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Doubtful. Auburn fans should rally behind Sean. All Auburn fans should be content with the decision that has been made. Regardless of their preference or how they THINK the offense should be run. There's a reason why Gus is a football coach in the SEC and their arm-chair QB's sitting in their living rooms and on the computer.
Jovon was a problem last year for the first half of the season. He should have been dismissed last year for his actions, but I'm guessing he earned his way back on the field. Of course he's going to say that it's all Gus' fault and that he didn't do anything because there are no real stories, just rumors. The kid is a great running back no doubt and this hurts our depth a little bit but he has always been a head case wherever he has went. It's a good move to not have the team divided. The entire offensive line has spoken out saying they think it's for the best. Auburn will be alright.
I completely understand what you're saying and where you're coming from. This inconsistencies we have had have large been due to our defense. Sure, we recruit well but we haven't had a good defensive scheme or we haven't had a defensive system in place long enough for our players to succeed. On the offensive side of the ball Gus is considered to be a genius because his offenses typically score enough points to win games and our defense typically gives up just enough points to lose games. As bad as we were last year four of our loses were only by a touchdown. We may not have looked offensively sound but we scored enough points to have a chance to win.
He has some very valid points about some Auburn fans and their perception of Malzhan. It's largely due to little brother syndrome. Some fans only see that Alabama is winning championships and consistently fielding a good team. Saban has been a head coach for a long time now and has perfected his craft. Malzhan became a head coach for the first time since his high school days in 2012. He's still learning a lot. However, what he has done since he became head coach is consistently have top 15 recruiting classes. He's had a rough go of defensive coordinators and is lacking consistency in the aspect of coaching on that side of the ball. He is perfecting his craft and if these Auburn fans will shut their mouth and give him a chance to build this consistency, we might actually become consistent in winning too. Rome wasn't built in a day. Just because he had immediate success in 2013 doesn't mean that will always happen.
Only Auburn fans that want Gus gone are the ignorant ones that are looking through the blinders. The real Auburn fans that look at the fact that all of their losses were by 8 points or less with the exception of LSU and Bama. And even Bama was only a touchdown until about 2 minutes left in the game. Chizik lost control of his team. Gus still has control and has every one of those clawing fighting and scratching to get wins. This team will be just fine down the road with Gus. He's learning from his mistakes as a very young head coach. The culture of Auburn football is shifting for the better. Just wait and see.
Considering all the buyouts we are currently paying and have paid and Gus' extension after 2013 I believe he will have until at least the end of the 2017 season.
The Bowden season you're referring to was in 1993. But since that team that was ineligible Auburn has went undefeated in 2004 with Tommy Tubberville and then in 2010 with Gene Chizik.
JF3 is honestly just a pawn to push Sean to work harder. If Sean performs well JF3 will move into the slot role (which he has been spotted learning how to run routes and learning the routes) because of his altheticism. Mostly I think he will relieve Kerryon Johnson from his Wildcat offense role to make the pass option of it a threat. People only look at the numbers of touchdown to interception and talk about Sean's lack of production in the red zone. No one wants to go back and watch the film and see that the play calling completely limited and he never got to show what he can really do. Sean White has moxy and he is a ball player. Another year in the system, another year in the weight room, he'll be ready to let loose this year.
I think Rhett Lashlee has the most to worry about for Auburn. More poor QB play and development could end up having him gone after this year if they allow Gus to stay. I personally feel like Gus will be really hands on with this stable of QB's to try and right the ship. However, when you start trying to right a ship that's on the verge of sinking it gets really difficult. Gonna have to get creative with the play calling and hope the hogs up front can block long enough.
Sorry, Roc's is xroc9 and Marquel Harrel posted the other picture.
How about y'all go check out his Instagram. His name is @quel_phew he posted two pictures of him in Auburn uniforms with one having the caption "I love it, I swear I do" and the location being Auburn University and the other having the caption " Come get it from the source word of the mouth" you can listen to all the rumors and feed into it. If it happens, it happens. But I don't think it will.
Must be trying to pull out all the stops in order to beat Mississippi State and Georgia. Too far..?
I was there at the event and what Gus basically said is that right now Sean White is number 1 option, JF3 is number 2, and JJ is number 3. He had a slideshow presentation of all coaches and top players. When commenting on the quarterbacks he said that JF3 was lightening fast and shift (but we all had that idea, when introducing Sean he said "Sean is an SEC quarterback. No doubts. He has the heart of a champion and is tough as nails. When he is healthy he can do great things. He has added about 15 pounds to his frame and looks good. He's improved this spring." Then he commented on JJ and only said his footwork has gotten better and his accuracy is a little better. However, he obviously wants someone to challenge Sean a little more before he makes his decision.
