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You do know that ole Miss is on probation for PAYING PLAYERS!!!! WTF are you talking about? ignorant DA..
Most would have said the same about LSU to start last year. It's a different year, they have returning QB, underestimate at ur peril.
Imiss. Not saying he's elite but Gus has 2 SECCG appearances with one SEC championship & 13 seconds away from a NC. To put him at 8 is asinine...
And yet the flea bags still haven't won the big one in almost 40 years..smh.
Smh @Gig em..reading comprehension...He said A&M has "zero chance to slow down the Clemson Offense".And then you even agree,saying they're definitely gonna score points...Huh?
Football and men's basketball are the money makers at most schools.Think he weighted towards those 2.Most other sports lose $..
And Clemson can't play Clemson...WTF does that even mean? So dumb..
Could happen.But my $ would be on no more than 1 loss with that GARBAGE schedule. Duke?! C'mon MAN!!
Reuben's girl said the about Zeke's...C'mon...
Tim, you're a friggin Idiot...Take ur biased, THUGA opinions elsewhere...
Gonna be awesome if they finally put one together in Baton rouge.Law of averages is screaming!
You don't ALWAYS have to be a hater bammerturd. Otherwise you would realize Seth deserves to be on this list. But just really want to know how u think bama 's gonna do in that 1st round of the SEC baseball tourney? LMFAO!!
True, but there's only one ball and they all want to tote that rock.
Oh I thought it was for sure going to be Willis, smh...
Sorry,dont see a top to bottom better team.Oline wont be as good.Offensive skill positions should be great tho.Pathetic schedule is the main thing they have going for them.Not sure how losing all those underclassmen improves depth, but ok..
Not sure what author has been smoking, with the Willis thing.Guess he thinks his ignorant opinion is more valued than EVERYONE who covers Auburn football.All of them say it's a Gatewood/Nix QB battle...
Edge & now interior pass rushers are valued over secondary.
Delpit's good, but c'mon... Adam's proving himself by dominating on the big stage.
If Gatewood or Nix steps up, Auburn's got the pieces to be one of the top offenses in the SEC.
My Dolphins would take him without a doubt if he fell to them.You guy's are crazy, stop hating, kid's a baller!
Why would he wonder? He's in the final 4 now.Stop with the bleeding UT thing.Geeze, stop with the embellishing,how do u know what he thinks?
Love me some Charles! No doubt the passion he has for his school matches us fanatics!
Awful, there was a big questionable no call when NMS was trying to and DID foul Chuma & it turned into a TO. But..still alive!Even playing as bad as we did late.