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Wow this must be why you are hated so much.
Having a new OC in this case is a good thing!
Kansas adds nothing in football to the Big Ten brand. Wouldn’t WV be a better addition?
Kentucky the 2022 SEC East Pod champion! Has a nice ring to it...
You have it all figured out because you of course knew they were coming right?
Oh for sure let’s kick the man while he is down.
We have a very experienced WR now former #1 WR coming out of HS, UGA transfer.
B. Young could be the next Tua or the next Jeremy Johnson. He hasn't proven anything yet.
Way to much credit for just one ALLMOST BUT NOT QUITE stellar season. The writer is lazy and just writes what other national college writers are also saying.
So with 2019 Bama you are saying they were a National Title team except for a single player's injury? Disagree.. the defense was terrible. Writer is just a Bama homer!
AU went from 4-8 to 12-2 in the midst of a complete coaching change 8 years ago. Just sayin'...
There is a reason this is making national news (at least respectable conservative news sites) and it is not because Mr. Sign played football at Bama. It is because Mr. Sign pi##ed off Mr & Ms. Bill Clinton. We all know what happens to those unfortunate peeps!!
That 2013 loss still stings doesn't it
Reading the comments below it is amazing to me how hateful the Bama fans act. Its like they are kinda sensitive to this subject. LOL Lil Nick has won a lot of games for them but he won't be around a whole lot longer. Then it will be the Ray Perkins era all over.
Doesn't sound like a player we were counting on in '21.
Been hearing this national title or bust trash from UGA fans for decades now. Put up or shut up!
Every year its the same thing with these way too early rankings: they essentially rehash how the final season rankings looked. The writers never go out on a limb with a "big move" (up or down) team. It might appear that LSU fits that mold this time, but not really since in any given year LSU is a preseason Top 15.
AU has 3 undefeated seasons in the last 28 years under 3 different coaches. UGA has zero. UGA must be a minor level program.
Congrats DeVonta from a rival fan. You certainly earned this award.
Spot on! Star WRs who don't think its all about them would help as would Tank Bigsby's return in 2021.
says the guy who cannot even enjoy his teams success because he is too busy checking up on "little brother". Have you considered therapy?