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I think zach cunningham is truly a defense-linebacker like he looked at vandy. He can tackle sideline to sideline, and at 6'4, hes definitely durable enough. Plus, he has to be a very cerebral player since hes at vanderbily
Hurd was pretty ineffective this season, in addition to being a locker room distraction. Im actually glad he didnt become the rushing leader, because to have a kid like that as the rushing leader of our school is kind of disgraceful
I am the farthest thing from an alabama fan, but how the crap is alabama not #1? They have multiple 4 and 5 stars, and if those guys get hurt, guess what? Another 5 star steps up
Let blackburn run the whole department as head AD, and let fulmer work exclusively with the football program, fundraising and possibly recuiting in some fashion. Its really a no brainer here
So adding to that, whats your opinion of the OC hire? I had my fingers crossed that helfrich would be calling plays next year, but we did have an alright year offense wise. But i also think hurd shouldve been used as a downhill runner more like last years bowl game
Not gonna be the guy to defend the plethora of 3 star talent we are going to sign, but 3 butch jones has a knack for diamons in the rough. Cam sutton was a 3 star athlete coming in. And he turned out to be a shut down corner. And so far, 2 5* players, kongbo and khalil mckenzie, have underperformed. They should breakout this year, but theres just a few examples that star ranking dont always equal on field results
So now the question becomes, will trey smith pass drew richmond for first team looks at LT through the spring
Imagine us hiring chip kelly, and although that will NEVER happen, he would be around to replace butch if he gets run out
The OL depth chart really has me excited. John kelly should have a good year rushing, and whoever wins the QB job (my bet is on guarantano, as much as i wish QD would win it)
Now there needs to be a follow up report saying helfrich was spotted in knoxville and ill actually be excited about 2017