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He's a great runner, but his passing has to improve drastically to make this list
When Costello beats Oregon & Alabama we'll give props...SMDH at stupid...
Bro, they've beaten us by a fg 3 straight years.If there's one thing I am absolutely sure of is noway LSU wins in JH this year..
Most definitely the best ending to a game ever, AND it had championship stakes, AND I was there!!... But, I'd argue this year was probably the best IB(at least Auburn win) start to finish!
There's ABSOLUTELY no one other than a Dallas fan that would seriously pick Emmitt over Barry Sanders..My cousin graduated with Emmitt & he was a family friend. But, Barry Sanders is THE best RB eve!
You drop the best ATHLETE in a discussion on the 4 BEST athletes?
No way I'd get rid of the best rivalry in sports. It'd probably be a coin flip between FSU & Ohio St.
That's funny you say that,being Kirby was in preschool the last time GA won a natty.
Booches94, the one thing that is clear tho, is Missouri WILL NEVER !!!! Win a NC!!lol dumb f$-$
Yep, great! Hope u enjoyed it! Never going to ever happen again in your lifetime!
Yeah. Not sure what this moron author is talking about. No way LSU is going undefeated again & highly doubtful anyone in SEC is..
Did you have a stroke after LSU won the FB NC? Usually you're a pretty intelligent poster, until this...
This is quit possibly the dumbest thing you've ever posted...
You're crazy, it is 2nd only to football.What kind imaginary world are you living in?
The past 40 years it's been even.Auburn owned the 80s & 00's, & bama the 90's & 10's.
That's become a wasted cause being special interests & lobbying groups own both parties.
Absolutely No shot at 6, you're homerism is getting to the delusional stage.
Pete Carroll & Barry Switzer are the only other 2 that I can recall.
Sorry, drunk post.BUT Samir Doughty does deserve some love here!
Ummm...Isaac Okoro is a projected 1st round Lottery as a true freshman? Dumb list...