I'm just a sophomore at Alabama who is a big football fan! In Army ROTC.

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Ouch. When I head back to Tuscaloosa tomorrow I'll be holding a crying party at my dorm, everyone's invited!
Speak for yourself, Orgeron isn't exactly in peak physique!
Not to mention the Vikings visiting North America at the late 10th Century.
Worst part of dating a UGA girl: She can never finish!
Probably the best game and storyline I've ever seen. Tops the natty game last year because of that game's history.
While I wouldnt say that Alabama's position is completely surprising, but Tua has definitely made Alabama more potent than we usually are. So we've probably need to be in the three or four range.
I'm just mad that they didn't make it to 8.
I don't think that is what he meant. He is saying that Harbaugh has never beaten Ohio State before and that this better be the time he will.
Yikes, Tua and the offense have been off recently. Hope we can fix it in time for Auburn and Georgia.
I remember when you were Thomas Shoe... Back in 2014!
We played very sloppy (besides the defence) and we still won by 29. Tua had his worst night so far and he still managed to do good. Roll Tide!
Fun Fact: We are now in the midst of the longest win streak against Tennessee ever recorded.
1. Orgeron is not Thanos, Saban is.
Y'all wouldn't shut up about the Kick Six, so why should we shut up about this?
Nice of that Missouri defender to twist his leg in the pile. I hope we skull drag them from here on.
Not long after this, a Missouri defender purposely twisted Rugg's ankle in a pile injuring him. If Missouri is going to play dirty, then I hope we kill them by 70.
I don't like pulling for Tennessee, but I love seeing Auburn lose! Roll Tide!
Look just hire me. I'll ruin Auburn for only a million dollars, I'll save y'all so much money.