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Much better offensive talent coming back at Auburn, everything but the QB..
Of course, bammer is little brother in basketball Dumb Azz..
Clemson has one of the best nutritional facilities in the country...Mcdonald's?!..SMH at u dumbass appologists..
If he gets his degree, that's more than 99.9% of bammer fans can say.troll POS.Go Clemson!
ND has a legit D no matter what u,Darvbammertard says.Much better than the wet paper bag bammer played in the last game.Clemson's even better.
Dumb..It's not even the best bama team.That would be '11.Best college team all time is still '01 Miami.
Good win, although Kentucky doesn't really become Kentucky until Sec tournament time..
To go back to your alma mater with a promotion?..
They just played hard and executed.Better hope the gayturds do that tomorrow so you dont look like an idiot..
Why u so mad brah?your sister tell you she has a headache again?
You'd call yourself a "inbred gump",pulling for bammer..Glad to help/correct..#themoreyouknow ;-)
Tigers aren't yellow & wtf has Mizzou done...EVER?
Not really, he's unfortunately got another year no matter what. If next he doesn't win, he gone..
He retired before the season started wtf are you talking about?
Yes, they're garbage & have not won a NC in almost 40 years..BUT! Saying those 2 gumpneck words as an Auburn fan?!?
How many games u gonna pull that with DA?
I NEVER root for bama, But it's going to be enjoyable watching them destroy your wannabe team in the CG...paybacks a bit$% btw..
He's talking about the GA/FL record I think.AU/GA is almost even,& has 20 more or so games played.
Dumb, as a Fins fan I can tell you. Drake is NOT an every down back.He's great in open space, but dances too much.Gore is the better runner between tackles(he's the 4th all time leading rusher retards!). Idiot Twitter morons...
Auburn had one week to prepare for Tenn & Auburn's not playing that good right now...what's your point?
Well it definitely is not GA's either, who got owned in Baton Rouge...