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Neither do you because there is nobody called barn.
Need to do what we did and pay the buyout if that is what you want. I would advise having a guy in mind first though.
Well I guess that is what UT fans all wanted. To kick him up the Wazzu. LOL!
After what Clemson, Oregon, Alabama, and others have put in, you think a recording studio is over the top? I hate these biased hypocritical writers on here. Shut the _____ up!
Kevin Steele was a pretty good DC, so I'm hoping Mason can at least keep that side of the ball going well. Mason is a bit more fiery, maybe that will help.
Kevin Steele if he had been hired as the coach wanted to bring Bobo in also. I still don't know about this hire as far as is this the guy we need? I guess as long as Harsin is directing the show maybe it will work.
We will miss them, but very happy we are putting 3 quality receivers in the NFL. We have some very talented young receivers that will have to step up. Kobe Hudson, Elijah Canion, Zavion Capers, J.J. Evans, Kobe Hudson, Malcolm Johnson Jr. and Ja'Varrius Johnson. And coming in Hal Pressley from Texas. Some of those guys were able to get some playing time, and they looked good.
I'm not gonna trash the guy. I'll just say I hope things work out for him.
I think Bo is a good QB, and I think he has potential to be a great QB. He just needs two things. A QB coach who can actually teach him some things and an O-line than can stay healthy all year.
Hard not to take a beating when a lot of key players not playing. Still our guys at least fought as hard as they could. praying for better days ahead. War Eagle! anyway.
I kind of senses that would happen. Somebody else will get a really good DC.
Auburn has such a limited roster due to covid and opt-outs, not to mention the lack of practice time. I don't think we have a shot in the bowl game because of that. I almost wished we had just cancelled our bowl game as other SEC teams have done.
Auburn and South Carolina pulled the trigger and did what we had too. Florida, A&M, and Mizzou did last year. Tennessee should have done the same.
And you call yourself an Alabama fan. Tsk, tsk.
I like the hire. He learned from Chris Petersen a proven winner.
The three names on my "shirt list" are Lands End, Polo, and L.L. Bean. LOL!
After hearing this, I bet he threw a shoe at the wall.
He knows he is not in Boise anymore O'Gara.
He learned offense from Chris Petersen, so that is a plus right there. Also he knows how to coach QB's.
I don't know, but I find most people who give it a shot like it unless they are British.