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I may be totally wrong but with no rumors coming out of Auburn late on Sunday night after the Iron Bowl I’m guessing there is a decent chance the Freeze opposition force has delayed things. Auburn could be looking at #3 due to MANY fans not thrilled with the thought of hiring Freeze with his past baggage. These are the people who apparently don’t believe in second chances and have never made a costly mistake in their life. Freeze is a proven winner and would fit the job perfectly but then again when has Auburn ever hired a football coach that fit perfectly. They will probably end up following their past and hire Jim Bob Jones who is a 2nd year HC at Slippery Rock University with a 2 season record of 10-12. They will point to the improvement and point out that the two seasons prior to his hire SR went 9-13
I think it’s recorded the same in the history books. Arkansas gets the L and Liberty gets the W. I doubt they add an asterisk with your explanation
I don’t at all understand Auburn and their coaching decisions. Auburn named the field in honor of Pat Dye who coached 12 seasons and was bowl eligible 9 of the 12. Dye faced the nations #1 team only twice in 12 years. Auburn then fires Malzahn who coached 8 seasons and was bowl eligible each season despite 6 of the 8 times Auburn played Alabama they were ranked #1. Auburn went 3-5 which is better than any other SEC team. During the same 8 seasons Auburn played the eventual National Champs 7 times. As for winning. Dye won 69.7% of all games and 61.5% of SEC games. 33% of Dyes opponents were top 25 when they played Malzahn won 65.6% of all games and 58.4% of SEC games. 45.6% of his games were against top 25 opponents. Malzahns lowest rated recruiting class was #14 in the nation. Auburn’s recruiting class is currently #14 out of 14 in the SEC. Huge improvement ? Now tell me why they name the field after Dye and fired a Malzahn only to hire Harsin. Makes no sense
During Malzahn’s 8 seasons Saban only lost 5 games within the SEC. 6 of the 8 times Malzahn’s teams faced Alabama they were ranked # 1. Auburn won 3 and lost 5. The only other team to beat them was 2 straight by Hugh Freeze’s Ole Miss
I have to call BS on Harsin not being given a chance. He should have been fired before the season started when they watched 20 players transfer plus both the OC & DC along with other assistants jump ship at their first chance. The common factor is Bryan Harsin. Instead of firing him they brought him back and he has managed to take Auburn to #14 out of 14 in SEC recruiting. His idea of recruiting is to place a phone call or send a player an email. 4 different high school coaches at normal football powerhouse schools all said they are yet to even speak with Harsin. He’s not trying to make the team better. If that’s still not enough just look at the end of season record which will reflect 4 wins at the most and the again watch as more players get out of this mess