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11. Will Auburn break into the top 50 in recruiting?
First time coming over to check out SDS Vandy. Now I’m just sad.
Auburn football recruiting is so bad, even their baseball coaches are leaving.
Auburn have finally destroyed their football program. As a result, they are ranked 72 in recruiting. Though, they should probably feel lucky not to be tanked outside the top 100. As a side note, BAMA is ranked # 1.
After that statement, you should be banned from actually watching college football. Let this guy no where near the sport.
You forgot: 1. Not allow BY to throw for a SECC record. 2. Bama’s D was better than yours. 3. Bama’s O-line was better than yours. 4. None of what you listed had anything to do with Bama’s play of course. I am sure someone could make a ridiculous list just like yours regarding Bama, but I doubt anyone would want to partake in that kind of silliness.
Congratulations. Great win! Let’s run it back. Should be a fantastic game. Roll Tide!
Seems that Georgia hope got you all name calling and using the word stupid again. Not to worry, Bama will just have beat it out of you again.
Life is too short to be so angry. Take a break or something. You shouldn’t let this affect your life so much. You will live a more healthier life if you stop living vicariously through these players.
I really thought Michigan would narrowly win. I didn’t realise just how bad they were.
They definitely belonged. Actually, they would give Georgia or Michigan all they want.
1. That Bama D is a brick wall. Completely dominated. 2. The run game and O-line was awesome. Bullied Cincy. 3. Bryce was a little rusty, but still threw 3 TDs. 4. Haters. Don’t hate. Enjoy this dynasty. When Saban retires (in 5-6 years) you’ll never see anything like this again in your lifetime. Roll Tide!
I don’t have a dog in this fight (no pun intended), but I see Michigan winning 31-24.
I’m originally from the USA, but your two brain cells won’t allow you to think deeper about anything. I’m have plural citizenship in the USA, Great Britain and Australia. My reality is I have traveled the world, retired at 43 and have a loving family. Since we are talking reality, how sad yours must be. If you were truly being honest with yourself, you would admit you are a low life and try to do something to fix yourself. All you have in life is posting on here. The rest of your life must really suck. I bet you have never traveled outside of your backwards town. The only perspective you have is ignorant and bitter.
Mate you should go ahead and book an appointment with your shrink now, because you are going to need serious meds when Bama win back to back ‘ships.
Exactly. Look at the players for OSU that have opted out. Opt outs never get mentioned as at least part of the reason for a team like OSU potentially losing to Utah. Never mind teams that the expectation is CFP or bust just really not being interested in being a bowl game that really means squat to them.
Congratulations on putting that turkey in his place. Great bowl win for SC!
I see both sides. On one hand, if you don’t like it don’t watch. On the other, who really wants the Jimmy Kimmel Bowl?
Michigan 31-24. Best of luck to both teams with no injuries.
Well, this guy is bitter. Take a deep breath, relax and maybe take a break man. You take this a bit too serious.