I'm just a junior at Alabama who is a big football fan! In Army ROTC.

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What? I finally decided to respect Mizzou this season and they do this...
Poor guy, I know what it feels like to not have things go to plan. Trust in God and you'll be okay.
Don't get me wrong, I believe Alabama will win this game (thank God it's in Tuscaloosa) but we aren't so cut and dry better than LSU like this panderer likes to believe.
If you're going off of expectations, what more can Saban do besides go undefeated? What more can you ask of the man?
I wonder how many times we have to prove it to y'all...
Y'all win one game against a team that has a pulse and next thing you know y'all think it's 1998 again... Get ready for next week Rocky Top! #TennesseeHateWeek
They're number 1 in that! (or maybe Tennessee)
I hate to say it but Auburn probably deserves to be above UGA. Y'all should switch spots with UGA.
I believe Tua's biggest competitor is Joe Burrow. He looks that part of an NFL QB, I think Nov. 9th will answer who will win the Heisman (and the SEC).
I disagree. I think it's hard to argue that Alabama has a better defense than LSU. But I believe it equally hard to argue that LSU has a better offense than Alabama. The game will be at Tuscaloosa and that will be the difference. I believe Alabama will win by a score.
November 9th can't happen soon enough. Everyone seems to forget who holds the SEC crown. It will be a good game but Roll Tide!
This was a great game, I was rooting for Florida but that makes the LSU game that much more interesting. Florida played way better than I expected and I think its safe to say that they are back. If this game was at the swamp I think the outcome would be different. Roll Tide!
Yes, our penalties stopped any momentum we built up like 100000000000 times.
Roll Tide! Our defense sucks (for what we're used to) but hopefully we can fix it in time for LSU.
The UF/AUB game showed us that anything can and will happen. We will learn more tonight at Death Valley.
Well the East just got that much more interesting...
Alabama is the best in the SEC until proven otherwise.
I may not like UT, but you will never hear me say that all of Vol nation are rapists.
You're right man. Make sure you're you extend Gus's contract while you're at it. It might inspire him to go 9-4 this year!