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Your name fantasy, is applicable...14 NFL draft picks, losing OC & DC in the best division in CFB says you're delusional if you think LSU will be anywhere close to as good as last year. With no fans in the stands Bama will beat LSU by 4 TD's TY, bank it!
Auburn's got more D talent than South Carolina, Mizz, & KY. Top 10 recruiting class 6 out of Gus's 8 years.
Tank Bigsby's got a shot to explode onto the scene if AU return's to running the ball form like I think they will.
22, Ohio St has as much talent as anyone. They've been recruiting at elite SEC level for years.The shear NFL DE talent alone, (Bosa's & Young..etc) is ridiculous. They can also say that they've won NC's since 1980...
You're giving way too much credence to one reciever. Clemson has ridiculous talent there..
Ohio St & Clemson have easier roads, just as much talent & elite QB's.
You do know that was the 1st time Tenn has beaten AU this CENTURY right? Just sayin..
Seriously, what makes u think GA is going to be better offensively?
No, Auburn's D played LSU the best of anybody, & with any semblance of an offense would have won that game..
Whether top 15 or not is a weird arbitrary ranking to be concerned about pfarmer.. There are way more factors involved than just a total D ranking...
You could,basketball nixed the divisions a few years ago. Just have each team pick their 2 annual permanent SEC teams & that would protect the rivalries.
Only behind the Wes Welker trade as the worst in Dolphins history.
Auburnkev, u don't know the history. ND was bamas nemesis that they couldnt beat, so all bamas hate the Irish.
No, but Auburn's held our own more than anyone else in the conference.
Schwartz is faster, ur out ur mind..
Kevin Steele's D stymied LSU's O for most of the game. If the O showed any semblance of a unit, that game & the season could've been completely different.
So egocentric,You're exactly what he is talking about... you do know this is worldwide, right?... We're just doing a worse job at containing it than pretty much every other country...
7-8 wins is wins is worst case. Auburn's been recruiting consistent top ten talent. Skill positions are there, just need the line play to be good.
Really strange that you include Connor O gara with real journalist quotes...
All the top 6 teams recruit at a very high level.Nobody thought LSU was a serious threat last year either. That's why they play the games on the field... I like our chances against LSU in JH this year after 3 straight FG losses.Law of averages and all.
Nobody thought LSU was a serious threat last year either.That's why they play the games on the field...
He had everything but the mental side. I'm not talking about intelligence either because Jeremy was very smart & a good kid. He would just freeze up.Couldnt handle stress.Shame..
Sorry, Smart hasn't done much better than Richt so far. That '12 Richt team is better than any Kirby's put on the field. are u talking about? Go talk ur politics bs somewhere else da.
Disagree, Auburn had really good recruiting classes right after the '10 NC which built towards the '13 team. Also, O's good staff is gone, we'll see about the replacements. I agree, similarities with O & Chizik are there.Lose all world QB after a NC. OC & DC also leave. Chiz got more of a raw deal tho bc Tubs left the cupboard more bare than Les did.
He's a great runner, but his passing has to improve drastically to make this list
When Costello beats Oregon & Alabama we'll give props...SMDH at stupid...
Bro, they've beaten us by a fg 3 straight years.If there's one thing I am absolutely sure of is noway LSU wins in JH this year..