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8-4. That’s the record the Gators finished with last year despite having a Heisman Finalist under center and two first round draft picks catching his passes. Mullen turned the best offense in Florida history into a four loss season.
LOL....Mike Woods for Arkansas to the portal....maybe you revise the 1 point for Arkansas.
An easy way to address this and avoid the issue like UGA had with Newman and what Mississippi State is seeing. If you have a schollie - you have an opt out date and assessed value to your scholarship. If you opt out in the season, then considered that assessed value a debt that is owed and it is forgiven. Then per the IRS rules, forgiveness of debt is treated as income for tax purposes. Force a player to decide before the season and not in the middle.
He should have worn citrus instead of pink since that is the only bowl he ever went to at UT....
Another prediction and article about UGa losing all their players but Florida lost nothing so they must be the best....blah blah blah...
UGA did not recruit Bailey because our then OC did not want him. Funny that ends up at the school where that same OC is now the OC. See how that works out.
Who has a worse record the last decade? Hint - Nothing sucks like a big orange.
If frogs had wings they would ‘t bump their ass on t meh ground. Bentley has his shot last year and missed it. Remember when all we heard before the season last year was how great you were gonna be.
When did the games against the other division not count against your conference record in the division? If you win all your division games but lose your 2 out of conference games, you can still lose the division if one of the other teams in your division only has a 1 conference loss. Hate having to correct journalists.
Has anyone looked at the DL depth for the Gators? How many have been picked up in the last 2 recruiting classes?
Bo Nix should be the QB for Auburn. The only issue is can he run Malzahn's offense. I thought Gatewood would have been a shoe in for Cam 2.0 but Malzahn must suck at a lot of things including QB Development.
LOL....that is funny - if it had been restored - choking to Purdue eliminated it.
Even when predictable nobody in the East can stop it.
Nobody is questioning Fromm at UGA. He is not a question. Has not been a question for 2 years once he started after Eason got injured. Fans and press questioned with Fields but no one else. You saw JF play a couple of times and he would have flopped had Fromm gone done for any length of time. Wolf is not a questioning - if he was as good as Woerner - he would be at UT starting. Not sure why we brought him on - I will guess back up in case Woerner is injured and blocking. Nobody is worried about the OL. Nobody is worried about WR - just who. The guys that left like Hardeman had plenty of games where they disappeared. See if Holloman, Blaylock, Cager, Landers, Bush, can step in and not disappear. I think that depends on Coley and how he calls the O. Plenty to be seen about how Coley and how he calls the O using all the talent that UGA has. That is a good question. Defense - Lanning and Schuman are DCs. Get it right. Not a lot to guess there. More interested to see if they can continue and have the D step up. Will we get more pressure - can they get our LBs and Secondary set and improved with Baker leaving. I think yes but let's see it. We should be excellent at the LB position but who is going to be the lead Dawg there? You completely missed - Can Camarada actually become a good, consistent threat at Punter?
Give the spots to the standout mid majors. Who cares about a mediocre SEC basketball team? I don't care if you are an SEC lover - basketball in the SEC is not that great this year. The mid majors should get a shot if they have standout programs over middle of the road mediocre SEC teams.
LOL..Carson Beck says Hello. That while you will suit up Franks and Emory Jones rides the bench.
Staff will be interesting. Chaney was not happy being the Co-OC at UGA and left for double the money and having UT pay UGA $500K. TO then have Tee Martin come in and be - yep Co-OC....some other things will be interesting as well especially on the D side with all those DCs in different positions....Then you have have Phat Phil hanging around - waiting for him to try and coach again and see just how JP handles that.....
Go back and ask Mark Richt about that season where he cut way back on contact and everything in practice and how that worked out. Doing those kids a dis-service. I am not saying you can't do somethings to protect kids but limiting contact won't prevent injuries, it might lead to more if they are not getting enough contact to do things right.
Looking at some recent CBs on 24/7 with Breese to Clemson and some other elite D talent to Clemson - Clemson could have a monster class. Not sure anyone else in the ACC will do anything but right now in the ACC it is Clemson and everyone else. See what Bama and UGA do but Bama loaded up big in 2019 so not sure how many spots they end up with in 2020. I know UGA has another small class as well and I hope Kirby can get quality with those spots.
Bro ship....not sure how amgood a live that is or not.
Watch how this works out for a pruitt with another Fulmerite in the mix. Also UT had to get someone who can recruit because Chaney not much into that. Next issue who is leaving to give Tee a spot on the field coaching? Sure that won’t cause any issues either.....Tee said he wa not coming back unless he was OC so wonder how that will work with a chaney who just had that issue at UGA with co OC situation. Sure all smooth and no issues at all for the Vols next year...phil setting things up so he can come in and coach and be the savior to the program again...
Same reason the NCAA let the PEDs investigation at Clemson go under the rug....
Still has to beat out Martell what happens when that does not happen?
Just wait until the Director of Officials for the SEC is not a Bama grad.
I did not see what record UT could break in the bowl season? Oops....