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Not on the defensive side. Since you know so much about AU football can you tell me the recruiting numbers for the offensive line for malzahn's last three years. AU has had a rough go not because of defense but lack of an offense.
DC and OC and position coaches move around all the time. Why do some want to allege that Mason must not get along with Harsin. bama replaces coaches every year and sometimes multiple. Do they all not get along with nick?
That reply shows you don't know anything about Auburn football you just want to make a derogatory comment. Maybe you should consider most all schools now run some element of spread and or rpo. Auburn is transitioning to power football maybe not successfully but it is a beginning.
If you don't follow a sport you should not comment.Kinda makes your writing look foolish, yet I am sure you know. Denial for face saving is a heck of a game to play. HAHAHA
It appears most assistant coaches move all the time. A few years at one program is a long stay. The coaching portal has existed forever. Next coach up if he moves on.
jtf I guess you know who KD is now and why he left that pitiful basketball program at uga.
If AU deserves to be the number one team then win these next two games and it will be a given. To say this team is better than the final 4 team is not easy. That team played so well together and had players that refused to lose. If not for a blown double dribble and a slightly tough call on a last second missed three pointer AU would have played for it all. As an old friend of mine that used to use this sign name always said, to be the best you have to beat the best.
Ole gus is the one that got us in to the mess AU is in right now. The o-line problem did not start with Harsin. As for the portal every school has bunches of players signing up!!!
Maybe KD Johnson was a player for georgia last year that is starting for AU this year. I bet you believe a lot of conspiracy theories.
You guys mad cause KD left georgia for greener pastures. Do you even know what the TN fiasco was?
Somehow the blame for Person and what he did is being used by the slimebaums to attack Pearl. I have no problem with Pearl and if they can't do anything to the Wade guy at lsu then let the conversation end.
How many years with the same cast of players will it take to see them improve? 8 or 9
Auburn fans are confused as to why it is so hard to get offensive linemen out of high school to sign up. If the o-line does not improve the offense as a whole will suffer and Harsin may not make it past year 2 or 3.
It is now just year round anytime free agency. Would hate to be the guy having to manage his roster in this day and time. I gues with most it is play me or lose me.
It is amazing people think anyone cares what they think. That is why they post nonstop on saturday down south. Hahahaha
Was really hoping he would move along and let the incoming freshman show what he has. I just don't have overwhelming confidence when he lines up for a field goal attempt. Appreciate his contribution all these years though.
There was a coach portal way before there was a players portal. Next coach up!
Good luck wherever you end up. Don't know why it did not work at Auburn but hope you find playing time.
My what a really nice person you are. You think the rest of us posters can't be successful and retired also. I don't spend my every waking hour trying to insult young ball players that may not live up to your standard,yet they give it all they have. Sounds like someone must have put you down a lot when you were a child so now you brag on yourself and attack others. Good lord!
Hahahahaha! You tell him Kev. The person lives on saturday down south. I don't know why he is not hired as a scout or a recruiting person for a school somewhere. Too bad he does not care to be scrutinized like he does to all these 18 to 20 something year old ballplayers. They would probably consider him a failure in life also.
The point is, which you miss maybe on purpose, is that you you have no right to disparage people about their intelligence on a sports comment section. You even tried to put me down by saying a childish thing about working in a fudge factory.It is evident you don't know it all as you just admitted so give others a break. I don't care what you have to say or what your opinion about AU sports is, just be accurate about facts.
This is the guy that always tries to put people down because they aren't as smart as he considers himself to be. Tells people to check their brain cells and yet he makes comments about AU football as though he knows more than all AU fans. LMAO
He has played 3 seasons. He got hurt this year. It is not like he has been injured all 3 seasons. Football is a contact sport. Instead of the days of long ago when an injury ended your career you get surgery and come back next year. His injury might not have required surgery. If he can just stay healthy. Good lord bammer.
For the life of me I can't figure out why Harsin was reluctant to play freshmen this year or even red shirt freshmen.
Find a qb that is accurate with his throws and develop a short passing game. Takes the heat off the oline and running backs. Houston dared AU to throw the ball and they could not. AU lost five straight because of lack of offense. Defense played well except for the second half of the miiss state game and the offense went in to hiding after they scored 28 points in the first half. Malzahn created the problems with oline recruiting and it is not fair to think Harsin could fix it in one season.
I have lots of AU friends and don't know of one that wanted finley over Bo. All AU fans want is a qb that can make a completed pass when the receiver is open. How many times has a receiver been open on a long pass and the pass sailed over his head. AU plays championship defense most games and the offense does not help out. Fix the offense and AU can be in almost all games period.
who would have dreamed you would be the first to post. hahaha
If you can't pass the ball with success then you will not beat georgia running the ball. If you are one dimensional and that is running the ball, then georgia will eat you alive. Pass the ball.