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Absolutely! Whatever it takes for you guys to be happy & content with Gene Chizi- ER Coach Orgeron..
A bad Auburn team? LSU's a dumpster fire, while Auburn's only losing to top 10 teams & beating ranked teams by double digits on the road...but...ok...
Bro, you are the worst prognosticator
Tua's got 6 more TD's overall. Jones' not clearly QB1. Mac was a good college QB playing with an outstanding team.He'll be a good/average pro. Tua is a GREAT QB that probably will never live up to his potential because of his fragility..But his ceiling is WAY higher than Macs.
Ummm...where is Fromm?...I'll wait........
Tahdfan, LSU had the best sacks/passrush in the country going into Saturday... "good teams won't let him get away like LSU did?"..SMH @ bammer logic..
I think he was thinking context there too...The game was, at night in BR. The 1st packed house since the pandemic. I remember the last UGA games in BR too... He did have a rushing TD that u left out tho. I digress, agree he's not one of the top 10 SEC players. Jacoby Mclain is tho. Best LB in the league!
Georgia looks great..YOU. "DGD", look like a pathetic troll, one that real fans of this great sport despise..
The Oline's not elite at pass pro, but it's got some road graders.Nix hopefully is done as starter. Everything else you say is Updyke..
Kid's a stud, was hoping my Dolphins would draft him.
Really?...Optimistic? What have your "unbiased" eyes seen about Auburn, that it can't compete with every team left on the schedule?
Hogfan, the "historically good" A&M defense is not even the best in the conference.That would be GA...smh...
The hogs will get a chance Hogg. You're comment will not age well, in my opinion. Arkansas is way less talented than Penn St....
YellowDA, Auburn was 19th in recruiting last year. Plus, you're acting like a one score loss on the road against a top 10 team is "exposing a pretender" GTFO you DA!!
Have you watched LSU's garbage play this year??!! Bro you look soo stupid....
Idk,3rd year. MUCH better QB coaching & offensive system. But AUBURN fan's are overlooking something?... SMH...
Tell me 5 teams that have a better LB duo than Pappoe & Zakoby? Ur hate & bias clouds ..
No one is doing that Tim. Why is it so terrible to say a kid has a good game & looks improved? Some of you need to look past your biases. Good coaching can go a long way esp with QB. I can remember back in 2004 when Al Borges came in as OC & Jason Campbell went from average to SEC Offensive POY.
Dawg, some of what you say is true.However, he's NEVER looked this good... His technique & decision making, esp with check downs is very promising to his overall improvement.
Yep, it should have been big news at how LSU was going to lose embarrassingly to a PAC 12 team..
Brah, your logic is bozo.... Brett Favre,Dan Marino Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees,Russell Wilson didn't compete week in and out with SEC talent either..SMDH...
Sds, so only bama fans can comment on other teams?