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Pretty sure they know Auburn's won 2 SEC titles(been to 3 SECCG) 1 NC, 1 runner up NC in the past 8 years.WTF has Cowbell U done Mike?
Not Stidham at all tho, he's got no chance, right gump?
Saban's bama will be Saban's bama.Sorry to bust your bubble.He has accumulated too much talent & has his system perfected too long to not be a NC favorite.Not to mention the cupcake schedule.The Iron Bowl's probably the only game where they aren't double digit favorites TY..
3rd in the west won't put much pressure on, as long as Auburn's competitive.Which with the expected defense, should be every game. In the end, AU will go as far as the online takes them.Good to have JB Grimes back to coach that up.
Your recruits are rarely ranked in either, so what do you know..
Nix to Pickens is gonna be something special to watch in the years to come.Just need to add a solid RB & OT in this class to put the finishing touches on it!
No, Auburn can lose at GA and still get a rematch(Worked the reverse way last year). If Auburn loses to bama, game over(Only bammer gets that non-champ mulligan in the SEC)...
Yeah, It's been tough for Auburn to "settle" for SEC offensive player of the year & 9 straight 1000 yard rushers..smh at that dumb comment
Well since bama has only 1 undefeated season( 2 UD reg season) in 10 years 10% is right on.
Clemson needs Lawerence to win the starting job, Bryant's not a good enough passer to take pressure off the run game.That will cost them against elite Ds, as it did last year against bama.
Jordan's such a tool, living off his bros fame.
To all the Ga fans thinking RB is a great weakness af AU...
Michigan might be dangerous, with Shea coming in & a solid D.
Badgers might be able to play with the upper SEC teams for a half, but they're too one dimensional.Gotta have a elite QB to beat bama.
Not concerned about the RB position.Auburn's had 9 straight 1000 yard rushers.The last time AU had questions about RB, a little known fullback named Kam Pettway came in and ran roughshod over SEC D's.The run game is going to be there. You are correct about the oline being a concern tho, pass blocking especially.The talent's there & the coaching is too,now that JB Grimes is back.Going to be interesting to watch how it unfolds.
He'll definitely beef up, he hasn't even started his junior season for chrissakes..
Inaccurate and dumb...Guess all it takes to get an article about u is say false and impossible things..
Don't sleep on Deshaun Davis.Should have a monster year with the DL beasts in front of him.
Barely third? Where is State going to turn to when the starters get tired? Auburn's got 9 out of 10 returning in the dline rotation.Brown and Russell are the best D tackle tandem period..
I'll give you Clemson's DL is the best,but Auburn's a close second.
Just guessing, but prob all correct were Florida & bama, maybe with a Tenn thrown in there for Mannings SR year.
Yep, they have no idea what a true 365 days a year rivalry is. One that even goes beyond the Iron Bowl.
Tim, ur partially right about AU. Oline play will be the determining factor between a good vs great season.Good thing JB Grimes is back coaching the OL(#1 in the nation in rushing '13 when he was coaching). As for RB..really? AU has had a 1000 yard rusher every year for almost the last decade.. With Stidham coming back and the D being one of the best in the country,Auburn will again be competing for the SEC title and beyond.
Wow, you're angry matt...I'd say the game being in Columbia is a legit reason to pair with an ever improving USC team.Add to the fact UGA lost a lot of playmakers off that D.I know they have a lot of young talent coming in , but sometimes it's not as easy as plug and play.Leadership and exp matter..