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#17, is that the number of kids you've had with you're sister, or the # of rotten teeth you've had pulled to get ur pain pills?
He had 90 touchdowns and over 10K yards wtf are you talking about!?!
You're not biased in the least right?...idiot..
3 losses, White was injured & then the Clemson game, in which I think the coaches tried to outthink themselves & didn't play Sean till the 4th.
Plus Auburn was without starting QB in 4 of those losses.
Auburn DESTROYED State IN starkville, wtf u smoking brah?
Is that the flea bag's Super Bowl now? To bad Auburn has actually played for national titles in this century.Where as thuga hasn't even won a SEC title in over a decade...
Wish him good luck on his endeavors.Did it the right way & got his degree.
To be frank, it's easier to beat LSU period.Bama loses once a year.
Hurry back young buck, most likely you'll see lots of carries this year because AU will have several blowout wins!
Wow, good for u Mac.Takes a lot to do the right thing, maybe Saban can learn that one day...nah...
You only hope there bammer.Not looking good for your prognosis tho..
YOU already do suck.Why the hate? Does Auburn have to beat the hogs AGAIN by 50 to prove it to you moron?
Dude's played in a power 5 conference, you're a hating dbag.We're gonna maul Mizzou by 3 + TD's bank it.
Pettway led the league in yards per game without a QB most of the year so there's that too...
Paper little buddy...That paper's got a lot to prove to make your words not bs....
Great send out Jerraud! Always played larger than his 5'9. One of the most successful pro db's in recent history for Auburn!
Clipboard boy going to get traded to be the backup for another team?
How many times has bama wished they had a kicker as good as Carlson?.Don't be a douche...
Herschels probably the best player ever overall but there's no way u can put him above Cam's '10 single season.
Seriously, how does Cam not win this one? Hersh didn't get the heisman or NC in 81..I'd go Cam 1st, DT 2nd.
It's the season, not hard is reading really?
DT had the best defensive season ever, but he didn't put the team on his back & carry them to a title.Cam did...
Carlson's a beast! And we've got his little brother on the team this year too!Winning!
The criteria is single season..Cam had the best single season EVER in the SEC. Heisman, SEC champ, National Champ, led the SEC in rushing as a QB! C'mon man, you can hate the guy all u want, but don't deny reality....