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UT still has to earn that top tier spot they owned under Majors and Fulmer.
2010, 2013, 2017 and 2018 all say hello!
"Running for his life"?? Maybe he was against florida but I did not see anything like that against Bama, Oregon and a bunch of other teams we beat.
No logic at all. Just throwing darts at a dartboard. Should be a good competitive game though.
When has louisville ever had a legit defense? Certainly not in modern times.
I tought there was a deadline for opting out had come and one? Well this certainly makes that 2nd game of the season a lot more interesting. Better turn the canned crowd noise up extra high between the hedges.
The SEC Lords handed LSU the easiest schedule in the conference in 2010 because you need all the help you can get!
You explained absolutely nothing about why the SEC will be forced to cancel. Want to retract your junk now?
I doubt these high-paid journalists are spreading negative talk just to be proven wrong. Just sayin'! It does suck though.
AU should press restitution against Updyke's estate. Sorry Bear thank your late daddy for that.
"Trump cult"? Really? Don't you belong to the liberal cult? Explain whil you take another swig of koolaid.
Anything anyone says you don't agree with is racism. Stick it where the sun don't shine nook.
If that makes you feel good about your race love of genocide against each other then have a good laugh.
Congrats NCAA for providing further proof you are a bunch of dou%%bags.
HEY SDS if you are going to shutdown comments on any article that mentions BLM or George Floyd (the ex-con), then it would make more sense to just not run the articles. Just sayin'
Lawsuits from bereaved families? They can't prove where the dude picked it up.Lawsuit fails...
Kinda curious why the comments are shutdown on the article about the woman who leaked Fromm's texts? I think I know why >wink wink< but to state the obvious will cause more millenials to cry and whine.
Very nice story about Coach Dye. Enjoyed the video of the '88 Sugar Bowl as well!
Why would anyone with a life waste their time reading this? It would take all day!
You sound especially butthurt over this. We are all a little sad basketball season got cut short but time to move on gizmo!
Not sure but I do know Thuga leads the nation in longest wait for a second national title (40 years and still waiting of course lol)