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Hahahahahaha negan and Corch with a cowboy hat
And thank God for them, they should back stop any craziness that Texas spouts.
Hahahaha the sooner schooner hit a rock!
Hell yeah can't believe I agree with Georgia fans. I hope the SEC can hand both schools several loses.
That's alright a&m can rest easy knowing that the other blue bloods in the conference will keep texas at bay.
Woah woah woah. I've got a split family. I'll pull for Bama when yall aren't playing us.
That's the the thing with the SEC rivalries. Come hell or high water those games are getting played. If not you'll have entire fan bases come completely unglued.
Someone has lost their mind if they think the SEC is moving the championship game to texas.
Amen, and those miss st, Missouri, and South Carolina types are going to loose the most in this deal and should say no.
This is exactly my point. The schools that can hold their own at the start will be ok. But if you are trying to get back to relevance aka Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, South Carolina, will get screwed. The division between the haves and have not will get wider.
Yes let them leave for the Pac-12 and leave us the hell alone. It would be good for all parties involved.
Where on God's green earth would they leave the SEC to go to?
Dang you aren't wrong, and it'll only get worse if they join.
I agree with you 17, I still think you'd be inviting a fox into the chicken coop and expect everyone to sing kumbaya. I also don't think we could get rid of Texas once they joined if they ended up being terrible.
That's a great take. The SEC has 6 teams among the top 20 teams based on win percentage (Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Florida, and Texas A&M). 7 if you include Tennessee those can't and won't be pushed around like others teams in the Big 12. But they better realize how much Texas is going to want to bend things to their will.
I always wondered how the UGA Auburn game got played in Auburn twice. Classy move from UGA.
The SEC should tell texas that horns down will never be a penalty in the SEC.
Yes but if Texas and Oklahoma jump to the SEC the Big 12 is pretty much dead for all intents and purposes. That's why there's a bigger stink about this than when A&M left.
Lol imagine if Texas joined the SEC and got the crap beat out of them id love to see the opposing side start an SEC chant. How long before that chant would become a penalty?
The SEC would cannibalize itself. There would be a lot more loses and you wouldn't have clear rankings of who the top 3 teams are. Lot of 9-3 8-5 teams.
Yes money is literally the only benefit. The trade off is it makes it much harder for many teams to win in the SEC.
Amen to this, Texas would have to push around 6 schools in the SEC as opposed just one or 2 in the Big 12. Still don't want them in my conference though.
That's actually a brilliant solution those two moving to the Pac-12 making the best of the two conferences. With the Pac-12 benefiting greatly with and increased strength of schedule.
Auburn would hate the addition almost as much as those would. Plus a good chunk of the middle powers of the SEC.
I have been thinking about positives for SEC Schools and the pai. If you look at it bear bones. The SEC schools get let's say 40 million more $. But then most will hardly ever win the conference. Miss St, Ole miss, Arkansas, Kentucky,South Carolina will look a lot more like Vanderbilt than a Alabama or a Georgia. The teams that are generally are a close to SEC championship tier 2 teams Auburn,LSU,Tennessee,Texas A&M, Florida start to look like miss st,Kentucky because you've added Oklahoma and third Alabama in the same conference. Plus Georgia right at the top. So to that first group is trading the ability to ever win the SEC Championship or even get to that game for 30-40 more million dollars. Won't happen.
Forgot about a no vote from Mizzou. There's a good chunk of the conference that would be logically opposed to this.
I don't think Auburn would want those two in the conference. We don't want to be in the same division as Georgia and Alabama not to mention Florida. Would make it much harder for US to reach the SEC CG. Moving to the east with Bama makes it to where we have to beat both Georgia and Alabama to get to the CG. Georgia Auburn and Alabama would all likely be no votes, couple that with no votes from A&M and likely Arkansas/Florida and that kills the idea before it gets going.