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This article is not worth the time to read. Assuming LSU will be a playoff contender after a once in a lifetime season is like assuming Auburn was a contender in 2011 after Cam Newton left. Total gibberish!
It won't be Auburn too many new starters on O and D.
Malzahn did not flick anything in Shorty's face. The media took care of that for him. Bama will have the advantage next year if for no other reason than home field. If AU is not prepared then we will deserve to get embarrassed like 2 years ago!
Sure is a lot of ripping Ensminger on this thread. No compassion at all for the man who did his job well while dealing with horrible personal tragedy. Stay classy y'all!
You are delusional like most of the classless Updykes who spend their lives trolling Auburn articles and message boards. Nothing you say is true it is all conjecture in your spoiled little head. 48-45 maybe you guys will get in the playoffs again someday soon but maybe you won't.
I think all the SEC and other fanbases are united in sharing sympathy for coach Ensminger and his family at this dark time. May God be with you as you move on from your loss.
Can't argue with your #1 pick. Its true AU fans/alums can't get enough of watching that play.
How many shots of Johnny Walker did you have when you wrote this crap
Ole Miss pisses away the Egg Bowl now THAT is some kinda funny! Its OK OM fans things are going to get better now with the Lane Train.. count on it!
Why would a psycho like this turd even have a GF? She must be a bigger loser than him.
Got plenty of reasons AU is relevant. Just give me a second.
lol somebody was caught drinking the kool-aid
The only people this article would speak to is the totally selfish part of the fanbase. Tua should go just to give all of them the finger.
Guess who visits The Plains next season? Uh-Oh!
Do you do a ranking every week during the season? If you do you will probably find all kinds of teams that make a big jump somewhere in the second half of season as well as early highly ranked teams that disappear. Try it sometime!
The delusion is strong with this one. lol
How is the Tide "still there" at the end? They were still there technically a few weeks before the end but not at "the end". Gimme a break!
If you think UGA wins like that you are truly delusional. Ain't gonna happen. LSU could pull off that score though.
Apparently the Orange Bowl USED to be a premium bowl, but if UGA plays Virginia (!!) in what will likely be a blowout I would say there are better bowls at least for this year.
You all are overlooking that this was a total team win for AU. All 3 phases made mistakes but yet played their hearts out; that is the only way you can beat a Saban led BAMA team full of mostly 5 stars.
"And there is Mac Jones, who proved to be so poised that nothing could rattle him" I guess Mac is so perfect he really didn't throw those 2 interceptions huh Brian?
BamaTime is posting excuses I can't respond to. When your entire roster is 5 and 4 stars it doesn't matter when youngsters have to play a lot. Get real bammers enough with stupid excuses!
They may very well have won with Tua. Who cares? Auburn doesn't!