I'm just a freshman at Alabama who is a big football fan! Joining Army ROTC next semester.
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Volsxsnos, I realize that reading comprehension isn't taught at UT, but let this Bana student teach you, the guy who posted that is a Georgia fan, not a Bama fan. Better luck next time.
Fair reaction, no decent father would want their son commiting to Auburn!
If you light yourself on fire, and then feel pain, one should conclude that fire=pain right? With your logic, the previous experience with fire and pain doesn't matter, because its a new fire.Saban hasn't won less than 10 games since 2008, made the playoff every time its happened, and has been in the last 2 champ games (winning one). Every sign there is points to Alabama being in the same position as they were the previous years. I want to know what you think Georgia, alongside 2 other mystery teams, have done this season and in recent history that has made them meaningfully better than Alabama overall. And how can you argue that a Saban coached team wouldn't have an advantage over Smart and others.
Then which team has proven them selves more in recent and in long term history than Alabama? You like to hate on us, so who's better?
That's what you get for wearing uniforms designed by McDonald's.
"Auburn is looking like the Auburn everyone envisioned coming into the season."Haha this aged well! They are playing exactly like I envisioned!
This pitch sounds exactly like Ed Orgeron's pitch. Would that really be much of an improvement? I'm sure Auburn can do better.
You've just earned a spot on his annual "I hate my fans" hit piece!
That's what I've been saying this whole time. No one should deny that Auburn on paper is good enough to beat 95 percent of the teams they face, but their coach is Gus Malzahn (Who just got out-coached by Ed Orgeron). That's why I never bought that Auburn was any good. Tonight just reaffirmed this.#KeepGus
I feel like Gundy should have a beer in his hand while shirtless.
Love the honesty! It won't be personal, I've always rooted for Arky when they aren't playing us!
Suddenly their moral victory isn't so great.
Ugh. Way to make us look bad. Sure, there is a referee problem in the SEC, but I believe that holds true to anyone being ref'd in a game by SEC officials. Not just Bama.
I would love for someone to point out to me what right is being legally denied to minorities in the United States. One.
Just like we got that W and that is more important for the history books.Go beat Auburn for us! Roll Tide
Ugh, this issue makes me side with Cam. Who gives a crap?
After New York and now this, you might as well head to somewhere like Moscow. It would be fun to compare the Russian drunk to the football drunks at least. What is Game day doing?