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Did you really just put Andy Reid on that list and then follow it up with "those coaches no longer care"? He's still out there winning and when you see him coaching, you can see the passion.
You should've gotten rid of him. Defense was your weak link
I obviously want him to fail, but the fact of the matter is, being a bad head coach doesn't mean you're a bad coordinator. Doesn't matter if the offense underperforms while you're a head coach. There's so much more that goes into it
Everyone has hyped up Lawrence, but I'm not seeing it at the next level. He has the tools, but he hasn't even put them all together in college. I would take fields over him
Are you even an actual Bama fan? Lol y'all had a top 2-3 class this past year. The people leaving y'all's program leave because they won't get playing time. But if you would like, I would gladly trade coaches with you. You can have ol Gus and we'll take Nicky off your hands.
Wow it sounds like you hate Bama more than I do. And you're supposed to be a fan
It should be 100%. Too bad it won't. We just gotta stop living in fear
I sure hope we have a season. Beating Bama again will salvage 2020 for me. WDE!
I still think we will have a season. There's too much money involved not to