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Also could miss out on the tourney, next 2 games are @KY and @AU.No way in hell is bama winning in Auburn.The Iron bowl presentation is at halftime too...
4 seeds dont get beat by 30 points at home by middle of the pack SEC teams...
ESPN must not have updated their ranking..Seriously bro, u really think UF's a FOUR seed right now?
Yeah, don't quite get the "patent" on this lol.
TOUGH remaining schedule.They're definitely not winning in Auburn..
Nice to see a Georgia fan not be a douchebag hater..
Wonder how the Auburn game had gone if our top player hadn't gone down in the first half...If and buts, as they say...
Sorry army,when has GA won the FB NC again? Auburn hasn't been good at basketball lately, but neither has GA.
So you're supposed to guess what the writer is trying to say now? Tool..
I could say the same about you...But being a old piss fan I can see why you're frustrated with sports in general..
Chubb & Michel, plus a better Oline give THUGA the eshe in this one
Hey moron, take your political posts somewhere else.College players are not even ON THE FIELD when the anthem is played! THAT's the joke in this article, smh...
He's a Nick Marshall type, and hey! Marshall beat a better than this year bama team in '13, & threw for 400+ against another one in '14.
God, I can't wait till Clemson mops the floor with bama.So we can be spared the smug, entitled BS from bammers.Yay! u backed into the playoffs by beating no one.
He got a lot better at scrambling as the year went on also.Against Clemson he just looked lost, against Bama he took the role of true field general.
You're a year behind moron.The JJ hype was in '15.If you're gonna talk crap at least get your facts straight.
You're really comparing Cam's sulking in interviews to this?...Winston acted like a maniac, having to be escorted off the field then pushing security around to get back on.Kinda different there chief..
Hope you don't have any money on the line with your garbage picks..
You said it right, when I think of Kerryon the first word that comes to mind IS warrior. He'll always lay it on the line.
They allowed 50 to Memphis, and all those D's they played are worse than 40th in D.
I think bammers are really the only ones that give a crap about FineBUM.
Oline's not as huge of a need this year with what AU's pulled the past couple of years.Remember almost all the olinemen in ly's class redshirted.
Much better chance to win Championships?!?!Bwhaha! Bro ,STOP!.FSU's won THREE since the last time Georgia's won...almost 40 years ago!
#17, is that the number of kids you've had with you're sister, or the # of rotten teeth you've had pulled to get ur pain pills?
He had 90 touchdowns and over 10K yards wtf are you talking about!?!