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Author is either drunk or bored or both. Should have left it at 2 teams. UGA has zero chance of winning 14 next year.
Says the fan of the team that always gets a pass from Emmert's NCAA on players tweets celebrating newfound prosperity ($$$$ cha-ching!) lol
Colin is butt-hurt from being called out by AU fans so many times for the nonsense he spews. He is totally predictable.
oh you have inside confirmation that he is getting paid? Sure you do lmao!
Should be good season unless you lose by double digits to Bama again what is it now 8 years running?
Can't go 39 years without a NC unless you are Georgia.
THIS guy is a head case kinda like Duke Williams. Good luck with making him hppy!m
If you got the goods and get decent coaching you can make the NFL going to either school.
As long as that scum Emmert is heading the NCAA they will continue to be corrupt. Maybe when Emmert falls off this mortal coil the organization will be credible again.
But but I thought this was greatest Bammer team of all time??
Maybe we will make the NIT this year? How exciting!
Is this guy worth getting excited about?
Please continue to spout crap out of your ugly pie hole. There are new visitors here all the time who need to see proof that you are the stupidest moron in the universe.
Clemson deserves all of the credit in the world for this championship season. Their 2019 schedule is a joke. The only preseason ranked team they play is TAM, at home. If I am a voter I drop them from #1 if they win any games by less than 10 points.
I was not aware Alabama and UGA are scheduled to play next season. Does the author have authority to pencil both of them in for the SECCG in December?
Author is a wolverine homer can't you tell
ha ha you have a crystal ball that predicts the future. Suuuure...
its ok step away from the ledge. Its not the end of the world our favorite teams get beat every now and then.
Exactly how great really was bama in 2009 considering they had to score a late TD to avoid being upset by Auburn that year? Yes they went undefeated but that doesn't make them a great team just very good.
you guys suck admit it. Expensive 5 stars sometimes don't live up to their billing.
Well this bammer homer is certainly out of his league predicting big games. Maybe he should try another line of work? Why are there no update articles on the butt whupping Dabo is putting on Nicky? SDS bammer homers all jumping out of high rise windows?
That makes you a total moron. Sucks to be you!
Are you a glutton for punishment? A masochist? Don't you have some burgers to flip?
I like your name. UCF (and its fans) really is B.S.!!