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As a lifelong Auburn fan, I have to say it is going to take a few years to get back to competing for championships again. It needs to be completely rebuilt from scratch. Gus didn’t develop QB’s and recruit O-line. Harsin doesn’t recruit anyone. Complete rebuild needed and the one coach who has already done that, and better than anyone ever is Bill Clark from UAB.
Auburn has never hired a top tier coach. Even Pat Dye came from Wyoming and East Carolina. Tubberville was the closest thing to a big name coach
I think at this point it doesn’t matter if Auburn keeps Harsin or not. Next season is looking like it’ll be horrible, falling another year behind in recruiting, and losing so many players to the transfer portal. It feels like Auburn is self imposing a death penalty, and there’s only one man I can think of to bring in and rebuild it to win immediately. That man is Bill Clark from UAB.
There’s gonna be plenty of empty seats on the sidelines for Bama fans to move to after the first quarter haha
Bad call, but should have kicked the field goal. The whole game seemed like the penalty flags were uneven and biased. Bad calls have gone against SEC teams this bowl season. Houston’s go ahead drive against Auburn had a bad targeting call against Auburn and on the touchdown not calling holding on center for grabbing and tackling Auburn’s d-lineman. It seems like other conferences have it out for SEC. Beware Bama and Uga.
Just like the world beating talent Jimbo left at FSU
At least this time a bama fan didn't come armed with poison, haha