I'm just a Senior at Alabama who is a big football fan!

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Well we can rule out Tennessee for being one of the funniest...
These are unfunny and the Arkansas one is disturbing to say the least. The blood coming out at the end was a little much
Wait South Carolina has only beat Auburn Twice?
The mob will not stop until everything is changed to their liking.
Weak men like you are why America is being destroyed.
Neat. Reading the boomers in chat is entertainment for sure. You can't have opinions in society anymore.
Well judging by your team's performance I would say the glass is empty!
You're such a funny guy. I know your mother must compliment you on how witty you are.
Not gonna lie I was thinking the too!
Lol I love it when the fans of the lame teams want to talk crap. Orgeron does have his work cut out for him.
We beat them in the wrong sport but I'll take it!
Don't worry he'll be wearing Crimson eventually.
Really piggybacking there... I guess you have to when you're a Tennessee fan.
Let's be honest we both don't mind seeing Auburn lose!
I know I'm biased, but I feel like the combination of overall higher ranked teams and both teams having "blueblood" status led to UA-MICH having a higher viewership. Could be wrong though.
I think OSU and Michigan's loss makes up for it. I think this speaks more to Minnesota's impressive rise than to the Big 10's strength, as the "blue bloods" that are typically thought of have lost. Plus with Alabama and LSU doing well I don't think anyone beside Colin Cowherd believes the SEC is a weak conference! Roll Tide and good luck against Clemson! They are deceptively good and play to their competition... :(
Oh Jeremy Johnson... Now that was a name. He will forever be my favorite preseason Heisman winner.
So 9 wins>11 wins? That's some Auburn math if I've ever seen it.
Alabama finished good! Now lets try and fix our horrendous defense.
What win 11 games for the 9th season in a row, which is an AP era record? I'll take the occasional meaningless loss to the Barn if it means we're the better overall program.