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LSU is NOT winning in Auburn.Bank it.That game will be circled bc of the last 3 years..
Ask any Auburn fan how the travesty of having Ensminger call Petrino's offense in 03 went...Every member of the backfield was drafted in the 1st round too btw..
Terrible fans...Give credit where it's due. Sucks to lose to both doesn't it? Bet I know which loss stung most..HAHA!WDE!!!
Brady REPLACEABLE?! Haha! We'll check u out a year from now...
10-2 is not their floor after losing OC & QB. 8 wins would be floor. LSU has revenge games @Auburn & @A&M, bama owns Baton Rouge also.
If you're a true Auburn fan, you'd remember how great Ensminger, running someone else's offense with ELITE talent turns out...
Best team of all time? No..Miami '01-02 is still the GOAT.
Nobody gives a crap what you're "sold on". 15-0! One thing that you don't have to be "sold on"...Is the REALITY that Mizzou is a doormat in ALL sports...
Yet, Clemson just beat a team better than anyone that LSU has faced...
Etienne's the best of that bunch & will be best pro too. Can't teach that speed, and has grown into great reciever.
Amazing how much cred LSU gets beating down a already crap defense OU team with half their defense out.Yet, Clemson beats the only team(besides themselves) that's top 5 in offense & defense, yet gets almost downgraded because of their performance..I got Clemson, Offense is a slight LSU lean, but Clemson's got a much better D.
You have no idea what you're talking about, please stop.First of all, 4 yards in the NFL is good.Most dont average that. The 6 is laughable.
Brady needs to make that NFL $ while he's a hot commodity.
Both Clemson & Ohio st are top 5 in both O & D. LSU is facing the best D they've faced all year, and my Tigers held them to 23 IN BR.
Clemson's been there, dont get too cocky.Ohio St's D is much better than LSU's.
OK's offense is WAY better than GA & A&M. See LSU winning in a game similar to the Ole Miss game.
Umm...he's not the head coach.Big difference, lots of great Coordinators couldn't cut it as HC's.
Auburn led in the 3rd quarter & if our center hadn't forgot how to hike a couple times, we win that one.
Pearl has Auburn rolling, but they have much to improve to match last season's grit, chemistry, & chutzpah! Keep grinding Tigers!
LSU won't beat OSU or Clemson. Really like Floridas play this year too.
As a Dolphin fan.This decision is #1 reason I will always hate Saban. #2 DA Saban decision was not taking Aaron Rogers in '05 draft
Auburn beat So Car twice that year.Total destruction in the SECCG.
Yes Auburn recruits GA heavily, water's wet, the Pope's Catholic...