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9mm...really? Making the final four 6 times vs bamas best ONE elite 8 appearance? LMAO, u trippin...
Oh, you're settling for SEC championships as the goal now? LOL, love how u bammers change the narrative. BTW, making 6 final fours is WAY more impressive than bama's 1 elite 8 & SEC championships...
Pop, not sure what u were watching. Bama got outplayed for most of the game.FT's are situational & only "lose" u the game if you're up huge & can't make them to close it out. If UCLA could have hit the broadside of a barn the 1st 10 mins of the 2nd half it would have been a blowout.
Yeah, you really look like a DA being Georgia's team didn't come close to making the tourney. When bama loses in the tourney, I'm not going to rub it in.
That was a Krystal's, smh. Bet u we're the one that did it..
edit, I'll take your idiotic Saban retiring bet. Seriously, you're wishing right now more than accepting reality, about 70+ year old college coaches...NAME THEM..
Only if bama wins the tournament would it be a "historically dominant" year.SMDH.. Florida got both Natty's in '06, WTF are u talking about?
There's no splitting hair's. LSU's 15 win season was the best SEC FB season EVER.
You're a prime example of inflammatory, insulting rhetoric with no substance. Basically what Charles is talking about.
Auburn's not Arkansas. Auburn's expected to compete for championships. We've had an undefeated season in each of the last 3 decades.
Connor should run for political office, being he's the King of fake news misinformation. Elijah Canion is 6'4 213...smh
Vive, yep way more people watched & cared about it too. Dumb joke/comment.
Dolphins are definitely NOT sure about Tua & if we can get Watson without giving the kitchen sink that's the play.
How many great NFL QB's were 5 * can't miss prospects vs how many 5 * can't miss prospects failed?.. yeah..
I'm the last one to defend anything bama, but if u think LSU having more players in the SB means ANYTHING?..They've had more NCs in the past decade than LSU's had alltime & Saban owns one of yours too...
Nobody cares about you either Usmcdawg.Keep your dumbA, ignorant opinion to yourself if u don't watch it. Also, try to have an original thought...
You REALLY think Mahomes shouldnt have won it?! C'mon man!!
Only 1/3 of the way through. Things can turn quickly with so many teams freshman reliant,IE the best teams at the end of the year are often not the same ones that are good early...
Slow down there young padawan, I know u bammers are not used to anything but mediocrity at bball. Your team is experienced & at it's best. The second half of the season is where the young talent starts to gel & you'll wonder wtf happened to my good team at bama?
SMDH, WRONG! If Tenn would have won SECCG in '01 they would have gotten their teeth kicked in by Miami NOT Nebraska..C'MON MAN! Mistakes are excused, but when it pertains to probably the most talented team EVER..notsomuch.
Head & shoulders? Miami '01 is the best EVER still.
One of these dumbass writers actually put LSU ahead of Auburn after reg season even though AU ended with a better record & beat LSU by 4 touchdowns...smh.
bamalife, NO team had spring or summer wtf are u talking about?!
Or the same as Florida since '96.With many less SEC championships than the gators. See how u can slant arbitrary stats?
Smith & Chase are the 2 top WR's by far. Waddle better be combine ready or you're right his stock will suffer.
LSU 19 > bama 20..recency bias is hilarious & bama fans always think their current"whatever position or team" is the greatest ever...smh. Smith's not even the best WR in bama history, Julio was. He just didn't have a offense to prove it.
If all things are equal take the better QB. Burrows>> Jones. Jones is good, but he's not even top a top 5 pick at QB much less overall. Burrows was #1 overall..
Sorry booches, that '01 Miami team is #1 alltime without a doubt.Hell Frank Gore's still playing!