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We are all gonna be biassed about our favorite team and it's traditions. I think all the SEC venues are pretty great except Vanderbilt. They seriously need to do something.
It's always something insignificant. Never anything big.
The greatest SEC and Auburn duo of all time was before these guys were even born. It was Joe Cribbs and James Brooks.
I'm 54 and I've seen most of the great backs of the SEC play, including Herschel Walker in person. I agree he was one of the greatest backs of all time. I say one of them because Bo Jackson is the only other back in his league. There have been many other great backs of size and speed, but none compare to those two. I put them as a duo of the greatest running backs who ever played.
It's been a long time since basketball in the State of Alabama has generated this kind of buzz. It's exciting!
From an individual standpoint, Drew Lock will have more passing yards and attempts, and maybe TD's. Missouri throws the ball a lot. From a team standpoint, Stidham knows how to direct winning drives. The chances of Stidham's on field success is greater along with his supporting cast than Lock's, to put Auburn in the thick of the conference championship race. So, it depends on what you define "better" as.
Come on back Jared. Potential back to back SEC Championship and NCAA tourny. That has to enhance your draft status.
Auburn finished 3rd in men's sports. That's a pretty decent year. I thought the women would have finished higher, but at least we are ahead of bama in everything. ;)
Sounds like a great kicker, but he really needs to work on his signature. It looks like he was writing in cursive for the first time.
Coach O is a good coach, but I just don't see him winning any championships. If that is ok with LSU fans then so be it.
It's nice. You have to build these things to keep on top in the SEC. My Auburn Tigers already have built a wellness kitchen that benefits players nutritional needs. A new recruiting center attached to the stadium, and are in the process of building a larger sports medicine building for the football team. We can't let Alabama and Georgia run away from the rest of us in facilities.
I'm a bit surprised we got him, but that really helped the depth. War Eagle!
I know it will be tough for UT fans after how long it's been, but they are gonna have to have patience. Let Pruitt get his guys. The most you want to hope for is they fight hard every game, and get better.
Pearl is gonna have to find a heckuva signing class if we are to have a chance.
For Auburn he has to wear a football helmet. Nobody else including Corso is allowed to be Aubie the Tiger.
We better have a big recruiting year, about everyone is gone.
I hope they can come back at some point this next season. Praying they heal well and can continue their careers.
Looks like Anders Carlson is taking right up where his brother Daniel left off as a kicker. This was news I was hoping to hear. War Eagle!
Jealousy coming from a fan of a team that lost twice in the regular season, and fired their coach.
Only our 3rd regular season championship in Auburn basketball history. (1960-1961, 1999-2000, 2017-18) It feels good. WAR EAGLE!
I hate that because I thought he had so much potential. Sometimes you just have to have patience, but moot point now. Good luck to him wherever he winds up.
Prayers to his family and the tide nation.