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The people who write for SDS and a million other sites are not professionals, they are hacks who could not get a real job. Get used to more crap like what you described. Good victory over Auburn for you guys.
What is wishing thinking? Do you mean wishful thinking? Did you pass 9th grade English?
Are you still butthurt that Richt never had a season at UGA that was anything close to what Newton did at AU in 2010? Gee I am so sorry lmao
"Bama actually won the iron bowl last year." This kind of crap is why bama fans are absolutely despised by every other fan in the country.
The only people who are supposed to have credibility (i.e. non-homer journalists) who said we had Heisman candidates at QB were too lazy to take a hard look at the real situation.
I read a little bit of your editorial but it did not take long to see through your self-righteous, entitled 'big brother' crap. Save it for Harvey Updyke and your other bammer buddies.
You call getting your butts kicked "losing one we shouldn't have'? lol
There are no 'multiple media reports' you liar only the Brandon Marshmellow supposed inside hatchet job.
If UGA-LSU were a night game in Red Stick I would say the Dogs were walking into a buzzsaw; however 100% sure it will be the 2:30 CST premiere CBS game so maybe not so much a buzzsaw.
UT also played in the 2004 SECCG where they lost badly to Auburn.
I agree hat LSU is not #3 in the country but I disagree that Gus coached poorly. This loss was because of poor execution by the OL, poor play in the secondary, and lack of a pass rush. Also 2 stupid interceptions by Stidham. All of that gets you beat.
No SECCG for AU this year just being realistic. I have seen this movie before.
No you are not I don't think he is NFL ready at all.
Not gonna be a springboard this year too many problems
I don't know about LSU but AU is in for multiple losses and of course in the post-season as well
Actually Burt was in talks to appear in something called Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
some UGA homer wrote on here yesterday that you will go 12-0. Did you forget how you wet your pants over that?
The anti-AU B.S. continues at BSPN
"the Aggies have the first SEC game next week", Really? Clemson is in the SEC??