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Why is it hard to understand that he's graduated and fulfilled his end of the bargain? God,you're a dense moron, there's a reason why they're changing this pretty bs where the school can block transfer..yet you're defending it..
Auburn's going to have the best D they've had in at least a decade, and RB has never been a concern at AU.
Stop being dumb Army.Betting happens whether it's legal or not.
Being completely honest, the REC wasn't around in the Bear's day to give all those incentive$ to recruits..
Auburn had nothing to play for, UCF had everything. Motivation is huge, and would have been a different result if it was playoffs.
Good on you for a show of class, even tho it's hard to see all that talent go to other places.
No way bama was winning the Iron bowl last year, I don't care if Tom Brady was quarterbacking.
He was the "best available", but was not a need.Strongside LB was #1 need, although i think if Cards had not traded up, Fins would have drafted Rosen. probably think Thugas getting OP too...blew your load last year flea bags!
Defense was Chizik's strength too, it's a lot different when ur the Head coach.
Wow ur an idiot, Auburn dominated THUGA in basketball which is what this article is about..enjoy that 1st NC in almost 40 years...oh yeah..THAT DIDNT HAPPEN!
I can say a huge wrong in the US, is that you can LEGALY buy something in one state and face criminal charges for sale in another.
STOP, in a year that EVERYONE says there's no one dominant team, you yahoos go All Villanova...You're bad enough at predicting football, so why are u even trying this?
Quarterfinals are Friday, Semis are Saturday...sheesh..
Sexton's gone, maybe others.Bama's not building...
Yep THUGA won't be doing any dancing this year.Can't wait to find out how much was paid to beat out bama in FB recruiting too..
Were you drunk when you wrote this nonsensical drivel?!..The SEC is THE best it's ever been with a possible 7-8 teams in the tourney..
LMAO...really?Your team sucks worse at football than it does at bball.At least you have a chance in the bball tourney, Zou's got no chance in FB...
Also could miss out on the tourney, next 2 games are @KY and @AU.No way in hell is bama winning in Auburn.The Iron bowl presentation is at halftime too...
4 seeds dont get beat by 30 points at home by middle of the pack SEC teams...
ESPN must not have updated their ranking..Seriously bro, u really think UF's a FOUR seed right now?
Yeah, don't quite get the "patent" on this lol.
TOUGH remaining schedule.They're definitely not winning in Auburn..
Nice to see a Georgia fan not be a douchebag hater..