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Typical hypocritical UAT fans, always commenting about other teams and players but get testy when other fans point out UATs many flaws. Lol.
Love how AU lives rent free in your head continuously.
Oats allowed Brandon Killer to keep playing yet kicks this one off so he can try to look good. Hypocrite much UAT? Best team in Turd history yet couldn’t get past sweet 16. LOL!
And we care what EARS says? Moron made a fortune getting other morons to call in on his talk show; he’s the Jerry Springer of the SEC.
Glad to see SEC officials in all sports continue to be horrible. Seriously , when will the madness end?
He’s a heck of a shooter for sure! Course he’ll miss all the killer coddling he got while in T-town.
Wow! The Bama homers certainly don’t want to hear ANY criticism. And they’re always the first to start chirping about any other team. Evidently they love dishing it out but certainly can’t take it. Just more evidence of the hypocritical UAT culture. This is why everyone outside of the 205 despises them.
$aban commenting about buying players is hypocritical. UAT has been buying players for years. New cars, jobs and houses for their families and girlfriends, “donations” to their high schools, the T-town menswear scandal, paying family members to basically kidnap other schools commitments and pressure them into switching, etc. The fawning Alabama press and their NCAA buddies have always looked the other way. Reminds me of the movie The Untouchables and how Chicago police and media treated Al Capone and the mob. I hate NIL but at least the field is somewhat leveled.
Isn’t Young’s official height 5’9”? If so he’s smaller than all the above. Also, he will get called for intentional grounding in the NFL unlike the SEC.
It was an appropriate ending to a tainted season for Brandon Killer and the Criminal Tide.
Karma is real. Oats should’ve been game planning instead of defending Brandon Killer.
“There’s no such thing as being in the wrong place at the wrong time but I’m going to go honor Brandon Killer and the Criminal Tide”. The false idol of the delusional UAT nation being the ultimate hypocrite.
Brandon Killer and the Criminal Tide, a national pariah, defended of all wrong doing by the Gump cult. Only the rest of the nation is ashamed of them. A tainted recognition if there was ever one.
SEC has gotten stronger so tougher to win now. KState hit a flurry of 3’s near the end to take the lead and ultimately win. Cali is a good coach and great recruiter. UK will always be very good if not great and this is coming from an AU alum.
Sure, Brandon Killer didn’t get charged. What do you expect from the Alabama legal system that is filled with Criminal Tide fans and alums? Anyone else would be in jail. Bama fans are delusional and hypocritical.
No argument with this story. UAT has a bunch of dangerous shooters, no question. Brandon Killer leading the pack for the Criminal Tide.
It is a tainted season for Brandon Killer and the Criminal Tide. They will lie, steal, and cheat to win, and now they’ve proven they will also murder. And be proud of it. This is why the nation as a whole despises Bama. It’s not the falsely claimed titles, it’s the delusional, hypocritical fan base and dirty administration. fan base.
Brandon Killer should spend life in prison and the Criminal Tide’s tainted season will live in infamy.
What’s amazing is Brandon Killer and the Criminal Tide are literally getting away with murder and the SEC and NCAA just look the other way.
Not a good look for the Hogs. Meanwhile an accomplice to murder continues to play for Alabama and most of the national media looks the other way.
UAT’s new motto , “ We don’t just kill your trees” to go along with “Where murderers are made”. The saddest thing about all of this is how their fan base is proud of it. A tainted team.
Yep, Brandon Killer and the Criminal Tide are shooters.
He’ll be another Bama NFL bust. NFL refs will throw the intentional grounding flags and not pick them up like the SEC refs did for him.
This and the Miller situation are apples and oranges. This was an accident, even if they were racing, while Miller knowingly brought a weapon to a murder. What’s ironic is that there’s an arrest warrant out for this and Miller continues to play without repercussions and even mock the death of the woman (pat down pre game ). Home cooking for Bama no longer just applies to SEC referees, now it infiltrates the justice system. UGA is doing the right things to address this; not so for UAT. Anyone arguing to the contrary refuses to take off their crimson blinders.
^^This! It’s one thing to like and follow a sports team. Another to condone an accomplice to murder. Miller may get off due to a fork tongued lawyer but the girls family will sue in civil court and he will be paying for years. Worst yet that Alabama is actually proud of this guy. So sad to see so many people invest their entire self worth in a sports team.
A tainted championship by a shameful team. An embarrassment to the state and the SEC. Yet their fans are so proud of their murderer and idolize him