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Lol here we still are 20 min later Tennessee fans have come un glued.
Our Line and freaking dropped balls are our problem.
Yeah buy when Arkansas is all over him. That's what caused it to be un catch-able.
That is the first time I've heard that A&M is fielding a new OL. Should have been clue number 1 this season may not go as well as you want.
That's a pretty accurate rundown on what A&M have yet to face. 50/50 split of those games feels like the ceiling.
I 100% agree the O-Line isn't great but it's a lot better than it was last year or in the previous several seasons. Haven't recruited well on the O-line relying on transfers isn't a great way to have a good O-Line year after year. But TJ doesn't have the scrambling ability Bo does. Which helps negate some of the deficiencies of our O-Line.
You also have to remember last year it was at Athens. This time it's a JHS.
I am too. I think second place in the SEC west will be Arkansas, Ole miss or Auburn. My money is on Arkansas to emerge from that group.
This is the Bo I expected to see. Scrambling to make plays then having decent mechanics to get an accurate ball down the field. If he can continue this auburn can have an 8-4 season.
Get ready for the inevitable cry baby routine from Dabo.
Well looks like I was right sooner than I thought.
Wow Clemson fell out of the AP poll!
They aren't wrong when has A&M won a huge game in college Station? They do more damage on the road then at home. They don't have the voodoo magic that many home field stadiums seem to have at times.
They aren't wrong though! The only ones to beat him have no connection with him.
I've been a big fan of shivers runs hard and plays bigger than he is. He just wants it more than the guy trying to stop him.
Honestly that's a pipe dream. The is the worst Clemson team in years but SC is in the bottom of the SEC. For that to happen SC has to get a lot of things figured out and Clemson has to implode.
Pretty fair rankings. Good to see UK in the rankings well deserved. I think Clemson will loose again to who I don't know. There streak of however many weeks in the top 25 will come to an end. One thing of note georgia only had 72 yrds through the air. Why Arkansas didn't load the box and force UGA to throw is beyond me. Uga could be a re hash of the '17 team. Top 5 defense great running game but if JT goes out I don't think stetson can win a game for you with his arm if forced to. But UGA and Bama are the cream of the SEC.
Is it the light at the end of the tunnel or a train? We will find out.
1 major difference chizik lost the locker room in a major major way. Coach O hasn't.
Well played by lsu. The quick points then turned into a old school slug fest. Honestly at times it looked like Joe burrow was in an auburn jersey. The late Incomplete was a close call. Tough game nearly impossible to win down here and I see why. Yall have some freak athletes.
Wow this has to be one of the stupidest biology comments of all time. This comment will get get shared to much amusement.
Making Bo nix look good is not what Tennessee needs. Much less when Tennessee is playing BG.
What is this queen nonsense? Did another troll spawn before the season?
He will probably get picked up by someone.