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& Aaron never will. Can't make the consistent NFL throws & is small/injury prone..
So Georgia's D will be improved as the season wears on but AU's QB won't?..gotcha..
Why u made brah? THUGA agreed to it..
Yep, and Auburn's going to win in BR too...Been way too long..
Well... there was that 2013 SEC champ team that was seconds away from a NC...
No way Auburn goes 6-6 with the experience on the line of scrimmage on O & D. Should be Auburn's most talented team under Gus. As long as QB play is adequate 8-9 wins is the floor.
Top 3 are right but after that, it just goes to hell..
LMAO at Suck State fan, your opinion is irrelevant.
No, they didn't. Stop trying to sell your "partisan" self that a NC winner is happy with cold fast food...
No, the majority of the lure of Alabama IS Saban. They were bottom half of SEC after Stallings left until Saban.
Can't see Leach making a lateral or downward move. He's good enough for a top 25 job.
Eventually Auburn will win in BR. Maybe even this year because fans like you dont even include it as a possibility..
Yep, the author has no clue what he is talking about. Five returning senior starters is rebuilding? Hack city...
Not sold he will be starting QB. Bo Nix is going to be special.
Yeah, you're stupid.Why wouldn't you want a 2 time NC coach?
Or maybe he takes a NFL job and is successful.Jimmy Johnson & Pete Carroll proved you can be a champion in both. Not gonna give Switzer cred for his tho, won with Jimmy's players!
Maybe because they DEVELOP talent? Time will tell, but they keep improving every year.
I get the police, which is what started the whole thing with Kaep.Not sure what you're talking about with the military.. Whatever fits ur agenda tho..
Apples to oranges playing in Death Valley with LSU. If you lose the NC game by 4 TDs to an undefeated team, YES they were better than you...
C'mon man! The Kick 6 is without a doubt a top 5 moment in college football HISTORY! And you got it #3 this decade? !Wrong
You do know that ole Miss is on probation for PAYING PLAYERS!!!! WTF are you talking about? ignorant DA..
Most would have said the same about LSU to start last year. It's a different year, they have returning QB, underestimate at ur peril.
Imiss. Not saying he's elite but Gus has 2 SECCG appearances with one SEC championship & 13 seconds away from a NC. To put him at 8 is asinine...
And yet the flea bags still haven't won the big one in almost 40 years..smh.