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Unless he felt his job was going to get Nixxed unless he started Nix. See what I did there?
Teeth or not - Auburn Defense Coordinator has proven his ability to do his job by leading the best defense in the country. I recommend Auburn gives Steele a healthy raise.
One in a million - so you're telling me there is a chance!
wde0012 - Nick Marshall was good in Gus' offense - didn't correlate to ANYONE else's offense. Nick plays defense again (he's a great athlete). Sean White - I don't know how you consider this an accomplishment. I feel bad for Derrick Brown and Marlon Davidson - guys area playing their hearts out and they're not getting any support from the offense.
I think it was probably difficult to sit on the sideline and watch your 1st team QB struggle without getting a chance during the LSU game. You know he hears the criticism of Nix, yet Gus still didn't give him a shot... to him it's got to be solidifying his belief that he will not play over Nix as long as Gus/Nix are at Auburn. In the end... the kid wants to play.
I think it's pretty clear that the QB development has not made significant progress. He's not comfortable in the pocket - evident by scrambling (the wrong way) when the pocket begins to collapse AND his inability to see/find open receivers. I don't know if you blame Gus for this, but maybe some attention should be paid to our QB coach as well. I don't have a great understanding of these dynamics, but I find it strange that Auburn can't land & develop an EPIC QB.
I'm generally not to critical of the zebras - However in the Auburn-LSU game there were remarkably strange officiating going on. 1) There was a ball spotted 3 yards short of where the review ended up putting it. 2) Several holding calls missed on big plays by tackles who were clearly losing their DE's... (happens - but this particular holding is very easy to see) 3) Pulling the chains from the sideline to check for a first down that was a yard short 4) Not calling a touchdown - all the referees looking to the next as to guidance on what to do for maybe 7-8 seconds. 5) not blowing the whistle on (forward progress) plays. Just a lot of things that made their job/responsibilities on field very noticeable in a game where they shouldn't me.