they know Bethlehem is in Palestinian authority control.
Now that is a tongue twister of a name.
The state of Alabama has lots of big time recruits every year, so I really do not understand the comment. High school football in Alabama is everything in this state, and we produce far more blue chip athletes than maybe our population would suggest.
I also think it's a two man race, but I have Ashford and Calzada. Finley just makes too many mistakes.
I just want to see him be successful. Good luck Dematrius.
Glad he decided to stay. His chance for playing time with such thin depth is greater here.
Auburn has one of the largest ROTC programs with all the services represented. You see them in the student section in uniform in the endzone, of every home game.
I think Clark Lea of Vanderbilt being the youngest and fittest looking would probably win that race. I think close behind him, it would be Harsin, Napier, and Beamer.
I only know one thing. if we fire another coach, you can forget about a winning season for about a decade, because we will become what UT was.
he has a lot more upside than Finley, but Calzada may be tough to beat out in the fall. At any rate I think Finley blew his opportunity to be the guy.
I think he has been good for Auburn, I hope he gets to stay.
I agree about the SEC tourny. If it was meant to help some teams, it's failed to do that or Texas A&M should have been in. I'm wondering if we should cut back the regular season by two games if we are going to keep the tourny.
Can't wait to watch him play in the NBA. Good luck Jabari, and War Eagle!
I pray the man airlifted will be able to recover, terrible situation. Hope Gus is alright as well.
That is good news for Auburn. I hope he has a big year next season and then gets to get drafted.
I hate to hear that for any player. Hope he goes on to get his degree and become a success in another way.
I'll be cheering for whatever NBA team drafts him. Good luck and thankyou Walker. War Eagle!
Cutcliffe did a respectable job at two schools that were hard to win consistently at. He was a good coach.
Don't sulk yet. The transfer portal works both ways. Wait to see who he brings in.
It wasn't the SEC that disrespected Arkansas. The rest of the country hates the SEC. Watch the refs be as hard on Arkansas as the announcers.
I would not be surprised if Providence takes down the last #1 seed in the tourny. Kansas.
I think he should look up Hugh Freeze at Liberty. he would be another Malik Willis type QB.