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Kentucky at times, was clearly the best team in the conference. Their problem is they do not play that way with consistency. Maybe senior leadership is what they need.
It may be technically smaller than 10,000, but the standing room only crowd probably puts it over 10,000 every game.
This is a superior staff that Hugh Freeze has assembled. Now add D.J. Durkin, to that. Great for recruiting, scheme/x's and o's, and development of players.
Hard place to get a win, but I thought we showed why we are tough to beat. We get them back at Neville arena in a few weeks, and payback is coming.
My understanding is they wanted bigger roles, and perhaps maybe even play calling duties to increase their chances of becoming head coaches themselves someday. They needed to leave to get more experience for those opportunities. It was nothing against Auburn, it was just about their own futures as coaches.
All I know is, this is the most fun I've had watching an Auburn team, since that final four team of a few years ago. The players don't care about personal stats as much as playing for each other, and having fun. Bruce Pearl is awesome.
But I want Bama fans to go full on running toward the ledge and fly!
A chance for families to come on campus and have a good time. They are also offering a baseball game against UT, a softball game and a tennis match to enjoy.
The only comparison to Harsin is being from outside the South. Harsin hated recruiting, and this guy embraces it. That is a huge difference right there.
I'm pretty sure that most college football fans, are in agreement that Michigan desrves the title of National Champion. There is little to argue about.
I don't see many Auburn fans complaining about this move. The guy was a disaster, plus he wasn't a great recruiter.
I lived in Michigan a few years (a very beautiful state by the way) So, it was an easy thing for me to cheer for them. I'm very happy Alabama, and Milroe can feel what it's like to have a last second dagger thrust into them. War Eagle!
SEC has some big wins this season over traditional basketball powerhouses. Arkansas beating Duke, Auburn beating Indiana, and Kentucky knocking off North Carolina.
That is great news! he is an awesome LB. War Eagle!
Making it very hard for Napier to get off the hot seat.
Being an Auburn fan in these same 3 years, I can feel Florida fans pain. The difference is, Hugh Freeze has players and fans motivated, he is recruiting beyond our dreams, and the trajectory of our program is heading way up. I don't see that at Florida.
College football is not quite the game we grew up watching. Nobody really cares about the fans feelings anymore, so opt out if you wish.
It certainly seems like Florida hired Brian Harsin 2.0 Florida sticking with Napier, and Arkansas sticking with Sam Pittman another year, is interesting.
1983 was the first time Auburn got hosed. In 1983, Auburn was ranked #3 behind Nebraska #1, and Texas#2; Much like Alabama this year, Auburn lost an early game to Texas. We beat Florida though, who had beaten Miami early in the year. In the bowls, Nebraska lost to #5 Miami, and Georgia who Auburn recently defeated, beat #2 Texas in a bowl. The voters put #5 Miami as the National Champion, and moverd Nebraska to #2. Auburn stayed at #3. That was getting hosed. That is why 2004 hurt so much, because we knew the system screwed us again. I feel Florida State's pain, but that is why we need the 12 team playoff, which they didn't vote for.
I remember that game in 1983 against Maryland. Bo Jackson, Tommy Agee, and Lionel James, all ran for over 100 yards in the win for Auburn. Maryland had prolific QB Boomer Esiason. Auburn won 35-23.
FSU needed to look like they belonged, and they just didn't. They can only blame themselves.
Kentucky did in basketball what happened to us in football against New Mexico St. Never take anyone lightly.
That's Perry Thompson, not Pretty thompson.
Sasna_ra. Sounds like an Egyptian curse from the movie the Mummy. Arkansas fans are right. This was a stupid article for clickbait. Those cheerleaders had been facing the crowd on the opposite side of the field, where it would show it was spelled correctly.
We won't come within 5 touchdowns of beating Alabama. This season is over.
I wouldn't be mad if Drink won it this year. He's done a fantastic job.