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Are you just going to ignore that auburn missed a fg, and was driving at will before nix threw a pick...
You put Jarrett stidham behind Nick Fitzgerald on this because of rushing numbers? You made a list dedicated to the best quarterback and you gave it to one of the most incomplete qbs that happens to run better than he throws. Fitz isn’t even the best qb on his team.
Let them have fun, it has nothing to do with class
So we just gonna act like Kerryon didn’t run for almost 150 yards and a TD
Stidham has tried to find slayton all year, it’s not his fault slayton can’t catch the dang ball
John kelly runs for at least 60 yards 1 touchdown and leads the vols in receiving yards
I can think of many runningbacks over the years to have at least 5 yards in a career. Charles Alexander and his 4.035 rushing yards isn’t a stat to be proud of
If Jarrett stidham decides to leave after this season, look for Malik Willis to be auburn's starting qb for the 2018 season.
Respect levels are so high for that doctor. He's such a savage.
lol this dude put make you miss instead of just saying agility.
Stupid or Not I think we should give art briles a call
Personally I'd take art briles. Dude knows offense. Sure he made a mistake but as we've come to learn auburn is all about bringing people in on second chances. Art For OC
I'm not gonna call you names or anything like that, I will instead respect your opinion, but you should respect the way others deal with events like these. Prayers might've kept these people from getting hurt or even killed. Maybe this event was apart god's plan. Ever heard the saying regression to the mean? Well in short it means that your life can be going so well you think you're invincible but it will always find its way back to balance it's self out. I could write more but I really don't want to do I'm just gonna say have a nice day.
I love auburn but we gotta stop taking pride in others accomplishments. David Ross, Clemson, etc
Has one good game and you guys act like he won heisman. Cmon on now. Calvin Ridley is who I think has a big game