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I believe this is the same attorney that Tennessee used to fire Pearl with cause as well.
I think Jim Chaney would be a great hire. Please hire him.
Didn't this article get posted on Monday? Please tell me it isn't Monday still.
Not sure what has happened to Mauer. I thought the same thing last year about him. Cannon- gunslinger- risk taker. Didn't he end up getting multiple concussions last year or was it Shrout? I think if G comes back he causes possibly both Shrout and Mauer to leave due to not enough room. I wouldn't be surprised if we loose one regardless.
Basically this right here. Lots of us UT fans got a glimmer of hope in the loss to Alabama last year. Yes the 3rd stringers for Bama are better than our starters but we played hard, didn't quit and showed heart. Then the streak started(yes lesser quality opponents) and it built on the hope started with Bama loss. Then we played decent for the 1st half of the GA game this year, then yeah everything else. The slow ascent that we were seeing and getting excited about is no longer there. Now we have a coach getting butt hurt during media interviews?
I think the comment about TN not being able to afford a coaching change is correct. That and Fulmer is not one to make quick changes. Look how long he stuck with 90's football. The moment he tried to update and go to somewhat of a spread offense it failed and he got fired. I know there was more to it than that, I just think he isn't going to make a fast judgement due to his own experience of his coaching career ending. I think Pruitt gets one more year for that reason and given how little money is coming into the entire dept.
So is there a group of Georgia fans clamoring for change because Kirby has not made the "jump"? If so, I would caution on change just to improve from the current top 2-4 in the SEC.
It's never too late to wonder what if. Us Vols fans do it all year long. My favorite what if is what if Lane Kiffin didn't tell Tajh Boyd to open back up his recruitment? Would that change the Vols? Or even better would it have changed Clemson? I feel like he was the qb for Clemson that got the qb machine and success up and running.
I had a little bit of hope there Corch. Chaney's offense was the only thing we had going for us the last year of Dooley. It was fun to watch them score almost at will. Unfortunately our defense was very very stoppable haha. I had hoped that Chaney would be able to get something similar going again here but it just hasn't happened for multiple obvious reasons.
Not a whole lot of money coming in and this is our last year of buy out payments to Butch and Currie so I would assume that Pruitt is safe. That said play Bailey play Bailey Play Bailey. It can't hurt anything! Beginning this year everyone said our weak spot would be wide reciever and it still is but I don't think it is as bad as once thought. Get them someone that might be able to make a throw or 3 more in a real game and see where it goes from there.
They look like they have gotten rid of the online writers. If I look at a score of a game I want to read the recap. Not watch 4 30 second clips. I know I am in shrinking minority but I skip over video clips. I'd rather read about it. Also please get rid of Stephen A. Smith. His schtick has grown old and he is more so about hearing himself talk at this point.
My response to the headline question is yes it is still a rivalry to me. I am old enough to remember the 80-90s games and that is what keeps it a rivalry in my mind. Younger generations, current players...probably not.
That is one dangerous crossing route. Glad he is going ok.
We had the punter of the week winner! Sigh... Same as SicEm- Can't dispute anyone on this list. Hard to pick just 10.
My hope was to at least keep it semi competitive for about 3 quarters. That would show to me that we are moving in the right direction. I didn't think for an instant that we were deep enough to make it a full game. Didn't quite make it 3 quarters but I'm not too upset about the game. JG is who he is. I don't want to waste an eligibility year for Harrison if we can help it though. Back to the ol' drawing board and once again I am just glad to be watching football.
Umm did we watch the same game? My optimism lessened a bit after Saturdays game. I'm still all Vol but it would not shock me if we ended up 4-6.
dvhill- my thoughts exactly. Glad to read he rejected it for this season. Gotta wonder what this puts his buy out at. I mean I think we are still paying the buy outs for both Dooley and Butch as well as the 1 year flop of the AD what-ever his name was. We might have paid off Dooley but not invested enough to look it up.
If I recall correctly that last year of Dooley was one of the highest scoring offenses that we had ever had. Pretty crazy how we couldn't stop anyone.
I remember this kid having good wheels on him for one season for us and was surprised when he didn't do more in the NFL. Probably won't see the field much in Cleveland either considering who they have in front of him.
A black hip hop artist? Little Richard? Mr. Tutti Fruitti... I don't really see him as a black hip hop artist. Or are you talking about the instrumental jazz band? Ever listened to them or did you go and look them up and listen to them after reading the article to see who they are? I did and, just my opinion of course, I kinda liked what I heard and do not mind the change. Maybe not for 20 years like Hank Jr had. Not sure anyone could listen to the same Little Richard song for 20 years haha.
They mix it up by switching from one old out of date artist to a different old out of date artist. Not against the change cause I thought it was over played.
I would think that with the bad luck at receiver SF has had this preseason that it would give Jauan a pretty good chance at working his way back up.
I was thinking the same thing. Wow, they keep getting bigger don't they?
So are the players concerned they will be graded unfairly based off win loss records due to teams being short handed from other players missing time from Covid? Are the SEC players concerned that the 10 SEC game season will be too hard and will affect draft stock due to lacking cupcake games?
Same thing each year. He starts slow, can't get his head out of the clouds and then looks sharp at the end of the year when the schedule is easier. I do think he showed great maturity last year with the benching. He was the first Vol you saw at each time out etc working with Mauer giving him support or suggestions. Maybe it will carry over and he will play great during the harder part of the season. I won't be surprised if he doesn't though.
There was a part of me that wanted to see Ken Niumatalolo come to UT. Just for fun. That said I'd love to see a triple option team get to the playoffs just to see if they could give the big boys some fits.
Not that it makes a difference in the long run but will they remove the cancelled ranked teams after week one or let them be slowly dropped out? If I were a ranker I would rank a 0-0 Clemson above say an 0-1 Iowa team. Then after a week or 2 drop them fully out. Just for fun.