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Go back and ask Mark Richt about that season where he cut way back on contact and everything in practice and how that worked out. Doing those kids a dis-service. I am not saying you can't do somethings to protect kids but limiting contact won't prevent injuries, it might lead to more if they are not getting enough contact to do things right.
Looking at some recent CBs on 24/7 with Breese to Clemson and some other elite D talent to Clemson - Clemson could have a monster class. Not sure anyone else in the ACC will do anything but right now in the ACC it is Clemson and everyone else. See what Bama and UGA do but Bama loaded up big in 2019 so not sure how many spots they end up with in 2020. I know UGA has another small class as well and I hope Kirby can get quality with those spots.
Bro ship....not sure how amgood a live that is or not.
Watch how this works out for a pruitt with another Fulmerite in the mix. Also UT had to get someone who can recruit because Chaney not much into that. Next issue who is leaving to give Tee a spot on the field coaching? Sure that won’t cause any issues either.....Tee said he wa not coming back unless he was OC so wonder how that will work with a chaney who just had that issue at UGA with co OC situation. Sure all smooth and no issues at all for the Vols next year...phil setting things up so he can come in and coach and be the savior to the program again...
Same reason the NCAA let the PEDs investigation at Clemson go under the rug....
Still has to beat out Martell what happens when that does not happen?
Just wait until the Director of Officials for the SEC is not a Bama grad.
I did not see what record UT could break in the bowl season? Oops....
UGA got left out of CFP - not arguing about that situation, but that would seem to provide some motivation to say you really did belong and make a statement. Gus M is not at UGA - Kirby is. UGA will be fine. Teebow needs to go cuddle with Meyer as he is set to retire.
LSU better not get Auburninv and lose to UCF and that can end this BS.
Or on refs with bias calling to favor a certain team...especially in the 4th qtr....
More like what will the Refs to do to make sure Bama wins.....
He is not itching to take over Alabama. He has built Alabama 2.0 at Clemson. He just has to continue to recruit and keep Veneables at DC.
And go where? WTF does he think will happen at Bama if he followed up Saban? You just have a deaf ear to the fan base in those cases. Remember he plays in the A She She and had seen glimpses of issues with his secondary. Now just think about that solid 3 star recruiting class he has lined up currently.
He never looked unstoppable like Tua has. We have not opened the O like Saban has this year. Fromm was more game manager last year.
Put Tua in an average lineup like Vandy, UT, Carolina, Florida - see how well he does before we annoint him the king of the world. A lot of QBs can shine if cut loose in Bama's offense with that OL, RBs, and WRs.
UT had an outstanding 20 yards against Charlotte....Just replicate what Mizzou did, and Bama did, and Georgia did, and not what Auburn did.
20 yards rushing by any SEC team against Charlotte would be a Loser.
UT is not legitimate - they beat Charlotte 14-3 in the first quarter and sputtered the rest of the game. 20 yards rushing against Charlotte. Hardly defines being legitimate. They beat a UK team that had just suffered a demoralizing loss to UGA. Mizzou should go and roll in Knoxville. If Mizzou does anything at the end of the season - it should be to fire Derek Dooley PRONTO....he has killed Drew Lock.
Well being the home team - it helps when Diapers are in the equation.
They lost to a down and out Carolina team after being up 21 - 9. Not sure what anything optimistic is for UT at this point - okay - you beat a cupcake and get a W.
Mizzou should fire Dooley now. He has killed their offense and Drew Lock.
Or fly a banner themat UGa and UF fans could give rats ass about.
One point about Pruitt and recruiting - yes he can recruit. BUT that is based on going into programs that were not in dire straits and he was not the HC. Fisher, Richt, and Saban were. Going to UT and recruiting now is a completely different situation. 1. Saban, Sweeney, and Smart are at Bama, Clemson, and UGA and are killing it. Kirby even seems to have impacted Clemson a little because you will note that they are not stacking 5 stars up in this latest recruiting class. 2. There is not enough talent in Tennessee to compete with what Bama and UGA are doing and UT has had to rely on talent in Georgia. They are not getting the elite talent in their own state much less that in Georgia. They can get a couple of guys like Morris but they are not cleaning up like they did in the past. That will hurt their turnaround and re-build situation. They rebuild will more likely compete with Kentucky, South Carolina, Vandy. Not Florida, Georgia, Bama, and the rest of the SEC West. 3. He hired most of the staff from UGA under Richt. They did not exactly get it done or get it done consistently. You can blame that on CMR if you like but I doubt that staff is blameless. That with UGA talent and not the UT talent they have now. They could never compete with Bama and UT will not be able to compete with UGA and Bama either. 4. Fulmer will eventually do something to piss of Jeremy and it will boil over. I am sure the HC is not happy that you have the AD down their talking to the OL. That is not Fulmer's role - regardless of what he thinks and Pruitt is not the personality to just let it go. 5. Pruitt has a long way to go as a HC - you saw that on Saturday night.