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"Seems many Bama fans have forgotten how to lose with class." That happens when you feel entitled.
"and now the team is trying to return to bowl eligibility." AU was bowl eligible last year. Is this implying they weren't?
That 93 Bama SEC West championship has a big fat * next to it (or should).
Losing season in 2021 and they are suddenly a "power"? LMAO!
Seem to recall prior to 2019 AU had won the previous 3 against UF (2006, 2007 and 2011). Sorry to spill your koolaid all over your dress!
don't forget skyrocketing crime of all kinds in demonrat-led cities.
He does well and .. he's a "dead man walking"? Maybe you have been watching too much Walking Dead??
Mason a "great defensive coach"?? Nope whatever he once had he lost. Getting smoked by Miss St the way that game went was inexcusable.
There is no Ashworth on the team just as there is no longer a Demetrius Davis on the team. This whole article+comments is not suitable for wrapping fish heads.
You must remember the days of "can't spell Citrus without UT" very fondly the last 2 decades!
Lets see this article is 3 hrs old so you would think its "timely"; however did not Demetrius Davis enter the transfer portal way back in April? So how is D.D. in the QB mix exactly??
We just added some depth from Memphis. Try to keep up!
AU has held their own with UAT but not Georgia. Georgia has kicked us up and down the field for entire too many seasons. Even when they had a lousy team (2016).
Hard to believe UT fans would crave the days of "you can't spell Citrus without UT". Butt hurt much?
Another Conner opinion piece another slam of Auburn. Yes we have some new linebackers does that mean they are hot garbage?
Harsin had you clowns overdosing on Malox for more than 3 1/2 hours last November. You better hope he doesn't show substantial improvement.
"But Nix did transfer, which makes one wonder if he thought he would be benched now that Finley has a full year under his belt as a Tiger." I guess you and maybe one other person would seriously think this??
It must officially be the off season if this qualifies as "news".
Sorry to disappoint you but, hey, you do currently have the better football program.
Well gee guess Pearl should just go ahead and pack his vacation bags no point in showing up at either Tampa or NCAA tourney. What a Debbie Downer...
Saban/Smart?Fisher those are the four right? Except isn't that just three?
Nobody here gives a #$@% about last year right now. Try to keep up!