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ah, so the genius that wrote this, believes Saban and others are merely scared they won't continue to dominate he was scared with the hurry up no huddle huh. Every juicy moron in the country raved about Saban being a baby over the HUNH when all he did was adapt to it and win 2 more NC's over the next 3 yrs with it. Saban is acting as he will eventually, in the name of the sport
Saban was calling out the NIL and how it was being used Einstein, not calling out the team
it took Georgias best team in history to beat a beaten down, youngest team in the country, Alabama..............enjoy!
this is journalism in the modern day
who the phuck are you? I made a statement douce but you feel the need to go on some rant lol
Im not judging like you are lol......i let something be known, but continue please Mother Theresa
dude has had epilepsy come on at this stage of his life and is dealing with severe seizures
go to sports boards for tikes....then graduate to sports boards for adolescents.........then, never come back to adult sports boards
a friend I grew up with, who was a QB for Jacksonville St. in the mid 80's, is an SEC back judge and he told me that if he was ever squeezed to show favoritizm that he would sing to the rafters so NO, THERE IS NO OTHER INTERPRETATION FOR BAMA....but for whiny ass kids, there will always be that to fall back on on sports boards when your team sucks