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How would you know Bama would win a rematch? They might just get beat worse!
Good times on the bayou. Congrats Bengal Tigers I know you have been waiting 8 years for this dream season.
Exactly. Another example of Malzahn being stubborn. Could all add up to his dismissal.
Updyke nation does more to trees than just piss on them.
Clemson? They have not beaten a single team who is ranked in the top 25. Don't keep giving them credit for last year!
No evidence KY will earn a win here. Not sure how Joe comes up with this stuff week after week. Last week it was Auburn could not run against Arky!
Great article Matt. I nominate you for SDS reporter of the year. Please keep these insights coming!
stop with the whining. You folks have been spoiled rotten so long it has made all of you insufferable. So glad I do not live in Alabama anymore!
Pretty sure Joe wrote on Sunday that Auburn did not rush well at all against Arky.
Is the 2nd string QB that bad? I only saw a little of his play against UT (thanks ESPN for the 9:00 EST kickoff!)
Sounds about right to me. One things for sure its must-see TV!
I thught Mizz is banned from the post-season? Confused here.....
I can't see Bama getting into playoffs/national title game a third time without winning the SEC west. Too much backlash would occur.
Bama 35 pt favorite over UT? Good grief I can remember when UT had a 4 year winning streak in this series. SMH!
Agreed. After 1 quarter of LSU/Miss St it will be a LSU blowout that only LSU fans will want to watch.
Agreed on both counts.
Hey Joe way to pile on Auburn for worst defensive performance. The defense did great and kept us in the game until they were gassed late. You must have bet on Auburn and lost!
Can't wait for Satan to retire and the L's start piling up again at the Crapstone.
How does getting smoked by UGA make the Vols a 'threat'? That is a laughable take.
Its easy to make stuff up on an internet message board.
Your conclusion that Oregon = Kentucky is just plain foolish. Go ahead bet the house against AU!
Everyone knows Bama D is garbage this year. The writer just lost all credibility.
no whats sad is that you escaped your moms basement and got on her PC.
Please enough of this. AU prefers to stay under the radar until at least the end of October.
I think Gus will have a good talk with his team about the 'curse' and it just might work against LSU. Not making a prediction yet since I really have not seen much of LSU games.
Against LSU in 2017 he kept playing the inside run over and over even though it wasn't working!
beat AU Saturday and you will get your respect. Act like you've been there!
If AU is so crappy how do we somehow manage to beat UF in Gainesville? Would like to see the original of your post that you wrote in crayon I am sure it is priceless.