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You can see a lot more of "your" players in competition if you keep it in house. If you are playing another team and you are the offense, you don't get to see how your defense would react to the calls you make. Fun for fans but can't imagine many coaches would like it.
Thanks for trying with the Avatar. What a pleasant surprise to find such a "polite" message board. I'm a registered "senior" and been watching seriously since the early 70's. Whenever I see this argument I want to say it's always been that way. No one has done what Saban has done (although North Dakota State has ruled the FCS - 8 of the last 9 FCS championships), but if I start back in the 70's I can list the following former great runs All of the below had winning percentages over 85 % the whole period. USC 67 - 79 and 2003-08 OSU 68 - 75 Bama - 71 -79 Sooners 71 -80 Miami 93-92 FSU 87-2000 Florida with Spurrier and Meyer 2005 -09 and 91 - 2001. Nebraska 93 -97 and Paterno's Penn State team was always near the top, won in 82 and 86. And I would certainly acknowledge some great teams from LSU, Auburn, and Clemson the last 5 years. Nicholas Allen wrote a great article on this 5 years ago on SDS. No offense to your team if I didn't list them.
If College Football is unfair, where did Clemson come from? They didn't have a rich tradition. Dabo has really built something there and I don't see it ending soon. Whether you like him or not you have to respect that he did this at the same time as Saban.