I'm just a high school Senior who is a proud Alabama fan. RTR!!! University of Alabama early college student. Bros with @AuburnHatesKids.
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Well that takes the sting off the "Championship of Life" joke for Tennessee for sure.
Come on man, its supposed to be trash talk and peeing on the stadium isn't considered that...... I still laughed at it though.
I'm sure it'll be plenty of space for the 2 national championships.
The last thing we should do is reprimand companies for making an innocent joke.
Ha, I took 5 seconds to come up with mine. I bet you spent 10 mins on your response
I guess the Aggies and Seminoles feel obliged to defend the other's moronic QB Heisman trophy winner.
Before anyone says I'm a dumb Trump supporter I didn't like him either (plus I'm only 17), but at least he understands business and the necessity of lower taxes and removing excessive regulations to make things more.. well... 'fair' as you would put it.Rant done. Roll Tide.Please pick up an economics textbook and quit studying 'Gender Studies.'
WARNING: I'm about to go in depth about why this guy's claim pertaining to the ultra rich is wrong. If you don't want to read about economics and job creation, move on. If you were a Bernie supporter, please read this!While I don't agree with the above article, I also don't believe the ultra rich should be punished for taking the risks of creating a business. When you get a job at a company, you are forgoing a huge sum of money with the risk of failure for the stability of a guaranteed paycheck. You aren't going to get the millions of dollars as well as the bosses at Coca Cola because you didn't incur the financial risks. You clearly don't understand the free market and economics, and plus you sound like Bernie Sanders. The be apart of the top 1% you must make $429,000. While a comfortable living for sure, that's hardly Bill Gates. Take note that the figured I provided is current (2015) and accounts for household income, not per person. A "yuge" difference here!That $429,000 figure I provided is your average small business owner's salary. He (or she but 'he' is slightly quicker to type so deal with it) wouldn't be able to stay afloat financially if he was taxed 90% like our comrade Bernie would like. (He said that at a town hall on CNN just a few days ago so don't tell me that isn't his plan) He would make $42,900 dollars a year by that metric and thus there would be no way a small business would ever survive thus leaving only the ultra rich to survive still. That kinda defeats your argument huh?But wait Chris! (that's my name.) Maybe he only meant the top 0.1%! They surely don't need that money right? WRONG. The top 0.1% household income is $1,600,000. Now while that looks nice (and it is), if you take 90% percent of it away that would leave you with $160,000... So where's the incentive to work hard and create your own business? There is none.So take your "fairness" and "reasonable taxes" and shove it up your a**! I know this is a football site but you went political so I will too. It's a shame that most of my fellow students are morons when it comes to economics. And I must stop dumb mouth breathers from polluting this forum with bad economics!
Ps you're wrong. I did and numerous others did. There were plenty of Auburn and Tennessee fans celebrating so don't "didn’t sit here" and talk about how Alabama's fanbase is pathetic and a joke.
Auburn fans celebrating that Alabama finished second in the country is like Auburn celebrating that Auburn finished second I'm the state. They are the other champions of life.
You don't give a damn if you're good at what you do.
Man I'm jealous of your Championship of Life. All we Alabama fans got was an sec Championship....
Congrats to Dabo and Clemson. They played a heck of a game and deserved to win.
Well this is the first year he's had some sort of impact, so I'm glad he didn't leave early.
Overall this was a correct article, but no way is Alabama ruining recruiting for the SEC. According to the 247 composite rankings, of the top 12 recruiting classes, half of them are SEC teams. In fact, Georgia just passed Ohio State to be 2nd nationally over Ohio State.Alabama is 1st, Georgia is 2nd, LSU is 6th, Texas A&M is 7th, Tennessee is 10th, and Auburn is 12th. If that's the SEC doing bad in recruiting than count me in.
Wait till after you find a QB to talk. Then beat Alabama.I know I dig on LSU a lot, but they're honestly the only other team in the SEC that can be consistently elite on an annual basis. I hope they can make things interesting soon
More like Auburn needs some consistency... Are y'all good? Bad? Mediocre? It changes every year.
Well, he just did without your permission anyways. *triggered*