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I COMPLETELY agree the athletes have 1000x more and better help to pass classes than scholarship students. The athletes register for their classes before seniors with co-ops. The only benefit to the university regular students have thought is after we graduate, and we do something great.
Pruitt's trying to drive the Titanic after its already hit the iceberg, and was told to sail to New York.
1 He plays in a conference with no defense. 2 He left because he wouldn't get playing time. You cant give someone the Heisman that transferred out for playing time.
We need to see more games. Can a real SEC defense slowdown LSU or are they really that unstoppable? Michigan is bad not a top 10 team. The Auburn A&M game is going to decide who is number three behind LSU and Bama. Hopefully Nix can keep improving. Florida is going to get the doors beat off them by LSU. I have a feeling Georgia beats ND bad when yall play. I dont think ND is a playoff candidate. Hate it for Tennessee fans, I tip my hat for filling the stadium up.
Good lord did you actually watch the game?? They had to go for points LSU'S defense wouldn't stop anyone in the 4th quarter. They were completely gassed, if they had run the ball texas could have tied the game. They absolutely had to score. Yes their offense is completely different than in '18.
Yeah anyone who trashed LSU'S offense attack needs to eat some Crow.
Same didnt look good tonight.
Smart is the only one. But he was Saban's DC for freaking ever. The others were his assistants for much shorter periods of time.
Wow I dont think I've ever seen LSU needing to outscore an opponent to win. I dont know what happened to the defense but they straight up collapsed in the second half. Very dangerous opponent.
Depends on how close it is if yall loose. If hes going to be your coach going forward yall better obliterate BYU, or have a crap load of fight.
If we win both games tonight the SEC will put two teams in the playoff again.
What i don't get is how franks is Florida's best option at QB. Just seems like he has a low ceiling.
The real question is has he lost the team? You can have talent(example Auburn 2012, then the turn around in 13). Chizik lost the team in '12 was very lax with practices. Then Malzahn came in and orchestrated a fenominal season. Side note this is why I didn't want to fire Malzahn. Didn't want Auburn to turn into the Tennessee coaching circus.
He made a lot of freshman mistakes. But hes got a massive upside. What I don't get is how our senior OL didn't protect him better.
Well done, well done LSU. Yall absolutely dominated Miami. Did the SEC West proud, have some good gumbo on us. Great win.
Well done LSU, major props from the rest of the SEC west. Have some Gumbo on us.
Darned impressive, everyone's getting some gumbo after tonight's game.
First time I've disagreed with you. He did a good job at auburn. He has a decent opinion, it's been a while since he's been in the sec but still.
Florida is lucky to have Mullen he's gonna right the ship.