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Finally something an Alabama fan and I can agree on.
I don't think meth will help Corch or Negan with this abysmal team.
Georgia might do better if Corch himself runs the offense. Maybe just maybe.
Lol they are hiding in the basement. That is if they are still sober.
They need a good game changing QB. Kirby needs to realize the days of game manager Qb types died 4-5 years ago. Until he realizes that I dont know how far UGA will go.
We are lucky that ND wanted to play, and pushed the ACC to have fall ball.
I completely agree.He was a good college Qb, I think hes a great game manager Qb. But the days of game manager Qb are mostly over. Tua will end up being a Carson Wentz, great player but consistently on the sideline due to injury.
I hope LSU beats the dog crap out of Clemson. Win it all Geaux Tigers!!
Were you at the kick6 as a student?
I agree if we cant survive our conference we cant win it all. Unless the SEC becomes this super conference.
Auburn is the only team to have slowed down this offense. But LSU still put 500 yards of offense on us.
Because someone always has to bet the underdog.
What's your problem with him. He brings humor to the game.
I'm both glad he missed it but really sad he had to deal with all the backlash form his mistake. We've all made mistakes in our carriers. Imagine a mistake you made in a college class that has this much of an impact. Cut the kid some slack. I had to retake a couple of classes/took a dump on a few tests you figure it out and move on. Give him the chance that you got too.
What a classy guy. Lsu got a great qb and look what happened.
He wins games. I do not want a Tennessee coaching debacle happening to Auburn.
Woah I didn't realize they play each other in the regular season. That's gonna be huge.
Florida is lucky to have gotten Auburn early in the season. Florida wouldn't win if they played tomorrow.