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Only retards keep repeating the same false narrative every single day. Did you really retire or (more likely) court-martialed?
did not get it done in last years IB
usually? maybe against Thuga 5 years ago but clearly that was not the case in 18. Your NC drought is affecting your judgment.
Don't go getting all confident you will beat Auburn. We destroyed you under the cowbells 2 years ago and we weren't even a great team.
It is amazing the low depths people will go when their backs are against the wall. Attack the victim!! I suppose "mom" is an OSU fanatic who can't stand the thought of coaching turmoil affecting the W-L record.
To ILOveMyDawgs: Typing out the world's longest sentence is no way to make some kind of point.
AU has won quite a few in BDS. Try to keep up...
ok dude I am calling you out. I no longer live in Alabama but you are way out of bounds with your stupid comments. Tell us what state you live in I bet I can finds hundreds of examples of racism and stupidity among your kin. I bet you won't tell though coward.
How is that 11-1 season of 2012 a setback? Your hatred of all things Florida rivals Bama fans hatred of all things Auburn
This comment as well as your previous one is ridiculous. Lay off the sauce so early.
how long since UGA won that title? 37 years? That's two genertations lol
You have had 37 years to beat AU to a national title and have failed miserably. Stick with fishing.
Author must be a MSU grad. MSU is not going to be in the running for a playoff spot.
stopped reading your dribble as soon as I saw sakerlina. Condescending = boring
Watched 2017 Iron Bowl again. Bammer looked totally inept in the 2nd half. One of the worst national champions ever!!j
I thought blacks only stiffed white servers/delivery drivers. Is this waitress black or something?
If stupidity ignorance and slothfulness could be personified it would be TIDEPIT77. Don't you have a wife/cousin to beat up?
I think bammer should claim 1957. May as well you claim every other year in history.
HAHAHA. OK chief whatever you say you cannot accept Updyke is one of yours so you claim your enemy is behind Updyke. Thanks for the laughs. HAHAHA
Updyke U is home of more fictional MNCs than any team in the country
Says the fan of the team who could never beat AU
Is Adam Spencer a closet Bulldog? I believe everyone else in the universe knows Bama won the 2012 SEC title not UGA. Facts are facts but Adam Spencer is not much into getting facts straight apparently.
Not a bama fan but your comment that bama is done winning titles is just stupid..also if UGA had to play TAM this year you would likely lose.