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That Ole Miss defender looked like a small car that got hit by a pickup in the intersection.
The old grey lady needs to be put in Elmwood.
We will take him if he wants to come over to the good guys.
Once he learns the playbook, he's gonna be a monster.
All the acts like her stink. It's all flapping their azzes and simulating sex acts for the camera nowadays. No real talent these days. Leave our boomer songs alone if your gonna butcher them like that.
I still do not know why he decided to transfer he hasn't said. One thing I do know though and that is UT is getting a great player.
Maybe this is how wife swapping got started. :0
The thumbnail for this article made it look like he was wearing a similar sized helmet to Rick Moranis in Space Balls.
Yep. There is no crying in baseball. Congratulate the Vols and play better next time. My team hasn't even won an SEC game yet, and we arn't crying.
Wildhogzzz - Catfish is the only fresh water fish I've ever really eaten. Just can't bring myself to try trout or bass or anything else like that. I mostly eat salt water Cod, or white fish.
I hope Thor comes back for one more year. We have a chance to really be good again next season if he does.
So ready to shake off the blahs of 2020 and see excitement in the program again.
#1 point guard transfer in the country is coming to Auburn from College of Charlston. Zep Jasper. Georgia and South Carolina wanted him too.
Georgia has to get past bama to get there. Auburn and LSU had to do that. Unless you can do that, you have little chance.
The more I learn about what Gus's offense was at Auburn, the more I am so happy we replaced him.
I don't really give a rip about what Paul Finebaum's expectations are. maybe we only win 7 or 8 but at least we are gonna have a QB that can progress and receivers that know how to run routes. I'm not gonna miss Gus offense at all.
I've been to most SEC team states except Missouri and they all have beautiful states and places I like to visit. I'm sure Missouri has also. Come off your high horse and your false narratives.
I live in Alabama and it is NOT a dump of a state. Like anywhere there is some bad areas mostly in cities, but overall it's a beautiful state. I've also lived in Georgia for many years, and I know that state well. You don't have anything over Alabama except population.
This bums me out. I really wanted to see him play again at Auburn.
This is not a politics site guys. Don't let these trolls goad you into getting on that bandwagon here.
The only reason I don't like Vandy in the SEC is fan support. Nobody in the SEC should see the opponent have more fans in your own stands than you have. their support is more on the level of conference USA or Sunbelt.
How about you 'dawgs' throw your hind legs up and scoot around the buttsmehre complex at leghumper U. and shut up.