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When is the last time the mutts won a war that really mattered? 1980?
What is a non-SEC nonconference schedule? The nonconference schedule for all teams that are not in the SEC? Who writes this garbage?
WarEagle don't act like killing two wonderful people is nothing. Are you one of the snowflakes generation?
When I was college age a friend who was driving a group of us blacked out temporarily at the wheel. He was a stoner (fortunately he grew up and put the weed away). How we were not in a major accident can only be due to God's provision.
please take your stoner philosophies to a stoner discussion board. If MJ had never been mentioned you would have a different opinion of the due punishment.
He was speeding; criminally speeding. Stop and try to imagine what the Bramlett's experienced. Can you do that?
Oh ok he wasn't high he was just an idiot its possible!
The only year UGA finished on top was the year your grandpa was born.
Willis was supposed to be the starter this year according to the SDS geniuses.
please be respectful to the deceased and at least try to get their name right!!!
I have seen speculaion to that effect. Whats your explanation Einstein did the kid go into a trance and hit 100 mph?
Always thought Jim Fyffe was the best AU announcer but got to like Rod over the years as well. God must have had bigger plans for him and his wife. Such a shame I feel bad for the family. Something has got to be done about these numbskulls who won't put their I-phones down while behind the wheel!
Rankings are all about where a team is expected to finish. You know Alabama is perennially picked in pre-season to end up playing for it all right? So Colin thinks Auburn can finish in the top 15 but yet a pre-season top 15 rank is nonsense? Colin please find another line of work your articles are stupid.
Correction Malzahn is ALREADY on a hot seat. If it is not as hot as after the 2018 IB it is likely because of Pearl's magnificent season.
Thats the best you can come up with, Updyke troll? Makes no sense unless you are delusional. Are you delusional?
No the referees decided the game by ignoring the double dribble. Try to keep up I know its hard when your team played like crap all year!
Can you put that in English so the rest of us will have some idea what you are trying to say? Thanks!
The author doesn't even mention Ty's double dribble with only seconds remaining? Please find another line of work you SUCK as a sports "journalist"!!!
All good reasons for AU nation and SEC fans everywhere to be watching closely Saturday night!