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Had Auburn and Florida continued to play every year before the division, it would of been their oldest rivalry and Auburn's 2nd oldest.
Was this the last Birmingham Bowl? With it's primary tenant, UAB gone, is there really a need for the city to continue to maintain this facility for High School games? Even the State Playoffs Super 7 has moved to the Auburn and Tuscaloosa.
I saw Nick Saban go to midfield and shake hands with Urban Meyer. However, I saw Blake Sims just run off the field after the end of the game. Did any of you notice if any of the other Alabama Players shook with Ohio State afterwards? From the TV it didn't appear so.
Georgia a sleeping Giant? haha, I've heard that choirs before. (1982 and counting) and before the comments, enjoy Charlotte.
Truthfully, only Steve Spurrier could of said it, back it up, and got away with it.
Mullen is still mad he didn't even get an email about the Florida job. Classless man.
The Orange Bowl is a Fantastic Bowl game. However, when it's not the National Championship Game, it's just a very expensive trip a long way away. But still a Great Bowl with a lot of prestige.
Must to total rumor. Michigan is a class program, Dan Mullen would not fit in.
As with DawgMan, not trying to start a fight either, however, Auburn 2010 National Champions, 2013 SEC Champions and played in BCS Rose Bowl National Championship Game in January 2014. They are by far more attractive Team than Georgia. Additionally, Auburn (Northwestern) holds the largest attendance record at the Outback Bowl, while Georgia has one of the lower. Additionally, Auburn has a larger Fan Base in Florida than does Georgia.
It's not the best place to go but the Matchup is against a very quality name brand Football Team. There are several schools in the SEC that would of liked to played Notre Dame and had we gone to Nashville (at one time was being reported) I would of liked them to be our opponent. Good Luck and Geaux Tigers Beat Notre Dame.
Just another reason to make Georgia irrelevant in the East. They could not win when both Florida and Tennessee were down. Now both UT and UF are on the upswing. But CMR is a good man. Enjoy Charlotte.
Yet again the Ga fans are complaining about their Bowl Destination. Yet they fail to note, Ga has the lowest attendance in Outback Bowl history, while Auburn has the highest. These Bowls are about selling tickets. Playing in Charlotte will allow Ga fans to travel the short distance and maybe sell their allotment of tickets.
Les has been in the SEC for 10 season. He is 103-28, 1 National Championship and 2 SEC Championships (3) West Titles. He has been a proven winner. The only reason he would leave LSU would be if he felt he had done all he can for the program. I will say this though, Michigan Stadium will never compare to Tiger Stadium on a Saturday Night.
So is Texas, (Big 12) but they haven't been relevant since Darrell Royal in the 60's.
Follow Up: SEC Bowl Order If No. 1 isn't in College Football Playoff 1. Allstate Sugar Bowl or Discover Orange Bowl 2. Capital One Bowl vs. ACC or Big Ten No. 2
Is Nacho guy, Famed Alabama Fan, "Al form Dadeville"?
Yes, lack of guidance and control at UGA. You need a stronger leadership to help mold these young men. Seems it is a free for all in Athens and these guys need discipline they are not getting. Yes I see a trend.
He is, he is replacing the weakest link. Who is that at Ga.? Oh but he is a good man.
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How would a January 1 bowl in Orlando be so upsetting? The Orange has more tradition and prestige, but it's never a sellout anymore especially when you have a ACC tie-in.
It really depends on who the Bowls think will sell the most tickets. People forget, these Bowls have tie-ins to the respected leagues and get to pick the team in that order. Seeing as Seeing in 2012 UGA-Michigan State played and 49K tickets were sold, not a great showing.
If it plays out as it stands today. (not sure it will) but if it does, I have to agree with Lou Holtz.. (Help me Please) that 2 SEC teams would meet in the Semi Finals instead of the Finals. With Alabama ranked #1 and MSU #4 they would play and the winner advance to Championship Game.
Now that should "Zing" a few people in Austin. Texas A&M has nothing to gain by playing Texas.
I totally agree. I've been to Athens many times. Fortunately, I never been when Auburn didn't win. However, the treatment of the Georgia Fans towards Auburn is a subplot of the South's oldest Rivalry that isn't reported. "The Friendly Rivalry" Not anymore. Georgia Fans are consumed with hate and bitterness towards Auburn. But hey, Atlanta and Columbus Ga. are Auburn Towns... I guess that's what really sticks in their crawl the most.
Stoops is in his twilight at Oklahoma. Been there to long... real question would be, does he have the energy for the Job.
I will take Ron Franklin and Mike Godfrey on a Saturday Night broadcast over any of them.
I think Bob has over stayed his time at Oklahoma. It may be time for him to move on.
When did Herbstreit actually become one of the members of the Committee? Kind of like Butch Davis and the other "opinions"....
Love him or hate him... the Ole Ball Coach is always good for a quote.
and the Georgia relevance in the SEC is still non existence after 34 years.. Lindsey Scott down the sideline, run Hershel run...