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Actually, you should be thanking the playoff committee because Flordia certainly wasn't impressive this year nor did they deserve a NY6 bowl game. The ONLY thing Florida did this year was beat Auburn. That's it, end of story. They finished 1-2 in ranked games. Florida skated on a weak schedule that they barely held up to. So again, be thankful for the playoff committee and you should also be thinking Auburn because the only reason Florida stayed relevant is because Auburn stayed relevant
I'm very excited about this hire. Chad Morris may not have been a very good head coach, but his record as an offensive coordinator is pretty good. His offensive style fits Auburn's offense like a glove because he learned his offense from Malzahn. I just hope Malzahn will have enough confidence in his hire to let him do his job rather than trying to manage everything.
I was going to point that out, but you beat me to it. SDS articles at their finest for you with fact-checking
Even with an SEC bias, it's a no-brainer that Burrow is the Heisman winner this year. No one else really has a resume to match for contention.
Im definitely rofling over here at the arrogance UGA fans have had over that supposed best defense in the SEC. Stats and schedule strength can be seriously misleading.
Loved it! Great game LSU! Congrats to Burrow, hands down Heisman winner this year. Another overrated defense exposed! Now, where's ole Tim Rupert? He hiding under his bed already? Come on Timmy boy, tell me more about how good that defense is.
You need to research more. Saban is higher paid by 1.3 mil over Gus and Dabo
The generalization of Team by definition includes the coaching staff you f****** tool
This article is an example of how they're still looking for a way to include Alabama in the playoffs. Notice how they say 'The Tide is all but eliminated from playoff contention.'
No they aren't going to give him a raise. He's already the 2nd highest paid SEC coach and the T-3rd highest paid CFB coach alongside Dabo (if I'm not mistaken).
I just want to point out to everyone reading that this guy is among the 1% that most true Auburn fans detest. When you hold a mentality like that and claim to be a fan you are fooling yourself. Do all Auburn fans a favor and change that name and that avatar. You are not a fan, you are a tool!
I'll take a page from both your books and call it the 'Pick-6 Trick'
As bitter as it is to swallow, you have to give Mac Jones credit. Jones wasn't rattled. He made a mistake on the first pick-6 that happens to every QB every now and then and he certainly wasn't rattled into that throw. The second pick-6 was just excellent defense coupled with a quick reaction from Jones to avoid the sack for a loss that ended up picked. That could have easily just been an incomplete pass or Harris could have been a split second quicker on turning around and its a TD.
SDS always tries to put all Auburn fans in a generalized category. Most Auburn fans already realize this about Gus and the Auburn faithful have always stood behind him. What I find remarkable is how SDS always seems to take any article about any subject relating to Auburn football and find a way to paint a negative picture of the Auburn fan base. At the same time, they take the Alabama fan base and try to find a way to not make the extremist sect of Alabama fans look bad. Very poor journalism if you ask me, but I'm an Auburn fan so obviously they wouldn't.
I've been saying this for weeks, you Georgia fans need to put the brakes on that best defense talk until you face LSU because you have no relevant games against top-caliber offenses to reference yet. Hold LSU do the same as Auburn or less then talk. I highly doubt you can because the Georgia defense isn't as physical as Auburn's.
.. that Georgia didn't dominate in that game either. Instead they laid on the ground, spread eagle, and said 'take it if you can!' To which South Carolina responded, 'with or without Lube?' Don't try to defend a game that Georgia lost to an unranked 8 loss team that got boat race by group of five schools this year, just don't!
Actually, I did watch that game. I lost a lot of respect for Blankenship in UGA over that game. And this is coming from an Auburn fan that was rooting for Georgia to be in the playoffs last year over Notre Dame cuz I felt they were a better team and they were. I'm not saying South Carolina dominated that game ,but I am saying
Are you guys really trying to argue Merit in a loss to an 8 loss team? Surely you can't be serious
Georgia's defense has proven to be dominant through most of the season except for the SC game. BUT, they haven't proven themselves against an offense of this caliber. Im anxious to see this game unfold.
I've said all season that Ole Miss needs a strong recruiting drive and possibly a change of leadership and they would prove to be a threat in the SEC with Plumlee. In my eyes, this kid was incredible this season and he's definitely someone to watch in the future. It won't surprise me in the slightest to see him in contention for the Heisman in years to come with his athletic ability. Watching him run all over teams, LSU most of all, was a highlight of the season for me. I look forward to seeing him perform next year.
Wasn't included in this article but I think it's also more than noteworthy to point out that Malzhans team this year put the most up against Saban since he's been at Bama and the most put up against him since 1999 when he was at Michigan. All of this was done with an offense that has been dogged all season long with one of the toughest schedules while Nix has been developing. It's easy to criticize when the game doesn't go your way but Auburn fans shouldn't be so quick to want Malzhan gone. We could end up with worse considering...
You can't put stock in HS recruits based on their HS performance, Auburn should have taught you that by now. Nix was supposed to be QB god if you believed the hype and we saw how that played out. He still broke records and did well closing the season but was nowhere near what he was touted to be. So trend those waters carefully.
No, my point is Florida isn't nearly as good as you fans try to take credit for. When it comes down to it, even with the loss to Florida, Auburn has a stronger resume than Florida by comparison when cross-referencing seasons. That's Why Auburn is listed before Florida in this article that you are all in an uproar about.
Boy you are piling on the evidence of that lack of intelligence comment I made, especially if you're a UF grad. The point deficit is of losses and the '-' isn't indicating the spread in the manner you're trying to read. Its just formatting to try and make it simple for simpletons, like UF fans, to understand. Clearly I didnt make it simple enough if you're any indication.
I guess you missed the point to all that but whatever. You might also notice that even being ranked above Auburn, Florida seems to be a lost topic noone is covering because you've proven irrelevant over the season.
Thank you. Pretty obvious they know it when noone is refuting anything I listed except the guy that can't read or comprehend claiming I left out the AU vs UF game even though its the first one listed. Tools will be tools.
Actually I didn't leave it out since it's a loss calculated on Auburn side unless you're trying to say that Florida loss to Auburn
-Just to save argument: I know it's probably petty to include the TA&M game in that list but I only include it because they were ranked at the time and they were favored to win.
What's also cute is I don't see you trying to refute any points I just made