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Every season it seems like there are a few things that are almost guaranteed for the Kentucky-Missouri football game. It's going to be an awful game on both sides but it'll be close and there will be a crazy play or two that end up deciding the outcome. Also, for the past decade the odds are really good that Kentucky is going to win and then there are going to be a few Missouri fans that whine and blame the officiating for costing them the game. Missouri didn't lose because of the refs. They lost because they aren't a very good football team right now. Most Mizzou fans seem to be really good people who understand sports and are mature enough not to blame bad calls for every loss. But the bad Mizzou fans who cry like children and blame officiating are the most annoying and obnoxious fans in the conference. Is there any way while all this conference realignment is going on that we can trade Mizzou for Kansas?
As a UK fan I wish we could play Tennessee next weekend instead of 2 weeks from now. Not saying we'd win but a little post-Bama hangover on UT's behalf might have kept things from getting too out of hand. Right now with the way both teams are playing I'm afraid it could get ugly for us. Here's hoping we have our WR1 back and that our O-line can straighten itself up. But congratulations to UT. That was the best game I've seen all season.
Wow I really didn't realize I wrote that long of a post. That's embarrassing. I apologize. Next time I post something I promise I will lay off the bourbon before I start typing.
I am worried that starting 2 freshman "bod[ing] well for the future of the program" is our new OC trying to put a positive spin on a less than ideal situation. Those 2 young guys are definitely talented, especially when compared with our overall track record at receiver, but I don't think they are change-the-game talented/fast. Levis is the best QB we've had in years and I do think there's gonna be substantial improvement in his game but it isn't going to matter how good he is this season if he doesn't have anyone to throw the ball to. These young receivers might be wonderful for us in a year or 2 if we can recruit a future QB (which we haven't done yet) but how well are they gonna perform this year? On paper Levis and UK had decent receiving stats last year but the vast majority of that was due to Robinson being one of the best receivers we've ever had and Levis dumping the ball down to him then watching him rack up yardage. He really was the only receiver we had last season and my concern this year is that with him gone, even with an improved Levis, we just don't have the current talent or experience at wide out to consistently produce with the passing attack. Without Robinson last year teams wouldn't have had to scheme against our passing game and would've been able to really stack the box on us which would've seriously weakened our rushing attack. This season when you add in a new and inexperienced offensive coordinator, having to break in 2 new tackles, and the uncertainty of when Rodriquez is going to return it makes me feel like our passing game could take a significant step back. A lot of people are thinking we'll see more production from our tight ends but they couldn't get much less productive than they were last season. So overall I'm really afraid our passing game isn't going to equal last season's, much less surpass it. I really really hope I'm wrong on this and thankfully I'm wrong a lot. A whole lot. And I'm a pessimist by nature who still remembers how bad UK football was at its lowest points and part of me is just waiting for the train to jump the tracks and end up at the bottom of the river again. But I'd really love to see our young guys develop and Robinson continue to improve on his play at Va Tech. Add in a scheme that allows our TEs to do more than block and hopefully Rodriquez comes back focused and hangs onto the ball behind a solid interior O line and 2 new tackles who live up to their potential. If those things happen, and granted I just wrote a bunch of ifs, then we could absolutely be looking at another double digit win total for the season. If we struggle in a few or all of those areas or if God forbid Levis gets injured (if that happens we have no backups whatsoever and the season is shot) then I could easily see us going as bad as 7-5. It's all these unknowns that are worrying me about this upcoming season. Go Cats.
UK-USMC, I appreciate the info. Guessing he refused the blood/breathalyzer? Keep up the good fight, brother. Go Cats
I'm straying from the subject of this article, but UK has been pretty tight lipped with details about Rodriguez. We keep hearing 3-4 games but all we know for sure is that he's out for the opener. I wonder if there have been more issues than just the DUI. I think if that's all he was dealing with then Stoops might have already set a definite suspension of maybe 2 games but I get the feeling that maybe there's more that he has to atone for than just the DUI. No matter what the situation is, we're really gonna miss him at Florida, assuming he's still out.
I haven't seen the citation, just a few short details in some articles. I know it doesn't matter now, but just out of curiosity what was it that made it look winnable for Rodriguez?