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Surprisingly, I haven’t seen many Ole Miss fans on here commenting. Probably because they know a TD was stolen from both teams so kinda petty to complain about just 1 while ignoring the others. A concept that obviously eludes the garbage that passes for sports writers here on SDS but what else is new. IMO, the ONLY team that has the right to complain is Arkansas. So I’ll take this win as the LEGITIMATE win it is. WDE!
And of course, like an uncomprehending child you take my comments out of context. I don’t want to see Bo hurt, but if that’s what it would have taken to get Chad and Gus to open up from run game like we ALL wanted, I wouldn’t have been devastated. Thankfully, it didn’t come to that.
It’s ok I get it, you just don’t understand how football actually works and when you’re corrected, you have no meaningful response so you respond like a 13year old boy attempting to troll. Nothing new with you.
Kinda like the targeting call that was called back in Tennessee’s favor in the opening drive of the Bama game? It was OBVIOUS targeting that y’all got away with but I’m sure you think the review was fine just like the Vols still believe you’re in a rivalry with Bama. There is no rivalry between Bama and Tennessee, you’re just fed to Bama to give them protein. And so far, looks like Bama is getting all the protein they need. Hated to hear about Waddle tho.
Oh I agree, I knew they would put up one heck of a fight. I’m just saying as far as Kevin Steele defenses go, you expect the defense to be more dominate, especially in the 2nd half. We’re just seeing as much of the this year.
Why do you think I said highly unlikely? I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. Stranger things have already happened this season.
The only negative I can take away from this game was the defensive performance giving up as much as it did. Granted they came through when they needed to but this doesn’t look like the typical Kevin Steele defense. Offensively, Auburn stepped up the run game and Nix looked a lot better. He still made mistakes but looked better as a whole.
How is it out of the equation? Auburn hasn’t lost to a West opponent yet. It’s highly unlikely, but still a possibility.
Actually, that would only be 2 games. The call in the Kentucky game wouldn’t qualify because Kentucky lost in the second half by 16 when they had EVERY chance to show up in the second half but decided not to. A call that took 7 away from Kentucky in a loss by 16 is hardly a massive call that took the game away If you try to claim that the call changed the momentum of the game that Kentucky couldn’t recover from, then Kentucky didn’t deserve to win. That simple.
A positive article about Auburn, albeit with references to controversial calls, with no discussion yet. How am I not surprised? Let’s not discuss the improvements to the passing AND running game. Let’s not talk about how dominate Tank was today with all the broken tackles, yards after contact, and an impressive kickoff return for a TD that was stolen by the refs. Absolutely not, that would go against the SDS terms and conditions for Auburn football.
Auburn has asked all athletic departments to cut costs due to financial struggles stemming from COVID. If you think anything would prompt Auburn to pay Gus’ buyout this year, you’re just delusional.
Auburn has asked all athletic departments to cut costs due to financial struggles stemming from COVID. If you think anything would prompt Auburn to pay Gus’ buyout this year, your just delusional.
So a TD taken away for holding that was NEVER committed on the play isn’t the same thing. aubforlife is absolutely right, had they called it a fumble recovered for a TD, there wouldn’t have been a single article that would have addressed Tanks TD that was stolen by a ridiculous call that would have cost Auburn the game. Regardless if it was a blown call for Ole Miss, I call it tit-for-tat. Refs steal a TD from Auburn, only fair they steal a TD from Ole Miss.
Have you noticed how everyone but Auburn fans want to ignore the 2nd half kickoff return for a TD that was stolen by a BS holding call? Have you noticed how no one wants to address all the holding that wasn’t called against Ole Miss but was called against Auburn. This media crusade against Auburn is just cute at times.
Kentucky lost that game in the second half, Period. That call had nothing to do with their loss.
The most controversial play I saw was a run up the middle by Conner on 3rd and 8 were his knee goes down 1yd short of the first down and then after he was down reaches over with the ball and they ruled it a first down. That being said, I’m not gonna put that on the refs because Gus should have challenged and never did.
I can already see the news of the week: Refs give Auburn game again. Complete garbage reporting here. The booth quickly reviewed and ruled he didn’t touch it. Realistically, Auburn should have won by 14 or better. Here’s what I saw: -BS holding call that stole Bigsby first kick return for TD -Offensive PI on OM that should have ended a drive that resulted in a TD for OM -I counted at least 3 plays ruled a first down that were short for OM -I lost count of all the holding that wasn’t called against OM But, despite all this, the headlines will say Refs stole game from Ole Miss.
