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He and Pat Sullivan inspired me to attend my first ballgame at AU in 1970. Lost to LSU 17 to 9 in the pouring rain so the passing game did not get to show out. One heck of a ballplayer.
He did what was best for him just like coaches going to new schools, politicians changing parties, etc. As an AU fan I don't have to like it or agree with it. Left with two years to play so he is a duck and no longer a Tiger. Best luck to him but writers please give this space to people that are still all AUBURN!
Funny when posters and supposed writers have higher moral standards for coaches than they do for the people they vote to lead their country.
I wonder if sds can take a hint when the only person posting on an article about a fired AU coach for 24 hours is Jane Fonda. Are you paying attention? We don't care about malzahn! Hint hint hint
I went to many a game in that wonderful stadium but I guess I have been to my last one. As a retiree the price just got to the point of being an unnecessary expense. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could make improvements without passing the cost. Love sports but it is now money money money.
Why so bitter after just one season? Hahahahhahahahhhhahaha
I don't know if you are paying attention to the portal but if things don't improve then that top tier you speak of is in big trouble. I am not writing about Georgia either.
Both moves appear to be solid. Man can we just look like an offense that knows what it is doing for just one darn season. It has truly been tough to watch the Auburn offense and feel any level of confidence since I can't even remember when!
The amazing thing to me is these supposed sports writers are such opinion writers. They write that a coach should do this and should not do that, they should hire this person and not that person, they should have run this type offense or defense and not what they chose, blah blah blah. How many of these writers have ever played or especially coached any sport and especially at this level. Come on guys, report the news but I don't need your opinion.
When things finally go Auburn's way a little with Saban retiring they just shoot themselves in the foot. Wii AUBURN ever get it right?
Seems some are saying things happened that should not have happened during the bowl game in Tennessee. There will be rumors but wish these two Auburn guys the best in life from here on out. They leave with nothing but good things to say about AU and Freeze so we may never know the truth. I mean all these years later, who shot JFK.
You have two articles about malzahn (like anyone from Auburn is concerned with what he has to say these days) and nothing about needing an offensive and defensive coordinator or about Carnell Williams resigning from the staff. No wonder I don't come to this site very often.
You want to win consistently in the SEC it starts with what you have on the line of scrimmage. The signing of all world receivers or running backs and dbacks and linebackers mean nothing if they don't have quality in front of them. Sign the quality up front and go from there. Still can't figure out why AU can't get 5 or 6 really good offensive linemen wanting to come every year.
Just having some fun at bammers expense. They just can't take losing very well. As long as bama has the quality of players it can recruit they will be hard to beat, with or without Saban. I must say it was a nice way to start the year though.
Now can we keep enough of these players on the team when the haul comes in next year or they did not get playing time to satisfy their time. Football has changed so much. Coaches make unbelievable money but to be successful you have to give up all your time, well a lot of it.
It has been 4 years and it was 4 years earlier for the other top 10 finish.
Those two mobile home dwellers are the two smartest bama posters from the old days. Just ask them! Hahaha They are both full of it.
If you are going to compare games instead of seasons you are setting yourself up for ridicule. Bama played really good in beating Georgia. SEC championship game. Georgia winner of 20 something straight and 2 time defending champ. The week before bama played a 6-5 team and had to have a 4th and 31 TD pass to win which probably would not have happened had the 6-5 team actually played defense on the 4th down play. So if bama is so great from beating Georgia are they also as bad as almost losing to a 6-5 team. Florida State beat the 14th ranked team with their 3rd string qb. Their 2nd string qb would have been available for the playoffs. Was the final ranking because it was Saban and bammer?
I told you yesterday there was 5 minutes left after bama recovered the punt. Plenty of time for AU to go 3 and out and bama to get the ball and score. I guess you don't remember them going the length of the field and scoring in a little over a minute the last time they played in AU. Oh I know, you have season tickets so that makes you an expert on football. Hahahaha By the way Moore was in the game because Scott had slightly hurt his shoulder.
Put all 8 guys across the goal line if you are not going to rush anyone. The play had to go to the end zone so keep it in front of you!!!!
You play with 6 or 7 defenders on receivers and you rush 4 or 5. You give a good qb 8 seconds and an open receiver and you gonna lose. They were on your 31 and not their 31!!!!!
georgia fans coming on here and running their mouth about the game Saturday is funny. Look at the overall history record between georgia and bammer 2008 thru 2021 7 straight bammer wins and one big throw for a TD on like third or fourth and 42 or something in a championship game. You might want to be a little humble till the game is over this weekend and you may not like the results.
They were put in a horrible position by a coach who played to not lose instead of playing to win.
Have you any idea how much time was left on the clock after the punt? AU goes 3 and out and bama could still have 3 minutes or so on the clock. You showed last year you knew nothing about football. I have never witnessed another college game where the other team was close enough to throw it in to the end zone and the defense rushed "2" defenders and had one 7 yards off the line spying the qb as if he would run it. The rest were scattered across the end zone to goal line. Maybe his strategy would have worked better by dropping all 11 because the 2 rushers and qb spy accomplished nothing. He threw the ball after standing in the pocket for 7 to 8 seconds!!!!
Tell your defensive coordinator that if he ever rushes 2 or 3 against a SEC team again he is fired. I would fire him anyhow. Kids played their hearts out and an idiot afraid to win lost the game for them.
It is a ballgame. My goodness. I wear my AU hat all year regardless of the football season. Not because I played a sport at Auburn but because I graduated from Auburn.
Tried to tell the AU fans on here to be weary of New Mexico State. One was flashing visions of AU finishing strong the rest of the season, winning 10 games next year, then on to the playoffs to win it all the next. Auburn is not a deep or good football team period. The recruiting is getting better but those guys will be freshmen next year. AU has "one" player on scholly from a recruiting class from just a couple years ago. The transfers AU got for this season helped to get through the year. True team talent comes through recruiting and some seasoning. Gonna take a few years with the depleted roster Freeze walked in on but motivating your team to respect the ability of your opponent is also very crucial. Next weekend 48-3 and another embarrassment!!!!