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That was a wicked but clean hit. When you hit something way bigger than you you're gonna get knocked down.
Reminds me of Gene Chizik lightning struck once with cam. Then everything fell apart after he, and Malzahn left.
I think it will end up being a big12 game. Who makes the first mistake or who's defense gets a stop.
I know we lost but come on no way BYU's qb gets the heisman. Its Mac and Trask.
Good win by Alabama, we got dominated. Mac is special and so is Smith. Looking forward to the SEC championship game, best of luck going forward.
Good win by Alabama, the fact that yall had the better team wasn't ever a question. The SEC championship should be a heck of a game.
I hope she does decide to kick. Please please can vandy have some semblance of offense so we can see her kick a field goal!
What were the two rule changes that resulted after Auburn wins?
Kirby is the only one that's close and he cant find a great QB if 4 are staring him in the face.
I'm afraid this won't be pretty. I'll be happy to be proven wrong though.
I know where I was on the 45 yrd line in the student section. I will never forget seeing frat guys superman diving into the bushes.
Yeah but how much would you loose on the recruiting trail? I'd like to know why SC hired him in the first place. If he couldn't succeed at Florida why did they think he would do well at SC.
Mathis just looks so so over his head. His body language speaks volumes. Just constantly frustrated with him self.
Dang Georgia. I wonder if hes holding out Daniel's, to save face. Cause if he is just as bad as Mathis and Bennett then theres no denying the problems Georgia has with developing a qb.
LSUMC what if they play Daniels and he's just about as bad as Mathis or Bennett what then?
Fair point. I never counted the missed throws, they were a lot and a ton of missed reads. The overthrows are one thing the missed reads by stetson are mind boggling. Hes been there for awhile he should be able to go through his progression. His mind and game awareness should be his strength but it isnt.
Kirby smart was still a DC at Alabama at the end of the era of game manager QBs still worked. He has effectively installed the 2009-2014 Alabama team at Georgia. He hasn't realized that kinda of team was already obsolete. He never saw Saban change his offensive mindset. Saban is willing to change, Kirby isn't because he has years of seeing it work when it did. He is too entrenched in his ways(that he knows works) to go into the deepwater and forge ahead with a new system.
I honestly don't want to loose the gus bus. He keeps us relevant, and he has one of the best records against Saban. I dont want to end up like SC, or worse Tennessee.