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I've been watching this for over fifty years now. And again you guys including the author of this article are missing it because you don't understand the rivalry. Barkley is just riling up the players for the game. Auburn defeated both the number on and the number two teams in the nation in a heads up rivalry game. So they really don't have anything to be upset about with Alabama playing Georgia in a National Championship. One the Georgia game is the longest continuous one in the South. We lost to them the second time because of injuries in the Alabama game. Of course Barkley is ribbing Alabama. Auburn fans like nothing better than to give it to the in state rival. Especially when you beat them in the Iron Bowl. Just like Alabama fans like to do the same. And we all take it as a part of the rivalry. However some do carry it a bit too far. Like the Alabama man that shot the Auburn man in Mobile during an argument over which team was better. That, of course was before the game this year. Or the guy that poisoned the trees down at Toomer's corner. My wife is from Tennessee and has lived here for about 30 years and still doesn't understand the in state rivalry. You know their only in state rival is Vandy. Which is getting to be a better game due to Tennesee's lack and Vandy's gain lately. She says Alabama and Auburn fans are crazy. Especially the Alabama fans since she lives with an Auburn fan. But the truth is, for most of us, we just like to give the other one a good ribbing when we can. And Barkley shouldn't be excluded from that most.
Barkley is just riling up the Georgia players. He wants them to win. Any true Auburn fan wants to see both Alabama and Georgia win. That way they can say they are the only team to beat the #1 and #2 teams.