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Is Adam Spencer a closet Bulldog? I believe everyone else in the universe knows Bama won the 2012 SEC title not UGA. Facts are facts but Adam Spencer is not much into getting facts straight apparently.
Not a bama fan but your comment that bama is done winning titles is just stupid..also if UGA had to play TAM this year you would likely lose.
ok your editor is biased he is in cahoots with ESPN. Both 93 and 94 games were fantastic!
The author correctly points out that Spurrier's Gators lost only 2 conference games between '93 and '96. However there was no mention that Auburn was the team that did so. Anti-AU bias on display bigtime!
Hey its straight from Mr. Bagman must be good as gold!
Lets see how the season plays out and what shape each team is in come late November then revisit this subject.
I think we all saw that. Makes me think SDS is just like all the other so-called journalistic entities out there pretty crappy!
Not familiar with the Kick6? Then the guy is a fool and I would be a fool to listen to him.
That should be a good game. I don't recall LSU and Miami playing each other going back at least to the eighties.
Not Gator fans I guess bummed out over a losing season
LSU was in panic mode last year after losing to Troy but still went on to beat AU.
AU has had excellent running game under GUs except for when the star running back gets run into the ground. 2018 will be no different.
You don't have a hot seat coming off a 10 win season and winning the toughest division in CFB. This is really bad journalism!
How is losing by 30+ pts to an average Iowa team worthy of being called elite? This is all so subjective. That being said I am in favor of a 6 team playoff.
If all it takes to beat another team is to play them at home then those teams must not be anything special is that what you are saying Einstein?
As is always the case, the inbred Updyke nation has nothing better to do than express their AUBsession. Its like the sun rising in the morning, you can count on it 24/7
Such a typical Updyke comment. Are you AUB-sessed again? Are you worried about the Iron Bowl? Sounds like it.
Your fake name is very appropriate. WAAAHHH!!!!
Your fake name is very appropriate. WAAAHHH!!!!
When you are a fool 24/7 like Sabans' Dong you actually think your cute observations mean something. Go back to screwing your cousin.
mutts are butthurt because they have not even come close to playing for a NC in 35 years. Really sad (not)
I don't think Joe Cox watched any SEC games last year he is probably a Buckeye fan in disguise.
bammer1017 are you even old enough to be potty trained
You sound genuinely butthurt was it 28-27 or the Kick Six that has your rectum in a quandary? Maybe both? Try PrepH A-hole!
yes a bad UGA team beat a crippled AU team. Nothing for us to be proud of there. However 2017 could very well flip the script. AU fans are really sick of losing to crappy UGA teams.
Granted it had to be gratifying to beat a ranked Nebraska team but the record shook out the same as 2015 which you guys were disappointed with.