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The problem I have and have always had with getting rid of small school match-ups has nothing to do with Auburn. Many of these schools would have to cut programs without their 2 big paychecks every year. It would be absolutely devastating to them.
UGA fans are always the most out of touch fan base when it comes to how good their players are. Even players that I agree are really good, UGA fans will make out to be some sort of college football gods. You're like the kid on the playground that says they have the best toy until it breaks or you lose it, then whatever toy you replace it with is the greatest toy ever.
Ehh.. Really depends on your opinion of TAMU and Auburn themselves. TAMU gets South Carolina and Clemson, Auburn gets Oregon and Florida. The home /away difference is kind of a wash as well. So the major difference is who is tougher? Auburn on the road or TAMU at Home? I've got TAMU as a top 10 power just outside of contention and us somewhere in the 8-4 (#20-25) range. That would make Auburns schedule tougher.
You know, there's a saying. Don't throw stones in a glass house. You could definitely learn something from that.
Unless something crazy happens (injury or breakout), our 4 best will be Voe, Davidson, Brown and Moultry. Garner has a history of putting our 4 best out there as much as possible, even have they have to play DT instead of DE or vice versa. Either Coe or Davidson will play a lot more inside.
Do explain to me how "Go Big Orange" when you're the Volunteers is different than "War Eagle" when we are the Tigers. Oh and your mascot is a dog, but your "Volunteers" name is referring to soldiers. Are you the Orange, the Dogs or the Volunteers? Pick a mascot so we know what to call you.
Been hearing good things about him and we lost our top 4 LB's, so he's definitely going to be in the field this year. Would be shocked if he doesn't start against Oregon.
The average household income was less than $4,000 when you're scoffing at 10's of thousands of dollars. Also, there weren't rich boosters with thousand dollar handshakes.
Otherwise people will think you seriously believe that will happen.
You're supposed to say "Bold Prediction" before saying something ridiculous.
Don't you dare compare Kodi Burns 2 years of being a mediocre college WR with zero experience to arguably the 2nd best RB in the history of our program with 7 years of NFL experience and the 2005 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award sitting in his trophy case. They're not even remotely comparable.
I was about to say, he was hired as D-Line coach, not DC.
Yeah, since all the other great recruiting classes we've had under Malzahn have done us so much good.
He hits about 1 out of every 7 receivers that have completely burned the defense. I wish I knew how many times he's thrown it 5 yards over a guy streaking down the field by himself.
Yeah, stick to UGA football. We have been throwing side to side for two reasons. Our offensive line is sub-par at best and Stidham can't hit a wide open receiver to save his life. He missed two throws from short distance to receivers standing still, that directly led to the game getting out of hand. He can't anticipate people coming open and only throws to wide receivers that are already open before he releases. He's not there yet. Not even close.
Honest Question. How is talking crap even fun for y'all anymore?
Can we not talk about Auburn's road schedule? I'm trying to enjoy this season while I can.
You have to joking. We had Kerryon. He is from my area so I was fully aware of what he was capable of doing. Where you get Whitlow is awesome is beyond me. He's better than KM, but not by much. Neither one is anything close to what we're used to having. We have talented freshmen, but they're freshman.
LSUMC, our offensive line isn't very good and I loved seeing a few dozen solo tackles on our Running Backs by Alabama State players in open space Saturday. We have our own issues that need to improve as well. First time in a long time that I've looked at our RB corps and can't find "the guy".
Yeah, it's in Auburn. The home team almost always wins that series. Only going back 17 to 2000 the home team has lost twice in the series. Both times LSU won in auburn. They also happened to be the two worst teams we've had this century. 2008 (5-7) and 2012 (3-9!). You beat those two teams by 5 points and 2 points, by the way. The other 15 YEARS, the home team always won.
I'd be chalking up 2 weeks from now as an L if it was in Baton Rouge, but it seems the home team always wins that game.
Yeah, I said a few dozen times leading up to this game that if we won, it would be on the backs of the D-Line. Our O-Line performed exactly how I thought they would. Mediocre. Run-blocking was pretty awful. I will believe we can make something of this season once I see signs of life from the run game. LSU in two weeks will tell me all I need to know.
Also, Cam had bruised ribs and didn't play worth a dern that game. So he didn't have much to do with the game he was referencing.
Are y'all ever going to get over that? I mean come on. This you spent the entire 2000's in a hole because you got busted with widespread pay-for-play and multiple boosters got banned from the program for life. They can't even find anything on Cam and here we are, 8 years later, and it's still a stick up your butt.
Auburn 2012: 3-9 Auburn 2013: 12-2, SEC Champs, 13 Seconds from a National Championship You're right about being an all-world turnaround, but if we can go from a triple digit ranking to a hair shy of winning it all, anything can definitely happen.
Neither is more official, but 247 Composite is the widely used source because it is a composite of the top recruiting services. If you look at 2 different sites, one guy might be #25 on one and #89 on another. The composite is the average.
The only reason he was a walk-on is because his dad could easily afford the tuition and he wanted to help the class by allowing them to sign one more. He was a legit 4* QB. So I don't know what being a walk-on has to with the very obvious pay-for-play state of college football. You'd have be an idiot not to realize it's happening. I personally saw Julio, who came from a very poor upbringing, cruising campus in his brand new Escalade with $3000 rims.
Even implying that it's cool to get overheated to the point of lashing physically at a coach or staff member is just ridiculous. I would not expect an attempt to rationalize this from any other fanbase. The coaches are letting him save face, but him acting like an idiot and leaving are not unrelated. Don't be ignorant.