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Short history... LSU back in the old days (from Coach Paul Dietzel in 1958 to the the early 1980s) traditionally wore white at home. It was just a thing for them, sort of like Dallas Cowboys and Georgia Tech preferring to wear white at home. Home teams had complete choice of color back then Before the 1983 season, NCAA mandated dark/color jerseys for all home teams; no exceptions. LSU during that time had to wear purple at home. When Gerry DiNardo became LSU's coach in 1995, one of the things he did as part of his program to "Bring Back the Magic" to Tiger Stadium was to lobby the NCAA to loosen their rules on jersey color. They did, and LSU was allowed to wear white at home with the permission of the visiting team (a few teams did not allow it). In 1997, the SEC softened that stipulation for SEC games by allowing home teams their choice of jersey color for conference games WITHOUT approval from the visiting team. The Tigers generally wear white for their home opener, and for home SEC games. For non-conference home games other than the home opener, LSU generally wears purple, unless it's more of a major game (such as Syracuse in October 2017). And for the record, LSU wore purple jerseys three times this past season: at Vanderbilt, and at home vs. Northwestern State and Utah State.
The funniest thing is, they have the New Orleans suburb of Metairie listed for Louisiana, for University of New Orleans. There are 3 things wrong with this: 1. UNO is not in Metairie. 2. Metairie has no colleges located in it. 3. Metairie isn't even a town or city, but an unincorporated "census designated place" Shows you what a joke this ranking is.
In another story, you quoted him as saying "I'm NOT IN FAVOR of playing that day unless Alabama plays that day." Now you are quoting him as saying, "I DON'T WANT TO play the week before Alabama unless Alabama plays that week, too”. Which is it? It's not just semantics, there is a definite difference between the two in terms of meaning and perception.... And your title says Alleva has "unique Alabama demand" . Neither sounds like a "demand" to me...