I'm a proud Birmingham native and Auburn family member since birth. Married to my best friend, one of the good guys in blue. Avid sports fan/follower, especially NCAAF, NFL & NCAAB. Don't dish out anything to me that you can't handle getting back. I believe in Auburn and love it, WDE.

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Coachless? Did you miss something? Not check the news/facts before you posted?
And y'all gave Mike Shula 3 years too long (the third Mike at that). Long-term memory problems?
The title refers to the BEST games, which would mean actually interesting games and also games that were part of legendary seasons, e.g. 2004.
Well 2000-2013 constitutes more than a decade but definitely falls within the 21st century so....
You seem to be forgetting Tuberville on your list of SEC Sugar Bowl coaches
You're somewhat of an idiot huh? Firstly, the Gus Bus jokes are about as stale as calling Cam "Scam". Secondly, the joke makes no sense given that Malzahn just won the game. Your trolling makes you about as big a loser as whoever is behind this asinine act.
A player can't verbally disrespect an official like that multiple times. If that were allowed to happen, a game would get out of control because the officials would be walked all over by the players. Norman wasn't ejected because he wasn't disrespectful to the officials. He talks trash to opposing players; some are mentally strong enough to handle it and some clearly are not.
Yes but he's a senior anyway so the action doesn't really mean much.....I see it as the public equivalent of a slap on the wrist & just something to try & save face for Memphis.
Well at least you'll have SOMETHING to show to your kids one day
Y'all do realize Tashawn Manning is currently fighting cancer & will not be enrolling early let alone up for playing time.
Um has anyone from this website ever been to Tuscalooser?!? Outside of the campus, that place is a crap hole & that's putting a positive spin on it. They certainly haven't been to Auburn which is consistently ranked one of the best places to live in the country, period; the same can be said for Oxford. Maybe this article was published to stir up controversy....
Wait wait're saying this as a Texas A&M fan? Hahahahahaha....Auburn's 6-6 team smoked y'all this season so I wouldn't be talking about irrelevance. I'd suggest you keep your trap shut until your team earns its spot in the SEC West
But you'd want your college student to emulate Lane Kiffin?? Please. And Saban himself has been caught countless times shouting obscenities not to mention his constant tirades up and down the sideline that many times spill over onto the actual field.
Wait, what? Little man syndrome, Muschamp? Isn't your head coach Saban? Lol....only way he gets attention is when he jumps up and down the sideline like the little troll he is. That late hit wasn't even flagged until the ref hit the Bammer sideline. Satan is constantly in ref's ears, please
It's high time Bammers removed the sticks out of your butts that Cam so eloquently twisted in there, leading the largest Iron Bowl comeback ever, after the classless music display over the Tuscalooser PA system pregame
No he will have a comfy seat waiting to take the stage to accept his NFL MVP award. Cam doesn't give two sh**s what Bama is doing. If your definition of low class trash is coming back to earn his degree while also volunteering with kids in Auburn, making kids with cancer's dreams come true, feeding kids on thanksgiving, etc etc, then ok sure.
So, if people constantly berated you for something that simply isn't true, you'd just walk away right? Because if you said anything, you'd be guilty? Makes sense.
Oh you mean the #55 who was held Ll game, pointed out by several sports writers? That can help Coker have more time in the pocket
Shouldn't you be concentrating on spelling correctly when you're trying to throw a diss? Pretty sad
Surely this cannot be a real person, at least that's what I would believe if I lived in any other state. You sound like a severely disturbed person who needs some intense mental counseling. Your breed needs to die out with all of your venomous spewing toward innocent people, usually done so behind the safety of your keyboard at your mom's house.
I think everyone will say thank you for that. That guy is atrocious.
I'd say two better submissions to America's Funniest Home Videos would be UGA vs UA and UGA vs UF, or even the UGA offense against Mizzou. Take your pick
You are a sick human being. Karma is a b****
Firstly, If you're going to trash talk Auburn, at least use actual words, i.e. disloyal not "unloyal". Secondly, the Auburn fan base is known as one of the most hospitable across the country whereas UGA fans & players are known for dirty deeds, e.g. rushing the field vs UF, emptying the bench against AU, throwing glass bottles on Bama players, etc. Most Auburn fans I know are not disloyal, those are the fringe fans such as with every fan base. The main reason UGA fans have been "loyal" to Richt is because they know that without him, they'll slip from a "what should have been" team to a "never will be" team. WAR DAMN EAGLE
^^^You're just still bitter b/c Saban was outcoached on that play the he threw a fit to have. As far as this debate, I understand the difference between a tie game and a definite loss for MSU. However, you alluded to MSU as UM's little brother; the same can be said for Auburn. That game single handedly decided the winner of the best division in college football that particular year. And it was the result of a "high school" coach out smarting the great Nicky and the pure skill of Chris Davis. The botched punt for UM and the resulting MSU score was in no way planned. Miraculous, but not schemed. Really, the ending to that MSU game would compare better with the Auburn vs UGA game ending, also from 2013. UGA had won that game. That tipped ball caught by Ricardo Louis in stride was an absolute, improbable miracle. Winning that game kept Auburn in the chase for the SEC West.
Go figure, the negative comments on this Auburn article are from a Bammer, a still bitter UGA troll, and a fan from some other school. If y'all weren't perusing an article about a former Auburn player's message to the Auburn family, then your small minds wouldn't have to deal with Duke's grammatical "offenses". Bulldawgblood, maybe you should take a page out of your HC's book, the man whom so many of you preach about, and learn that every human being deserves forgiveness regardless of his shortcomings as perceived by you. Contrary to your apparent belief, you are NOT God and it's pretty pompous of you to judge a fellow man when none of us has that right. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.
Sounds like a desperate MSU fan grasping at straws. DUDE, that still won't make Miss St relevant for any substantial amount of time.
Yes you would know. Duke, however is a college age kid who has made some mistakes and hopefully has now gotten the wake-up call he needed. This apology, regardless of how it's written, seems to be a good first step in the right direction.