Alright! This is awesome. It’s about time! I think we’re tired of just seeing Tank not get the touches he should. Now we get to see Chad NOT use another element of the run game.
Tennessee is in the East, not the West. Also, if you’re thinking the Hogs will win the SEC this year, hate to break it to you but you’re already out of that race.
You are clearly uninformed on Auburn football history given the take you place on my username. As for my comment, you can agree with it or not but you can’t deny anything I said. I’m sure Florida fans didn’t want to see Frank’s go down last season, but ask them today if they are glad it happened and see what response you get.
Just like with Florida last year, I think our best hope would be for Nix to go down. I know that’s awful to say but it’s true. If Nix is out with no one behind him that’s comparable, Chad will be forced to put more into the run game and I believe that’s the ticket to salvage the rest of this season. However, you never know. Chad could put Sawyer Pate in for Nix and he could set up to be more of a threat to go along with the running game. I know I sound horrible but if Bo stays healthy and Chad continues to tunnel on this failing offensive scheme, we finish 4-6, 5-5 optimistically.
Your theory is flawed. Auburn isn’t running anything anywhere right now and that’s the problem. Be more accurate to say Chad is throwing this program in the trash.
I never thought I would find myself quietly hoping that Nix gets hurt. I would imagine some other fans are quietly hoping this happens as well. I have no doubt that Nix has no competition at the QB spot so obviously there’s no one that could step up and be better (that we know of). I hate myself for having these thoughts because I don’t wish I’ll on anyone. I just wouldn’t mind seeing him have to come out, thereby forcing Chad to run the ball more.
We consistently recruit at a high national level every year. Malzhan is the 3rd highest paid CFB coach behind only Saban and Dabo I believe. We have one of the best DCs in all of CFB and we consistently put SEC quality defenses on the field, this year being an exception that seems to be a big exception for everyone except Georgia and Arkansas. We have all the tools to be a consistent national topic in the Playoff picture. The problem is one of these tools is broken and the parts to fix it have been discontinued. Malzhan has shown promise at times, mainly beating Bama when none of his assistants have been able to do it. The problem is aside from that, he only shows regression and how NOT to utilize 4-5 star talent. Auburn consistently puts talent on the field that has the potential for 10win seasons every year. They say time will tell. Well time has written a book on Malzhan and the ending defines poor team management and direction.
At this point, I’d almost say it’s pointless to speculate on the Playoffs. The way these games are going week to week, anything could happen next week. There wasn’t a single SEC game without at least 3 turnovers, most of which were on one team. We talked crap about MSU throwing 6 INT thru 2 QBs last week while Ole Miss did work against Bama, ONLY to have Matt Corral to come up this week and throw 6 INT himself. I mean, really think about it, everything we thought we knew about this season has been wrong. I’m not gonna say Arkansas got robbed at Auburn, but if the review had went there way we’d be talking about Arkansas possibly making a legit stand in the west because right now Arkansas looks like they have the #2 defense in the SEC and should be 3-1.
Call me crazy but I would like to see what PJ Fleck could do at Auburn.
Auburns had some serious problems but we’ve been banged up pretty good through 2 games and we’ll have most of the injured players back this game, KJ Britt being the only exception. Everybody can count Auburn out all they want but I still say that when you only have 1of 4 team captains and 5 starters down from injury, that does make a big difference, especially when they are impact players. I expect to see Auburn show up today.
Malzhan’s buyout isn’t $21mil. Maybe you should worry about your own coach, after A&M intercepts MSU 8 times in this game, Leach’s seat might start to heat up
The only way I see Tank not getting SEC Freshmen of the Year is if Chad completely drops the ball on this offense and doesn’t give him the touches he should have game to game. Which sadly could be completely possible if the Arkansas game was any indication
I just gotta say that I feel for Tank right now. The way the Arkansas game ended is really over shadowing the game this young man had Saturday. Granted, Miz’s QB had a great game, but I think Bigsby deserved SEC Freshmen of the week more. I mean, this kid had 267 all-purpose yards, 14 broken tackles on 20 carries, and averaged 10 yards after contact. This was also is first career start with the Tigers as a true freshmen. Everyone can say what they want about how the game ended, but this guy deserves FAR more credit for his performance than he’s getting. I’d argue that Bigsby is the ONLY reason we were able to stay in the game.