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I will deny it. Which team in last nights game totally dominated AU back in October, and which team had to score a totally improbable TD in the final minute against AU to avoid the most embarrassing loss of the Saba era?
Utah' ceiling seems to be what we saw this year: double digit wins but still 4 losses.
Vols need to learn something about defense and they will be tough to beat.
Agreed. Way too much credit for beating horrible UF and AU squads.
Ditto! This AU team is doing a nice job of helping us forget the disastrous 2021 football season.
meant to say "the only SEC winner of a then-“mythical” national title for the entire decade."
Fun fact..way back in the 1980s Georgia was the only winner of a then-"mythical" national title for the entire decade. (Before 1998 all national titles were "mythical" although a few teams like 1971 Nebraska you knew were the best team hands down). The SEC has really come a long way since then.
Enjoy the moment Dawgs. Unless you are Bama they are very rare!
I made 1980 jokes too but like the man said they are now done with. Great season Dawg fans you will cherish it forever.
Gus got to where he stunk it up in both recruiting to needs (OL especially) and offense playcalling. Every sane AU fan is glad he is gone.
So we all just imagined that AU came very close to beating bammer this year, it really never happened? (This is in repone to your asinine assertion that Bammers personnel would wipe the field with AU's based on most recent 5 years of recruiting)
Just because you say it doesn't make any of it true. Don't you have mythical title #300 to worry about?
Probation twice since the 90s. Are you related to Harvey Updyke?
Yes lets conveniently forget the Albert Means saga and lets forget Gene Jelks while we are at it, oh hypocritical one!
I could care less about seeing a rematch in the semis. I hope MI prevails over UGA (they really should) and there is no rematch period.
ND in no way shape or form belongs this year. Its Cincy by default.
Oh yea we are jealous that your fanbase (the part that was alive then) last got to hold up index fingers when Xanadu was playing in theaters. Right...
Mixed feelings about UGA getting in but, no, ND has beat 11 cupcakes and are not deserving this year.
If Bama plays like they did against Auburn its Bama that will get bounced. I don't know if they will or won't but its possible. This Bama team has been very inconsistent and you fans have been saying so since even before the Auburn game.
Why do you just assume UGag will be in the Final Four? They certainly did not look worthy today.