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Absolutely, me too Sat! Although, I think as Auburn fans, we automatically undervalue. BP is the best coach in the SEC without a doubt! We're taking the sec best bball title away!
Auburn WAS a final 4 team only a couple years ago also(got robbed)
Why are you bagging on it tho? Auburn beat a #15 seed & covered.The only thing being "worked up" is your DA hate.
TIDEPIT77...LMFFAO!!! People like YOU! Are the reason,most consider bammer the worst fansbase...
C'mon dawg, wtf are u talking about... He's got a natty, multi elite 8's & 4's. KY'S in the NC discussion EVERY year... Strange comment..
I Like the pick's, except I think Duke pulls one out for the "Kipper". Only big disagreement is you discounting depth. Are u crazy man? Ur 6 man Baylor rotation is seriously at a foul disadvantage vs teams that rotate 8-9. Hell, Auburn rotates 10.
Yeah...when u have 30 games, that's not a thing.. Plus there's no real home court for the big teams in the tourney.
Believe it or not, SEC arena's are hard places to play in.Without a doubt in my mind, Auburn would beat Tenn by close to double digits in the Jungle.
Dumb, the Ark game was OT. Auburn's in every game. Last second shots could have reversed every loss except Tenn...
Anderson is bama's best defensive player since Derrick Thomas IMO. Thomas & Lawrence Taylor were the best pass rushers ever. So sad that such a great one got his life cut short..RIP.
But your "concerns" about Auburn are overblown & ridiculous. Auburn lost their 1st game in regulation by 1 point...the other 2 loses in OT.Auburn will always be there endgame & have experience.
Freeze is making 4 mill a year. He'd make at least 5-6 million at Auburn. Wtf are u talking about?
Basketball has a true tournament. Much harder to win. Your snub try is a fail.
Not to mention told the refs to not drop the facemask penalty...
Ur Someone who obviously doesn't understand how things work azz...smh & lol
He's also had a couple 6'6 300+ Dlinemen come in, which might have told those transfers they don't have a job. The tahd have had several talented players portal also. Seriously stop trying to create ur own BS bammer reality... Saban's got 2-3 years max, after that bammer's not at top anymore...
Saban's NFL experience ruined my Dolphins for years.. that guy
Foots, most of us are not "down" on football. Hell, we were one play away & should have won the Iron Bowl. The Georgia game was the only game we were decidedly beat in. are u talking about? Auburn won a NC in '10. Chizik was fired AFTER the '12 season..
Wolfman, agree. But you know,Conner is the biggest blowhard on this site. Instead of just reporting reality, he's constantly hyping & hyperboling..
What is this bama & georgia thing? Changing of the guard is coming soon. Saban's only got a couple more years & the portal, NIL will change the dynamics to win.
Yep, Auburn's "accidentally" been one of the best second half teams in the country. Whatever makes u feel better cats64...smh...
No anointing, but Kentucky's about to get it handed to them tomorrow. Auburn Arena is just like Jordan Hare, Toughest places to play in the country! WDE!
Auburn will be successful in basketball & football, while Arkansas will languish in obscurity...enjoy!
Don't forget, we DO have one unbeaten season every decade too.(2010,2004,1993)
This show's how much ur opinion matters...
U doubt Auburn beating Penn St in JH...? Even after bammer lucked out & won, u "doubt" that Penn St loses?!? LMAO! Just cant take those crimson glasses off huh. Geeze...
7 is the Ceiling? Wow, u really don't pay much attention do u...