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It was, but not quite as bad as losing to South Carolina!
In that case, we got screwed in 2014 because OSU won the national championship. Obviously I don't believe that because OSU won the game, but they are a perfect example of where a team that would've been left out made the best of their chance. Just like Bama in 11 and 17. Quit letting your Bama hate warp your thinking. If Tebow can quit crying, then so can you.
Good Lord get over yourself. This is the first time since 2010 that we had more than 1 loss in the regular season, it happens. We still have a great, if not elite team, and we have a shot to make it again next year. We are still competitive recruiting wise, and it's not like we will fold up and quit. I know you're probably an Auburn or UT fan in disguise so I recommend that you find a better use of your time.
In what way did LSU get screwed? The undeniable two best teams faced each other in the BCS Championship game.
So is Utah holding a practice?
Yeah our defense no longer is the threat that it once was. Hopefully Saban fixes it in 2020.
The guy only won 6 national titles. Like he's still relevant...
Yeah, I don't know what happened to our defense. We used to strike fear in the opposing offenses. Not anymore...
You're watching the SEC champ game the same way we are
To win off a gimmick and free 3 points. The Barn never can be trusted
Yes, some boomer with the Caps Lock stuck on is the undeniable authority on all things college football.
Honestly don't understand why LSU isn't ahead of us.
I'm honestly shocked to see TN be where they are. I hate to say this Vols, but congratulations. Now lose to vandy and your bowl in Birmingham (hopefully)! ;)
Best 8-5/9-4 coach in the nation.
I know this sounds absurd, but I have an eerie feeling that LSU will beat the sh*t out of Arkansas and win the game without needing to kick a FG.
I don't expect a lot of points to be scored. Your offense is dreadful so our above-average defense will be fine, while our now above-average offense against a great Auburn defense won't do so hot. My prediction is something like a 21-17 Alabama win type game.
Literally made an uncontroversial point on a FOOTBALL WEBSITE while wishing him the best of health but okay.
Meanwhile Alabama lost Tua and Minnesota lost to Iowa. Yikes
Shhhh goyim remember that they are our greatest ally! Get your wallet ready because they need a new embassy!
Big blow to our season. I honestly don't want to make the playoffs just to see us lose. I know we could still beat Auburn and make the playoff with some help, but it would be better for us to beat up on sometime like Michigan and regroup. We will still have at least a 10 win season, Roll Tide! God bless you Tua.
Last time I checked they are the champions of life!