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6-6 would be a great improvement. They seem to have some talent but we will see how they handle the setback and move through what looks like a tough conference.
If they can rattle Beck it could be anyone's game in that crazy stadium. I'm definitely not expecting a blowout.
Max Johnson is such a great name, they gave it to two sons!
I keep saying I'll believe it when I see it and then I keep seeing it!
I don't recall seeing anything about this during the game. Best of luck to the guy and hope he's back to full strength next season.
They haven't been fully tested for sure. On the road at Auburn will be a lot tougher place to come out hot after halftime.
Has SDS made it so you can't get rid of the ad banner at the bottom any more? It's really annoying and is making the site almost unusable since you have to scroll back up a bit after you scroll down. I actually debate each time whether or not it's worth it to read the articles. Not to mention the new 'expand comments' button. You are really trying my patience SDS and have slipped in the pecking order of my daily reads.
You think Cochran is the difference? He's been almost invisible at UGA but I know he was a key guy for Bama and knew how to motivate. I still think Bama is there at the end this season and the dynasty will keep going as long as the GOAT is there but it's getting harder to see it. Maybe Texas is that good?
I'm not even going to bother commenting on this!
Really interested to see if Bell sticks at RB. We need reliable guys there and that was an impressive run he made.
It will be good to get Daijun back. Dillon Bell looked good at the position though. Wonder if he'll continue to work there.
Dude's last start was 4 years ago so there's going to be a little rust. Add that he was missing his top 2 WRs, top RB, and Bowers hardly played after the first quarter, plus a vanilla game plan, he did fine.
They do seem to have a playmaker at QB. That can go a long way especially with a WR like Hunter. And now they believe in themselves and could very well get through the hard part of their schedule 3-2.
Agreed but I do think he needs to show enough progress this season so that recruits don't get spooked about whether he'll be there in 2 - 3 year.
And it certainly wasn't a 'missed' call. It was called, reviewed as closely as any call will be, and overturned. It was a textbook hit. Maybe in the B1G they just stand there and watch the guy catch it but in the SEC they play actual football.
Out of sight, out of mind I guess. Probably top 5 by end of season.
Legit question re. Rocket
aaaand now I see I read it wrong. Cheerfully withdrawn.
Where ya at on this one, Bozo?
Well played and I appreciate your stepping up to respond to the comment!
It's bad grammar particularly from a professional writer.
He lost me at "on tomorrow".
I don't think he was throwing shade there. Most writers would clarify it in the article. All it takes is "Ryan Clark, ESPN analyst..."
I need a shower after reading that. Curious to hear from any Gator fans that watched it? I'm not sure if I'll be able to sit through it. At least not without a few barf bags.
I appreciate Dan Jackson but would substitute the name Javon Bullard or Joenel Aguero to make those picks.
No doubt, tough spot for him unless he wins it all. If they don't, chances are he's deemed not ready to be drafted but the fans will be chomping at the bit to start someone else in '24. I admire the guy's cahones for sticking around.