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Meanwhile.... Auburn won the Birmingham bowl! yay! lol.
This whole situation. Her mess talking. His mess talking. All of your comments. I'm done lol. It's to much. I am dyyying. " lace in the front" yo. Werd to ya motha. Lol
I can imagine not with him still at bama trying to win a national championship.
It. Lol. Sorry. Alamo bowl still has me crazy.
So? Here t is. He still deserved to go out like he wanted too. it was shoddy. 15 years. i get they are tired of almost. but still.
Maybe. maybe not. you never know. I'm not saying anything other we won our bowl. lol.
Idk why anyone thinks Southern is a gimmie. I mean, good lord. Just look at them play period. they have always been a small package of dynamite. Jack state too.
Boring. Lemme tell what boring is. Watching your team get beat game after game when you know they are better than that. Most of AU fans hate bama. I don't. You really can't argue the fact that Saban year after year makes them a great team no matter if the have have a good qb or not. yeah, I get pissy but hell, my dad played for AU and I love them no matter what but for the love of sunny Jesus I wish we were good enough to be called boring by a douche like Cowherd. Rant over.
Idk, Dooley was pretty bad lol. Jones is doing great things in my opinion. I mean, heck, my team just keeps going backward. At least Tennessee had a winning record and seem to be getting better and better under Jones. yes he made some calls this year that cost some games you should have one, but, a whole bunch of coaches did that also.
Because we all know those mud bugs will get cha lol.
Mud BOG. If you going to insult people, at least do it correctly.
Georgia literally just hired a man who is a DC with absolutely NO head coaching record and he has no " proved anything" . He was Sabens DC. DC do not last nor do the do well in HC positions. Here's the thing, no matter how you spin it, Richt should have been allowed to go out on his own terms. This will come back to bite you. Mark my words. It's crazy to me to see comments about how Smart is what you need, like he is the next coming of Christ. You've already lost a great commit, you will lose a whole lot more before the end of it. Do you think those commits don't see how shady that was? Good luck to ya next year. You all have complained so much you just reverted yourselves back to the 90's. At least for two years. Then you will be calling for his head too. Be careful what you wish for. Ga fans got their wish. If you all think smart is just going to come in there and win the conference, keep dreaming.
It would actually. They have not put any type of funding into that program in years. The facilities are horrible. He may, but, from what I've been reading the whole program, facilitates are so out dated. Plus the fact they can't afford him. They won't be able to give even half of what he was making.
I'm sorry. I don't know what's going on at Missouri. Pinkel has cancer so i thought that was the reason he is leaving. I haven't kept up with that school other than that. Would you mind telling me?
I literally just said the same thing. The man doesn't even have a losing record. Good lord.
The answer is YES. I am a Auburn fan and i even think they are dead wrong. But, more wins for us. LSu won't be a force period. I'd bet everything I have that players transfer, commits decommit, then they are left with a ACC coach looking completely stupid.
Why? LSU has always acted ridiculous. Their fans get pissy when they don't take it all every season. The AD is a dang fool. The boosters are fools and the whole thing is bull crap.
###yezzir. Good luck winning anything for a while.
I cannot believe they are going to fire Les Miles. LSU will never recover. They dang sure won't find a coach of his caliber. WHO are they going to get to replace him? Seems to me, he has winning records and your not going to get that title every year. he is the best coach for LSU and they are dang stupid for doing it. it will come back 10 fold. If i were him, I'd laugh all the way to the bank,pick another coaching job, and make them great. Just like he did LSU. The loyalty he deserves is not being given what so ever. They all are dead wrong for that. AD, Fans calling for his head, Boosters, dead wrong.
Here's the thing. Les Miles is a winning coach. This year he hit a slump. It happens. Lord knows i know. He's a good coach and right now, who would the replace him with? I mean really? One 4 star commit already said if he gets fired he is gone. LSU won't be the same for a long time to come. Richt. Every year it's off with his head. Again, who would they get? Richt has had plenty of talent. He has never utilized that talent when it mattered. Murray not spiking that ball in that loss to bama comes to mind.. He always comes up short and I can kinda get where fans are coming from. They are tired of them getting to the big games and just choking. Only consistent thing they have done is choke. He has no special teams coach, says he doesn't need one. Look at some lost games and say that again. Being a Godly man does not win ball games. In the games that matters, and at the end of the day, fans, schools, AD's want to see Big Games won. Period. if they lose to Tech, it's not going to end well. Idk if they will fire either one of them but they are damn stupid if they do.