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They only hold his rights if he signs his rookie contract. He can always refuse to sign it and re-enter the draft the following year. The other leagues would at least give him an income for a year. Bo Jackson did something similar to the Bucs.
All he needs to say is after meeting with the Bengals at the combine that he will not play for them. Will not report if drafted and will go to the XFL for a season if he has to. Bengals won't risk not having a 1st round draft pick at all and will trade the pick. He has plenty of leverage.
I dunno, Dobbs was pretty head scratching too. Couldn't hit the broadside of a barn with all day long protection but have him running for his life and he could make play after play. I do like JG though, liked him being up and in the ear of everyone when he was benched last year. Great teammate.
Hopefully he doesn't follow his brother to Clemson!
Can't hurt to see what you can get. It isn't like they are 1 player away from being competitive. NFL landscape is changing as well so solid teams are drafted and not put together through free agency. It is about that rookie pay scale.
Guarantano seems to always take a step forward the second half of the season. Need to see him take that step forward the first half of the season as well. Same needs to be said for his protection as well.
We were "back" with I believe a higher recruiting class under Butch. That didn't work out so well. I'll wait to see if we can figure out how to play football early in the season instead of just at the end.
I can make a mean plate of eggs and I am willing to live in Ohio. If the pay is right.
Since JG is the only one still listed as active and not transferred I'm gonna go ahead and claim this one as a win. Win what? Who knows, all I know is UT needs some wins somewhere, anywhere badly. Haha, ready for the season to start. Filler articles are already getting pretty thin.
Titans are definitely better with the cap now under Jon Robinson than before. I don't see them paying that much to one player though, they may be better with the cap but they have always been cheap. I wonder who will get the tag, Henry or Tannehill?
I was expecting something from Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine since most shows will play an older song to appeal to the older viewers. Then it dawned on me both of the most popular songs that Shakira and JLo played are over 15 years old and they were the older songs for the older viewers. I am now an older OLDER viewer. Not bad though.
Got a lot of pay outs still owed former coaches. Butch is paid monthly till about 2021. That has basically been the extent of the money bleeding. Well that and subpar teams leads to subpar season ticket sales....
Sounds promising for us. Now if only our QB's remember how to play the first half of the season. Always headscratching boneheaded mistakes early then play outstanding at the end to make the masses forget the first half of the season.