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And you're probably one of those dumb fans that wanted Bama the last time we played them. I thought the sign was hilarious.
They do get a lot of free stuff, but that free stuff isn't going to pay the bills for their families. This is America and at 18 you should be allowed to capitalize on your talents for monetary gain. And if players ruin their careers by going to the NFL out of highschool that's on them and that's their mistake to make. It's a ridiculous rule that allows the NCAA to make millions while these players get exploited.
Why is Julio at 25? He should be the first wide receiver taken. He should definitely at least be taken before Cooper
I would argue that Tennessee has some people that need to step down... (Butch Jones). But yeah I think Georgia had the best roster but that hasn't been enough in years past so who knows haha
I knew some Alabama fans would get butthurt about this. Anytime somebody says something remotely negative about Alabama yall get way too pissed off.
I'm also excited to see Richard Lecounte he seems like the type that will add a little bit of attitude to the defense.
Possibly the kid didn't want to move across the country.
Come on over to Georgia. It worked for Maurice Smith, on a personal performance stand point that is.
I would take Guice from LSU if I could have any freshman RB
It's not that I want Bama to lose. I just never want to see another Bama fan happy again. They've won enough
I agree. The letter was great except for the part where he threw his dad under the bus. If it were me I would have framed it more as dad being passionate and wanting what's best for me instead of just throwing him under the bus.
I'm not a Big 10 Homer, I'm actually a student at UGA I'm just not gonna lie to myself and say the SEC is better than they are. Just like I'm not gonna root for an SEC team just because they are in the SEC. I would be perfectly happy if Auburn Bama Florida and Tennessee never won another game.
Yes I do. If you only judge the quality of conferences based on bowl performance then you're the idiot. The Big 10 also got more teams in Bowl games that people care about with stiffer competition. But if you want to say that the SEC is better because Miss St. beat Miami OH then go right ahead buddy.
Yes I do. If you only judge the quality of conferences based on bowl performance then you're the idiot. The Big 10 also got more teams in Bowl games that people actually care about. But if you want to say the SEC better because Miss St beat Miami OH then go right ahead buddy.
That's stupid logic. This year's team is different than last year's team. Last year's team didn't have Zeke, there defense was worse and Sean Lee was hurt. Also how valuable can you be when some Cowboys fans think the back up is better than you. His passing numbers are also no where close to that of Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, or Tom Brady.
I agree with him. The SEC sucked this year. The east is full of mediocre teams. The west has Alabama and one pretty good team in LSU who lost to Wisconsin (Big 10's 4th best team).
Yeah I could see how being Tennessee fan could get old...
You do realize its offensive coordinator instead of offense of coordinator, its defensive instead of defense of coordinator, and it's Coach Muschamp, not coach must champ. Or are you just an idiot?
Also I could see him not wanting to be in his brother's shadow and wanting to make his own path. But who know's?
I hope this kid learns basic spelling and grammar before taking these college classes...
I could not disagree with you more. There is no excuse to put hands on a woman unless you are in actual danger. And that girl had no chance of causing any harm to man of his strength and size. He is a coward and a pussy.
This is coming from the guy that already thinks Eason is the best qb Georgia has ever had...
And this article is about Alabama how?