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Well, wasn't Reggie Bush stripped of his Heisman? Seems like I remember hearing about that?
I think many who received cash were quietly told to declare for the draft as being their best option. Just my opinion.
Personally, I think AUs D will put him to sleep for a couple hours, and he wakes up with a headache and vertigo.
Yes, I really think LSU will score against GA, (though not at will). I think this game will be about QB play. Does Fromm play like he CAN, or turn the ball over. Does Burrow cont his success. LSU is the better team! They win ,IMO.
What an unprofessional, immature way to open up a article.
Fully agree, spoiled, sunny day fans not taking into account SOS. Current AP rankings show 5 teams on our schedule ranked in top 10. 4 in the top 5! We beat 1 of them. Who else plays 5 top 10 teams? Give Saban or Dabo our schedule and they DONT make the playoffs!
Me neither, but he's probably right, but Nix isn't a "mess", unless you only watched the Florida film. COWherd's mouth has got him in trouble before.