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In the same boat Fuzzy. Didn't even know what twitch was until a few weeks ago. I thought it was a mistype of Twitter. Oh well, funny stuff though. I like how so many others are buying in and following along.
I'm kinda surprised that AJ Mcarron didn't get more love. 2 losses in his college career and 3 bcs titles. Yes he played for a stacked Bama team but so did Tua. In the end it is Tebow though.
You all beat me to it! Here is to making all 4 quarters interesting sooner than later.
So what teams have the room and make sense? Patriots make sense but have not money. Jags make sense and also have no cap space. Vikings? Steelers?
I can't help but imagine Chaneys offense from 2012 (around 35 points per game) with a real defense. If that is what we are building towards then heck yes. But it's early and these boys gotta get that orange and white helmet on first. Lets see how many stick around and how many get caught up in the excitement and reopen the recruiting. GBO
I'm trying not to get overly excited too early. So many commitments flip and open back up before signing day. IF we get all we have signed and then some I agree with most of the others and say 2022.
Halloween is on a Saturday this year. Too bad if played I think it is an away game.
I tend to remember that Shuler got a really bad foot injury or something like that and that contributed to him not working out in Washington. May be misremembering. Injury bug knocks him and Couch down from my list so I have to say Johnny Football number 1 and Russell number 1.5
How much do they sell the beer for? 6.50 each sounds a little cheap for a sporting event.
I bet the kid didn't get it. How long has Regis been off the air? I'm old enough to find it funny though!
From what I read they wouldn't have been able to afford him anyways. It was a situation where he wanted to play with Brady or stay retired so might as well get a free pick.
Hey now, we are CHAMPIONS OF LIFE. No one else got any of those huh? haha
Can he play offensive line? Until they can keep a qb on his feet and not running for his life it barely matters who the qb is. JG has taken a pounding for 3 years. With all new receivers the qb will need some time for the play to develop.
Forgot about Leach, I was thinking if Kiffin holds on long enough he could get a qb in his pro style that could do it. Yeah, I see Leach definitely putting an offense on the field to do it.
How about that played at the same time? Which schools had the best future pro athletes playing at the same time? My homer choice would be Peyton and Tamika.
Longevity matters it says. I think that would end up eliminating Bo Jackson. He was/is very gifted and an amazing athlete, injuries just happened. I do think that for Auburn you can't go wrong with Barkley Big Hurt though. Kinda fun thought process, no real wrong answer.
I would love to have Virginia Tech. Only 4 hours from Knoxville and maybe figure out a way to have the Battle for Bristol again. So many people in the Tri-Cities area are so split between the 2 teams it would make for an instant rivalry. I am intrigued by West Virginia too. Nice location to KY etc.
We have been down for so long we can't even win in the over-rated poll!
I agree, even if it is only one persons life it is still more important than any game.
Yup agree. In the end it is still only a game and if postponing or cancelling these things will help slow the spread of this virus then it is worth it.
Sad state of several schools with scholarship athletes. Not just at UT. I somewhat wish schools would be more strict on grades and competence in grammar etc but then I remember that I like football a lot and I don't care that much.
So playing well and winning huh? Ok, gotcha. I miss College football season.
They only hold his rights if he signs his rookie contract. He can always refuse to sign it and re-enter the draft the following year. The other leagues would at least give him an income for a year. Bo Jackson did something similar to the Bucs.
All he needs to say is after meeting with the Bengals at the combine that he will not play for them. Will not report if drafted and will go to the XFL for a season if he has to. Bengals won't risk not having a 1st round draft pick at all and will trade the pick. He has plenty of leverage.
I dunno, Dobbs was pretty head scratching too. Couldn't hit the broadside of a barn with all day long protection but have him running for his life and he could make play after play. I do like JG though, liked him being up and in the ear of everyone when he was benched last year. Great teammate.