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Hard to do that without a special QB. Hopefully Bo will develop into that.We'll see.
When you can't decide WHO your rival is, it's not one of the best. Iron Bowl's the best in sports!
Still laughing at Saban being outcoached by Gus...So sorry, NOT sorry!
MC, all they gotta do is win.You're going against a team littered with future NFL draft picks.You should consider even a 1 point win fortunate. Ask bama how those "style" points they needed to make in the Iron Bowl worked out?
Gatormike, you're off the reservation. Only football teams that could score 45 on GA's D are in the NFL. LSU might win, but it's going to be a 4 qtr war.
Nobody cares fleabag. How about you worry about LSU not boat racing u..
Tim does seem to have his own weird "reality".
Bamas "favored" by 3..bamas not getting in with 2 losses..
Oh, cry me river. Auburn is the poster child for great D being embarrassed by bad offensive playcalling and execution.
LSU's in as long as they take care of A&M.You can't keep them out with the wins they've had.
Who has Auburn lost to that bammers beaten? Plus, AU was actually IN the game vs LSU @redstick. Bammer had NO offensive possessions in the 2nd half IN tuscaloser that they could tie or go ahead..
bama's not winning in Auburn with a backup QB against that D.Just calling as I see it...
Plus, bama's not coming to Jordan Hare with a backup QB & winning against this defense.
Ohio St & Clemson play great D & O. LSU will get ravaged like bama did last year without better defensive play.
LSU will not "roll" GA.LSU will need to play their best game to beat dogs. You better hope LSU is not looking ahead against A&M either or all your cockiness could look silly.
No, they wouldn't.Oregon's D is legit.Plus they have the QB to go to to toe with Burrow.Cristobal has built a SEC like team.
Highly unlikely there'll be a 2 loss SEC champ this year.
Crack is wack..Auburn outgained GA.GA won, congrats.But, you creating your own realty that it was a blowout is simply not true.If 2 long drives, one big pass play & 11 punts is what u consider dominant, I got no help for you.
Yeah, what a Gus screw up that was.. But gators had some bad transfer loses before the season too.
STOP! bama avoided playing the top 2 teams from the east.And the BIG noncon was friggin DUKE?..
Auburn will have advantage of home field, defense, and(for the first time in a big game) QB.Wtf u so confident about? That 23-20 game in BR? You're really THAT sure a backup, IN Auburn can do better against AU's D,than the Heisman trophy winner in Baton rouge?...SMH..DA..
Wrong, NFL teams do healthy scratches all the time. Saban thinks he's smarter than reality.One of the reasons he couldn't win at the highest level.That, and picking Culpepper over Brees..
Certainly? You're delusional, Auburn's D & Jordan Hare are salivating... Now if only Gus can call a halfway competent game.
It's one of those "except for the fact your grandfather has a penis, he could be your grandmother.."