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Why can't we honor both? Why must it be one or the other. That sure is a very narrow view and very small minded. Having one of my degrees from U of SC, I am proud that one of my schools is shining a bright light on mental health issues and that other schools are following along. That's not just college athletes that it shines the light on, but ALL people who need mental health support. You must not see because you are so short sighted.
He does live here in Auburn but he is in fact a Bama fan.
Man, I already saw most of these. The JJ QB one was funny, but the rest were kind of tired. I was hoping to see some new ones. I mean our season was worse than stinky, it was . . . . blah, boring, and disappointing. There are so many funny memes that could be made of that, come on.
Except you came onto an Auburn SDS site to make a negative comment about the last Iron Bowl played in Auburn (you do know we alternate every year, right) so we were celebrating that last game here with a little ribbing, and you had to make a slam at Auburn. So yeah, chapped ass duly noted. Have a good night as well. Congrats on y'all's win.
You needing some ointment for that chaffing? Sounds like it's really raw.
That's our hype video? Sorry, but that was very weak.
Not a dorm, that's Haley Center. Was our largest (and ugliest) building on campus, for many years. It still is the ugliest. It has offices, classrooms, and the University Bookstore in it. Spent many an hour in classes there. Funny all the same though.
Now I think that's a little severe, calling him a pompous scumbag when all he did was something stupid like tack up a rival's banner in another team's stadium. It's not like he 1) threatened that he purposely did nonprofessional work on the stadium that who make people fearful to sit in their own Panther stadium in the name of GB, by writing 'Go, Pack, Go' on his Facebook page after admitting his misdeed, 2) face raped a Panther fan while he was passed out drunk at a Krystals while other Packer fans, reppeatedly yelled, 'Go, Pack, Go!', 3) shot a fellow GB fan to death because he wasn't upset enough about the loss, 4) poisoned some landscape around the stadium because he was mad about Cam, 5) stabbed some Panther fans while walking through their neighborhood and then paid a mentally retarded man to take the blame, or 6) rape a horse, because that would be more then scumbaggy and well, just downright the type of behavior the rest of the country sees and would say, there's a GB fan for ya, and they wonder why they're hated so. Stupid yes, but pompous and scumbaggy no, besides, Cam educated him by taking it down before the GB fan looked to pompous or sumbaggy so that fan won't get a lifetime ban from the Panther Stadium. You're welcome, Mr. Sidewalker.
That's supposed to read 'more than willing to BET you'. Wouldn't want anyone freaking out about that extra letter, I accidentally typed.
What are you talking about, twalby? Please supply the evidence you claim where we AU fans have POST a sign up PRIOR to a game in a rival team's stadium, such as this fool did in a PRO game. You're just posting drivel, because you hate Auburn. You're post has absolutely nothing to do with the story. I would love to see the look on your face and what you would do if Auburn posted a sign in BDS prior to an Iron Bowl. I'm more than willing to beat you it would get torn down, and probably pooped on, then set ablaze, but not before Brian Dowling had a chance to violate it and Harvey poisoned it.
I hit a nerve, ebay, and I wasn't even aiming for you? Thanks for the laugh this evening. That's precious, man.
This is a message board, why do I need to prove anything to you? I have a bachelors from Auburn, and a masters from USC that I earned in one year. Only my licensure agency, clients, and my employer should care. Are you a client? Maybe so, if that's the case then you need only to look on my wall above my desk to get that craving satiated otherwise, get a life, please, because it is apparent that you have completely missed the point of my post.
Yeah, that was more a targeting call than many I have seen that stood. Geez!
Ya, um, she was 14 when I met her. That was 9 years ago. I'm a professional who actually has degrees and stuff that also has 20+ years of experience. And yes, my professional opinion (which I usually charge a lot for, and since you're 'not buying it' I will gift you with for free) is that you're dumb, and need to stop your side walking ways, bammer.
Yeah, well considering that I provided counseling services to a 14 year old girl in the juvenile justice system who was a Katrina survivor, let me be more than happy to educate you on that 'political correctness' crap you're trying to force feed us. I asked her mom if she knew what all her daughter had endured while locked in the attic of her ex-husband's house in NO, because he initially thought they could 'ride it out' while she was visiting him, then the levies broke. She said the only thing she could ever get out of either of them, that was a real breaking point that may have damaged this former cheerleader, choir member, and honor society student to using drugs, skipping school, and running away repeatedly, was 'it was when my best friend floated by.' But, hey, PTSD is a political correctness lie, right. Yeah, funny banner. People's pain and trauma is always good to make fun of, . . . . to a side walk bammer.
heny78, we haven't played Bama yet. Keep up and learn something at college football please. We got trounced by LSU, you football virgin.
No doubt, Auburn stinks this year, but our schedule definitely trumps 'oh how i hate's. Even JSU, no excuse, is tougher than the bulk of your opponents because JSU is made up of former/cut SEC players. Again, AU stinks, but we play a tougher schedule by far than you guys.
should say 'concerned' not coerned.
Hmmm, Bama fans sure are AUBsessed. Do they know that they play Ole Miss today? They need to be coerned with that, rather than fretting about us. Say, isn't that what they always say about us? Huh, that can't be so. Certainly this is a sign of the apocalypse or something, because bmmers always say we're focused on them and they are focused on championships -n- stuff, otherwise that would make them, uh, well, LIARS.
Keep telling yourself that (head pat), if it helps you sleep at night.
According to Rashaad Eveans and Rueben Foster, bama pays better.
Poor Meg, your hurt feelings and lack of ability to conceptualize the message are noted. I didn't say a thing about my education until auck beat his chest about his imaginary education, but you chose to focus only on my response. There, there, 'head pat'. Do you feel better now? I'm glad you got through elementary school, Meg to the point that you can proof read my post directed to an actual arrogant poster, however I'm sorry that you weren't able to look at anyone else's posts to see where the response came from to begin with. That does make me sad for you. Did you get too tired, or was it just too much reading for one day? Thanks for pointing out the splinter in my eye, can I take a moment to share with you that you have a huge plank in yours?
SirBigSpur, I got my Masters at USC, so I do love the Gamecocks, but no, it is most definitely not the best gameday atmosphere in the SEC, The tailgate area stunk. Everywhere else, it's all over campus, not fairgrounds.
Weagle, no way Auck is a 'optical physicist' because there is too much computer knowledge needed. This coming from a family of Auburn educated rocket scientists aka aerospace engineers who also know a lot about lasers. They're on computers all day long. It goes with the job. You called Auck out for the insecure side walk bammer that he/she is, so he/she made it up. Auck doesn't even seem to know that AU is an engineering school, so Auck didn't think we'd know better. But even you and I, who don't use lasers in our jobs, know a liar when we see one.
Wow, laying it on really thick. Okay so if I believed you, which I don't, I should believe that a physicist could graduate from any school, let alone University of Chicago, and be so computer illiterate. Since you want to pound your chest, let me tell you first, no one in my family, including me, has less than a Masters degree, Secondly, my uncle who was a professor at the University of Chicago prior to his retirement and now his untimely death to cancer, would be rolling in his grave to think you slipped through. I say this because it didn't take my bachelors or master's degrees for me to smell that you are full of it. So hate Auburn all you like, but according to your standards seen here, they are much more selective then you think.
Awe, somebody's feelings got hurt /\ Now hurry up with those large fries and get ready for next years exercise day, neck.
Silly bammers, always will be the second best academic school in the state and now we have proof as to why.
Um, yeah, bammer, wrong thread. Can I have a large fries with that, please?
They will definitely be on there, especially Harper Lee with her second book coming out, but I'm thinking Tim Cook will most likely be #1.