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Not that it makes it right by any means, but you act like whites invented slavary. The slaves we brought over sadly were already inslaved by their own kind. They at the time were purchased not stolen. America is not perfect and full of mistakes. It has come a long way in a very short time, slavery is over and should be fought in history class as a mistake and learn from it. It needs to stop as a backhanded insult or justification for blacks to use as points. Hate to say but you didn’t suffer from that nor did anyone you’ve ever known. It’s past thank god, whites shouldn’t have to hear that as an insult to our face, sorry but we didn’t do it and feel just as bad it happened because they were are brothers too in gods eyes. There are alot of racist people ( whites and black) but a hella of a lot fewer than just a generation ago. Eventually hopefully it will continue to decrease until 0. People of every color has been mistreated by cops since it was invented, and they continue to weed out the bad cops the best they can. Their sadly just isn’t a good solution to instantly fix it, just more training and better hireing techniques.
I’ve been around sports my whole life and never once seen that happen at midfield. I’ve seen some scuffles of course, but usually before or After the game during shakes and the occasional push or shove during game. Only other term you would use besides targeting on this instance would be assault. You say it’s gotta be in repetition for some odd reason, and if you would’ve watched the whole video you clearly see 3 separate instances of targeting. To say the kid was talking smack is just crazy, considering you don’t know the kid or anything about this. Plus if you can’t take a little trash talk without doing that you don’t need to play football or anything else for the matter.
Tiger TD you are not a football player, you do not know the football players, so please don’t make an idiotic statement saying the players agree with Kap. Some players do agree and choose to disrespect the Nation by kneeling alongside but 90% of them don’t agree and stand with pride and salute as they should. Poisonzo the crap you wrote was even more idiotic, the Anthem was wrote and inspired by a crucial victory against British forces so yes it is a song for our military who risks their lives every day for you to have the freedom to state your opinion no matter how stupid. We disrespected our own country’s Government? That’s hilariously dumb, dude let me give you just a brief history lesson, when we where just colonist the British wanted to dictate where we could colonize, wanted to tax colonist even though the tax was bogus considering it was for a French War. They wanted to dictate everything, they were oceans apart and still had no freedoms. Are American ancestors were tired of being disrespected by the British so they decided to fight for their independence knowing they will be out gunned and out numbered. 25,000 plus brave Americans died so we could have our freedom and be lucky to be born in the U.S.A. Kap has every right to kneel because of those brave men. Just like I have every right to disagree with him disrespecting the flag. Never understood how he decided to disrespect a whole nation because he feels his people are being disrespected.
That very well could happen too. I believe the Georgia game will come down to the very end. Georgia’s offense has looked weak at times and better be on their A game against LSU. If they win both those games no doubt they will be no.1 and should be.
Last years Georgia has a MUCH better defense? You haven’t been watching LSU football this year. LSU’s secondary is nasty, better than Georgia’s last year, my opinion. Still think Tua will get his because he’s just that good. Only Qb I could compare Tua’s game to would be Patrick Mahomes. I actually think Tua has better accuracy but their instinctive way of making quick reads and improving is very similar.
Why is Miami continually getting credit for starting this trend? Alabama was the first to do it with the turnover belt. Everyone else just copied and
I like to see Hurts play too, but would much rather see him in only two games and watch him play somwhere else for two years. It would benefit him greatly and give us two more years of the Hurt.
Don’t twist my words, I didn’t say a black person must dress nice not to get harassed by an officer. I’m just saying if your black/white and you’re being disrespectful dressed in gang ware, tatted face, you are gonna be approached as such.To think cops just ride around and picks on minority’s is ignorant. As far as the prison rate and all your statistical bs, that’s a culture problem that has to be fixed by their own, not the goverment. There’s more blacks in prison than whites because of the culture. When you grow up thinking gang banging, drug slinging, etc... is cool you end up in Prison. Black lives do matter, and every other life, if you wanna be viewed and treated with respect you have to display respectability. As far as Kap I agree he has the right to do what he’s doing, I have no problem with that, but to sit during a National Anthem is beyond disrespectful, and have the right to disagree with that approach just as he has the right to take that approach. The anthem represents all the good people of all races that sacrificed their lives so we could have one, to spit on that will earn no respect from anyone.
