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OMG, Joe! Just like Ed. Calm down, it's one win since...we lose count. Anyways, let's close the door on Bama football...boohoo. I dont remember us agreeing to that. Next. Moving on. Nice game LSU. But, please.
Win out, win SECC & be ready for OSU! Dont think anybody will beat them. But you read what I said earlier, Bama fans will be pissed tou dont win it all. Great Classic! This one was yours.
And LSU neeeevvvvveeerrrr has done that! Who doesn't. Get to 17 and talk brutha!
Nicely put coming from LSU! Thank you sir! A lot of us Bama fans will be mighty pissed you dont win it all, if we dont get in. Shot ourselves in both feet in 1st qtr. Not smart! And you guys almost sat on a lead to long in the 2nd half. Eat those mutts alive! Directions to ATL, if you need.
Gaters got eating by a speak. And to answer, no. Just stupid writers bloviating spew! Everybody is all over Bama. Well, we finally lost. OMG! Shut the program down! Really!
Really Ed?! You sat on a lead and almost got beat & Bama defeated themselves in the 1st qtr. Wow!
"Let" Devonta get behind him? B**** please! If we had been doing this from the 1st qtr, you would have just said, "Bama wins again". Bama wounded themselves & almost found a squatting on a lead Tiger bunch on their heels. If LSU doesn't win the NC, BAMA fans will be pissed...that is if the 4 best teams dont include Bama! "Finally, LSU wins", should have been your lead story!
5 points for each. Unless it was for somebody sick or dying, how dumb! I wonder if they hugged trees on the way?
Nah. Requires to much effort for not a lot of action. Tua actually outperformed Mr Burroughs. 1st qtr, Bama killed themselves but had comeback in them. LSU squatted & almost lost it! Told the GA fans they will need all the luck they could get against you. Win out & we just may sit out the SECC & see you again in the playoffs! Good game, out of sportsmanship.
Enjoy! All yall had years to mull over what you could say when BAMA "finally" loses....and all that can be said is "Sad fans are sad". Wow! Who signs your paychecks? I laugh at the slacking of the squatters!
Yep wish em luck...cause you wont be playin em in the SEC Championship. When you get real, Bama fans can give you directions to Atlanta! We beat ourselves in the 1st qtr! Could any of you weak East teams have done that? Answer, uh uh!
Everybody enjoy Bama losing. What a bunch! We might as well shutdown the football program, tear down the stadium & build housing for the less fortunate. RTR! We should win out!
See you mutts in "falling apart T town" next year!
Awe! We used to "play" football not two hand touch. It shouldn't have happened but calling it a"cheap shot" is a bit overrated
Hey slakker, Those lights are stupid/dumb & unfortunately not part of BAMA tradition. But I'll tell ya, they dont change the uniforms/helmets to neon or go stupid with all that. BTW, you should have beat GA! It was a let down to AL that we couldn't play somebody else besides GA. Oh well! Good luck in the Citrus bowl.