This article is such trash. The only reason this concert is happening is because one of the founders of Chicken Salad Chick became ill with cancer and died about 5 months ago and Kenny Chesney is/was one of his favorite country artist. This concert is to honor him and all the proceeds go towards cancer foundations. The fact that SDS would publish this article shows how trashy and low the writers are here at SDS. Oh and btw, Miranda Lambert, Sam Hunt, and Old Dominion will also be there. Want to make any other connections about how they're bandwagon fans?
Difference in Johnson vs Cox is that is that Brandon Cox was as tough as nails and never gave up. Brandon Cox fought and overcame myasthenia gravis.
Or so he can coach alongside his son who is a GA there.
Carlton Davis for Auburn should be mentioned on this list. Heck of a season for a true freshmen. 56 total tackles, 8 pass breakups, 3 interceptions, and a forced fumble.
Maybe we can get Eli Jenkins from Jax St. to come in as a grad transfer. The kid could definitely save Gus' job next year. He's a playmaker.
He threw one pass for 11 yards and a touchdown (a screen pass that Jason Smith turned into a touchdown) and ran the ball three times for 26 yards and a touchdown. Not thoroughly impressed because of his limited play (he typically plays better in a backup role). Gus has a lot of evaluating to do this off season. I hope he can show that he can develop a QB. Our defense was competitive this game and were flying around, having fun. I believe the outcome of next year will be a little better. War eagle.
Nah, he's supposedly transferring. We'll throw the hype on Sean, John Franklin 3 (who I think will end up at WR because he's smaller than Sean), Tyler Queen, or Woody Barrett. Auburn's problem is they need a QB who can be trusted, after the Jax state game they no longer trusted JJ so we became more than vanilla in our schemes.
The problems lie in one area: 2012 recruits, the last of Chizik era. Auburn's offense went from running the HUNH with Malzahn as OC to whatever the hell Loeffler was attempting to accomplish. Jeremy was a Chizik recruit who almost didn't come to Auburn because of him being fired. Instead knowing our QB situation with Frazier and Wallace he believed he would be able to play almost immediately on the plans. However, Gus was able to recruit Nick Marshall and was able to run something close to his ideal offense and go to the national championship. Great playmakers including Coates, Tre Mason (underrated beast at RB), and heck of an offensive line in front of them highlighted by Greg Robinson helped to hide the imperfections that Auburn had. We had a less than average defense who would give up a ton of points but Auburn was able to run behind that line. Here we are two years later with only Avery Young and Alex Cozan being the only remainders from that line. Sure it is known that Gus is supposed to be an offensive genius and is but when you have Jeremy who plays lights out in practices and scrimmages but can't get it done when it's game time isn't really a reflection on Gus. Jeremy has a mental block that HE cannot get over. The only reason he is playing right now is because Sean (who we only recruited because he was the absolute best and most impressive QB left on the board) is hurt. Injuries have plagued this year and threw all of it Auburn has lost 5 of its 6 games by two scores. 4 of them being 8 points or less. That's pretty impressive in my opinion for an offensive genius who is having to limit his offense by 2/3 because he can't trust his supposed to be all star quarterback. The players have fought hard all year and never gave up. The future looks very bright SDS. Don't get sucked into the on paper stats. Look at the field. We held Alabama, the NO. 2 team in the nation currently to just two touchdowns. One of which was scored with just a few ticks left and it was out of reach for Auburn. No one on this staff ha forgotten to coach. Just not able to do everything we would like this year. Like I said, the future is bright. WDE!
Like Cam said, if you don't like it you better keep him out of the endzone.
It's ridiculous that White was put in considering everyone in the world knows he's injured and can't move well. That's so easy for D-coordinators to send 7 guys after him because he can't escape then. Sean could've gotten hurt worse with the shots he took too. This wasn't a smart move in any sense.
I believe that this game ends up going a lot like the 2009 game did. Hopefully the outcome is in our favor but at least we don't have Mario Fannin to drop a touchdown pass in the endzone.
If anything without Chubb running backs should be a push. Peyton has been steady and reliable while JRob is beginning to break out like people thought he would. Sony is great and all but with all the people that Auburn can have run the ball at you (since Terry Godwin was mentioned above), it shouldn't even be close. Kerryon Johnson, Roc Thomas, Ricardo, Barber, JRob, JJ, can all run the ball well. The difference in offensive schemes makes all the difference. When the offensive play calling is at its best it's hard to know where the ball is going.
He's also typically a solid tackler. Except on that last play against Arkansas which gave them the winning touchdown.
Things will be interesting how they play out. Lots of teams, coaches, fans, and conferences will be pretty upset.
It would be real interesting to see what the committee does IF there is 3 undefeated teams with OK st, Clemson, and Ohio St. I'm sure bama would get the nod but other 1 loss conference champions or 1 loss teams will be severely butt hurt. Shouldn't be too long before the playoffs are expanded.
Since we're talking hypotheticals here, Fun-N-Gun, wanting a young coach that can recruit, go get Kliff Kingsbury!