Of course I do, but I believe police brutality is a very rare occurrence. I know there’s a few bad cops out there but to say it’s a problem is just not the case. Only a rare few cases was actually the cops fault. Many of these cop stories are blown up by the media creating headlines. If you attack a cop and get shot, or reach in your pockets and get shot when a cop says put your hands up, do you put all the blame on the cop? I also believe it’s nothing to do with racism but more of the culture. If a young black man dressed nice and speaks with respect doesn’t usually have a problem with the law, but a thug that talks disrespectful and has tats on the face(black or white) or what not, of course they will be approached and handled in a different manner.
I don’t agree with Caps ideology, but I do agree he has the right to express his views in a peaceful manner which he has. This is America home of the free and the bold. Cap risked everything for something he felt strongly about. I don’t agree with the message but hats off to anyone that doesn’t let someone stand in the way of there message. To me that’s whats great about our country, the free will to be heard and not silenced.
Can’t wait for the Cocks to beat the cockiness straight out of the Dawgs.
Really glad for Blake. I had high hopes when he sighed with Bama. I really though he was going to be the next Joe. I believe he was the highest rated receiver we ever got, and he is more than just a pocket passer.
Bout that time to turn it on, and carve this league and anyone else up!! Gonna be the best three years of The Tides historic run. We might even go 6 straight years as national champs with Tua’s little bro coming in right behind big bro. Just a bit of hope, but it’s certainly not impossible. RTR
MD, Georgia wouldn’t have prepared any different for Tua. All the film and preparation they had would of been the same as if Tua or Jalen was playing. The system and plays didn’t change, just execution. Bama didn’t have a play book for Tua and Jalen. They are both mobile, and throw. Jalen just wasn’t able to get the passing going. Your point makes it sound like you think just because Jalen was playing y’all didn’t have to cover the receivers. In reality it was Jalen couldnt t see the field like Tua, and Georgia didn’t see anything new. We didn’t make a scheme and playbook during halftime for are second string Qb.
Skip makes it sound like Michigan is fielding a far inferior squad. Michigan has finished in the top 5 the last two years in recruiting. Yeah Brady had a few bad years recruiting as the coach, but Skips argument is crazy. Harbaugh isn’t even close to being the coach that Saban is.
Way to make the Tide fan base look bad pit. Trash talking with other fans can be entertaining, expected, and great for a laugh on this site, but the crap you let spew from your keyboard is highly idiotic. You make yourself sound like a weird 2yr old.
Haven’t heard or seen any fans bashing Hurts either. Just because most of us wants the better Qb to play doesn’t mean we don’t Appreciated what he’s done for us in his career so far. He’s been a true leader and represented the school in the upmost way he could
Ahhhhh that sucks!!! That O line was horrible tonight. Not even Rogers or Brady could of got anything going the way they were playing.
Funny coming from a fan whose state has an average tooth count of 3, needs closed captioning to understand them speak English, thinks fast food is roadkill possum, and the definition of safe sex in Louisiana is placing signs on the animals that kick.
Wtf!!! Who would order that and have it shipped to his job, lol, this is crazy. That’s one hell of a way to celebrate a championship. Guess every player got the ring and a toy to stick in their brown eye “ Buckeyes”
What makes him a good recruiter is because he learned from the master in Nick Saban, simple as that.
If I had to pick I would go with Fitz or Tua, only if Tua lives o to the hype tho
I like Swift a lot and believe he will definitely git his, but just can’t see him getting the award simply because of the depth at the position. The same could be said for Harris at Alabama.
Prepare to be disappointed than, I see y’all making it to the show but when the curtain closes and it’s time to go, Bama will be the one left on the stage holding up the SEC championship trophy. RTR
State over Ole Miss and A&M, and It’s not even close
No one said he was inhuman, just that he came in after the half and CARVED them dawgs up. Just own it, it happened, it’s over, Bama won out right off the left hand of Tua
To even compare Locks deep ball to Farve is laughable at this point. Pump the breaks, Farve was in a league of his own on the deep pass