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Wow. These are just young baseball players. No need for all that.
People want to blame Harsin for everything. Is it his fault the offensive line is under performing and the quality is not there? Nix ran around in the pocket on every play. Did Finley do the same?
My comments on this article are under moderation! I mean really
Is there no end to this and people wonder why it cost so much to go to games these days
Yes I have a question.Who on the AU team is Ashworth? If you are going to criticize the team then at least know the team.
When coaches make millions and the ncaa lacked the backbone to make sure every school played by the same rules the NIL is what you get. You can trace just about every problem in the dear country of ours back to money and how folks attain it. Is there a reason athletes should be different?
Is someone that gets the best players every year the best coach of all time. kirby is getting his fair share now and just dethroned the goat. Now fisher is going to be getting his share or more and he just happens to be in the SEC west. If fisher wins the west and jumps bama is he then the goat.
Parity only exist when saban "somehow" is able to sign the most of the good players every year. saban did not win big every year in his career till he came to bama land. Wonder why!
Sounds like parity to saban is when he signs the top class and the most 5 stars!! Not good to make national accusations against someone that might know a little bit about how you operate behind the scenes. Any power 5 school that doesn't have some dirt involving boosters and money would be an amazing thing!
Took the words right out of my mouth. Hates Harsin but has no idea who he wants as his replacement. When players enter the portal he assumes it is always the coach at fault. Fits his negative narrative quite nicely. The kind of supposed fan we all dislike!!
I guess reading skills must not be taught to gator fans. You might want ti read the article and not skim over it.He is alluding to Bruce Pearl and nothing in the religious realm.
Probably Pearl's fault he is in the portal right tbone.
The small forward position was a mess for AU this year. Between Cam and Flan they were a missed shot and turnover waiting to happen. Needed some offensive punch from that position and it did not materialize. Best of luck to him at his next school and maybe he will find his shooting touch. Shot a paltry 20 something percent from the three. If he could not get a dunk he could not score.
Crowded room and he was a star in junior college. Looking for playing time as a starter. Can't say I can blame him. The portal gives and the portal takes away. It is Harsin's fault tbone.
What brought him to lsu is money money money. What makes almost all coaches voluntarily go to coach at another school is money money money.. Not a knock on lsu. It is about how the system works. Has nothing to do with Pearl. Lighten up and look at reality.
Forgot to say tbone will say it is Harsin's fault for mishandling the qbs.
Hate to see this news. I for one was pulling for him all last year to at least get a shot for a few series. Some players are just winners and he had the credentials. Maybe he heads to ucf to be with malzahn.
If AU wins tonight then great. Pearl does not have to do anything. He has alredy brought AU back from the depths of despair.
Good lord. Man you let sports get in your life way tooooo much.
You ain"t very smart there are bammer. He is not participating in spring so he can heal properly. Geez!
I do believe that is what I wrote. Talk about cognitive skills? Really!!! If you are such an AU fan why do you not post on AU basketball articles and heap praise on the team. You only posted on a couple about Pearl to try and put down Harsin. Pathetic.