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Nobody needs to shout obscenities and epithets at anyone at a family event where civil behavior is expected.
Glad it was dealt with pronto. He is now banned from the arena, and may face additional discipline from the university.
An upset? really? Our best player is out with a hamstring and another starter barely plays because of flu. You didn't exactly find us at our best.
The allegations better be good. It seems to me the NCAA likes to slap around the SEC over petty stuff.
Bottom line is none of this will ever happen. It just won't. So why argue it? The SEC is powerful not just because of money, but because the passion for college sports is stronger. The PAC 12 is becoming weaker because the passion for college sports out west is weaker.
Maybe Bielema can work in the Big 10. He did do well at Wisconsin.
Great addition to the class of 2020. War Eagle!
Great honor for them and for Auburn lore. War Eagle!
I thought we had a great day too. We got a 4* DT, a 4* TE, and another Juco DT. We filled our needs and finished #7. War Eagle!
Whitlow was a good back, but had a problem with fumbling the ball. I wish him well, but I am happy for the other guys as I think they are a lot more talented than Whitlow.
Pittman saved the Arkansas recruiting this year. Nice job.
Auburn having a Tiger makes perfect sense if you were to actually look into why they do. The city of Auburn was named from a poem that a young girl was reading back in the early 1800's. When they ask what should we name the town, the girl shouted Oh! Name it Auburn, loveliest village of the plain. That was from a line in the poem. That is why the town is Auburn, and it is called the loveliest village. From that same poem was a line about where crouching Tigers await their hapless prey. That is why Tigers! Now you see that makes perfect sense for why Auburn is called Tigers. Now, it is my understanding that both Missouri and LSU are tigers due to civil war units called tigers. Alabama originally was called crimson because of their color scheme. The elephant came about when a newspaper journalist commented that they look like a pack of elephants when bama came onto the field. The name stuck. Now you know.
I forgot LSU. Their white helmets look pretty cool. They should wear the puple uni's at home if they wear those white helmets. Their traditional look is too much yellow for me.
I will not rank the uniforms, but rather say what I like or don't like about each teams uniforms. Vanderbilt. I like the star on the helmets. I wouldn't mind if they keep a smaller anchor on the back portion of the helmet though. Mizzou's white helmet looks better with their black uni's and white pants to me. Leave the yellow as a trim. Kentucky's look okay, but I liked their old style K rather than the UK on their helmets. South Carolina looks better with the white helmets too, but the old logo was better than the script Carolina. Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama should probably stick to their traditional look because I just couldn't get used to them looking different. For Tennessee though, I like the orange pants with their uni's. If you are going to wear orange, then just go all out. Texas A&M should keep the maroon helmets. Miss. State does need to come up with a better logo. Ole Miss and Florida look good with the contrasting helmet and uniform colors and are the only teams that script lettering looks good on the helmets. I agree that Ole Miss's powder blue helmets are better than the dark blue. I disagree with Al's assessment of Arkansas helmets. The razorback is everything for them. Without it, they would not be recognized as Arkansas. I wouldn't change anything about Auburn, except I wish the orange trim was brighter.
Derek Mason and Will Muschamp are just not head coach material. They are defensive coordinators in over their heads.
Auburn recruited tall wide receivers and now adds a 6'7 T.E. I like it. War Eagle!
The kid needs to face the consequences of his actions. Since he has continued to drive reckless after he has killed people, it is obvious he doesn't deserve mercy right now.
Vandy needs the help right now. Maybe they will get him.
You nailed it FiftyishStudent. only insane people booed, fortunately there wasn't many of them.
Glad he and K.J. will be coming back. They will be the new leaders of the defense.
Will Appleton was a 3rd string, used to be 4th string walk-on. It's no big deal trolls.
Twice. 2010 and 13. Even though it was a 2 team playoff at the time instead of 4 like now, it was one nonetheless.
Maybe disastrous for the big 6 in the SEC, but I don't think it would be disastrous for State.
I think Chizik can be a great head coach, but he has to find a great Offensive coordinator to be successful. When Malzahn left Auburn for Arkansas St. in 2012 things fell apart for him at Auburn.
I'm glad we don't have to be in the drama on this. We already have our 5* running back on board.