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No they were destroyed by a team missing 13 starters …in their house.
Wow cincy D will destroy tide o line…atrocious unit all year. even though idiot fans overlook the Bearcats coach saban won’t .
U are a flat clown if u think Alabama wins by three tds..saban is literally the only reason they escape this game by 3
Jameson Williams is not in any universe the best wr in the nation..enough already.
I do appreciate a head coach that likes to get high…so there’s that
Haha, Danny kannell is that bad bro..just sayin ;)
I mean what a overly simplistic argument ... so Syracuse was better than that all time great Clemson team they lost to. Pitt too? Stop it. OSU was a superior football team this year ... if u aren’t objective enough to admit that, your problem...ain’t the Clemson of past 3 years...and not the same OSU team either...they were better in every facet. Shame LSU and osu couldn’t play. LSU is likely winner but would have been better than Clemson. Sorry
I mean LSU is undisputed but osu was markedly better than Clemson this yr...would have given LSU a much better game
Can’t argue with OSU and Clemson as top two esp with Clemsoms embarrassing schedule but Bama def no lower than 3rd
I would rather go thru SERE training again than listen to Kannell
yea good call u redneck...bama got utterly exposed, steamrolled just like when OSU did 5 years ago when they were 'unbeatable' Roll tears