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Talent usually wins regularly & Auburn has plenty...
UsmcDawg, you do know the EARLY signing day is still almost 5 months away...smh..
RX, have you followed college football only since Saban been at bama? That train's ending in the next few years. Sorry bammers ya boy ain't coaching in his 80s...
You've never heard of Phil Steele's pre season mag?...Really??
Low 4.2.... Do you even know the fastest NFL combine???
LSUSMC, UGA will definitely "seriously" be in the playoff hunt,unlike LSU..
Oh.. the irony here... Bammers supporting former AU coach Tubbs's dumbass anti free market viewpoints..
More like 3a & 3b. Auburn & Kentucky are rising back to the top after a 1 year hiatus.
Ok, so it's ur troll accnt apparently Tide. I could give a crap less about your politics either. Although, it gives a pretty good picture of u.
He was a top choice, so glad you were involved with the selection process..smh...
Why do u call yourself WarEagle when you're a chump Auburn hating troll? No one cares about your fake ,pathetic opinion.
I don't think any Auburn fan is expecting a turnaround like in '13. Although, Auburn has the talent.With proper coaching, to beat anyone on the schedule.
Mizzou fell apart in the 4th? Wtf kind of revisionist history is that? Auburn's rushing offense absolutely ran over Mizz the whole game..
Auburn's going to be really good. Pearl getting an influx of talent?...unfair & final 4 bound!
Zakoby is a beast! BS he got left off all sec team!
Everyone forgets about Waddle. Tyreek Hill clone, with insane speed & return game! Just the playmaker my Fins need to be a contender!
Georgia's had Auburn's # lately, but expecting an easy win coming into a packed Jordan Hare?..Good luck..
9mm...really? Making the final four 6 times vs bamas best ONE elite 8 appearance? LMAO, u trippin...
Oh, you're settling for SEC championships as the goal now? LOL, love how u bammers change the narrative. BTW, making 6 final fours is WAY more impressive than bama's 1 elite 8 & SEC championships...
Pop, not sure what u were watching. Bama got outplayed for most of the game.FT's are situational & only "lose" u the game if you're up huge & can't make them to close it out. If UCLA could have hit the broadside of a barn the 1st 10 mins of the 2nd half it would have been a blowout.
Yeah, you really look like a DA being Georgia's team didn't come close to making the tourney. When bama loses in the tourney, I'm not going to rub it in.
That was a Krystal's, smh. Bet u we're the one that did it..
edit, I'll take your idiotic Saban retiring bet. Seriously, you're wishing right now more than accepting reality, about 70+ year old college coaches...NAME THEM..
Only if bama wins the tournament would it be a "historically dominant" year.SMDH.. Florida got both Natty's in '06, WTF are u talking about?
There's no splitting hair's. LSU's 15 win season was the best SEC FB season EVER.