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The kids dont want to play for us anymore?
Hurts under pressure is no where near as good as Tua. See the Auburn win vs Alabama in '17. Or Hurts vs Georgia in '18. You put Hurts against an elite defense and hurts is beatable. The big12 doesn't play defense thus the gaudy numbers.
Tua is at best gonna be at 85% for the LSU game. Offense plan will not be the same as a result. Very very lucky to get a bye week.
Dont forget the game is at Auburn. We are hard to beat at home.
I checked out the score, and was dumbfounded that it was tied 0-0 at the half. If UGA doesn't figure itself out they may have 2 more losses coming.
Yeah he did and I have no idea why.
I had the same thought watching the game. A kick that far, didnt want to risk kick six2.0
I'm loving this trashing of the UGA trolls. Cant stop laughing.
Lolol can he take Negan with him??
I CANNOT wait to hear Uncle Lou's comments about this! Lol
That's it they are gonna get gassed that's how Florida looses.
But who has Florida's defense had to play?? Tennessee, Miami?? At times Tennessee had a few drives?
Heres the thing I don't see how Florida's terrible Oline and offense scores on our Defense. If they got sacked by Towson, our Dline is gonna feast. Yes their Defense looks great on paper but they haven't played ANYONE with any kind of offense power. Auburn has.