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I was there. Were you 17Tide? By the way, you're still counting the 3 Nattie's "awarded" to UAT by a UAT employee? Hmm.
You are absolutely correct. UAT had run off the field, and headed to the locker room. They had to call a timeout to ensure they could get the FG coverage team set up. The ball was set and was snapped when the Referee set the clock in motion. It's up. It's good. UAT lost. WDE!
Considering CWM played 10 True Frosh in the 2-deep, theyre fortunate not to have given up 70, Saturday. NCs dont come overnight, and in some teams' case, for over 34 years.
TW55, It is funny how the illiterate Pound Puppy Trolls love to talk smack when they dont have a quality win, either. IF the Maroons do what they should, then I say "Congrats, I take my burger medium rare with extra tomato, and hurry!" to their flea-ridden fan-base. Yes, Smith at Wild Tiger or White at QB...or both, and a spy on Dak.
They're, not their. At least you have Dak, then baseball to look forward to while flipping burgers at Mickey D's.
And how quickly will you go from "All-Hailstate" to, "Oh, Hell, State??" on the day when Dak doesnt pull em through as expected?
Wasn't the SECCG loss to Tee Martin of UT?
Sammie initiated cintac and pushed off. No excuse. The officials didn't turn the ball over 4 times, fail to execute on 4 takeaways and 4 other times to takeaway a fumble...the officials didn't commit 4 PI violations and get Nick's passes tipped 5 times at the line. Quit whining like the spoiled brattish pachyderm lovin Bamtards. Its a loss and its over. Bring on the USCe painted chicken. WDE!
Like the TD Murray still hasn't scored?
As in, the TD that Murray still hasn't scored?!
Sammie pushed off after initiating contact. He did it and got caught. Correct call. I don't have to have a warm fuzzy for a call to be correct. They blew numerous calls both ways. The officials didn't turn the ball over 4 times, fail to execute on 2 INTs and SIX MSU fumbles, commit FOUR PI violations, tip 5 passes at the line (now 15 in the past 4 games). MSU and fans were in it and didn't let up. Congrats to the Victors. My fellow AU People need to quit crying like the Fatyderms/UAT fans. Its a Team loss. Flush it, Regroup and prep to win the next 7 to 9 games ahead. War Eagle!
Let's not forget Rogers and Bond offering $180K for Cam...while building bama's latest stadium addition.