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Chubb = Class Act.... Take notes Antonio Brown - Colin Kaepernick
No doubt UT will win some games this year with the new QB. That kid is good. Good effort. Good win! GO DAWGS!
Instant classic interview.Love it! LOL- Good Old Fashion Hate! Go DAWGS! THWGT
@Volbeef88... that's a funny comeback. @Bulldwagrock... I'm not trying to knock MState, don't read into that....I got a chuckle out of Volbeef's comeback though. Like Larry the Cable Guys says...that's just funny right 'der. LOL
I tried to be a cool guy with my replies. Evidently tone isn't being accurately reflected because you are telling me what I would do if this or that were the case. I'm telling you I've watched UGA get close and fail over and over and haven't left or abandoned them... You can read whatever you want in to this tone: 41-0. Go Dogs!
I will say I loved Mark Richt. I was one of the fans that didn't want him fired. It looks like it will work out with Kirby, but I still love CMR. As far as my post's timing, I wasn't online until after the games were over. All I'm saying is support your team. If you guys beat us next Saturday, I promise I won't burn my UGA tee shirts. Stuff happens. Go Dogs!
What a crap fan base. Who deserts your team? UGA has had lots of tough years, terrible losses, and all the same stuff. What a hack fan base up in Knoxville. "Champions of Life"
Fire Mark Richt! Great move, they fired one of the best coaches in the country for a unknown. I couldn't agree more about that being a bone head move. Wait till next year, or the next, or next... that's the new slogan.
Where is Vol Train Conductor? He was trolling all over UGA articles earlier this season. Not that the Dogs are doing any better than UT so don't take this post as trash talk or bragging... it's just that VTC was shoveling out the talk earlier in the year. I've read every UT article today, Vol Train Conductor is AWOL. Hmmmm....
Preach it Dave. I never thought it a Smart move.
Welcome to the cellar UT! Haha. You can borrow our favorite saying if you need to...."next year we will..."
Saturday Down South quote of the year: "After dropping its third consecutive league game Saturday night in Columbia, by a final score of 24-21, the Vols look to be far more pretender than contender."
Hahaha. Best quote of the year is taken straight from this article "After dropping its third consecutive league game Saturday night in Columbia, by a final score of 24-21, the Vols look to be far more pretender than contender. "
All I know is Ga stinks this year and we beat USC. Ha ha. Where is the Voltrainconductor? How is the Tennessee experiment going? We took one on the chin, but it's always easier when you get to see the All HYPE SEC Champ go down. Made my day!
Never said we were good. Think of it this way, we are terrible, a embarrassment to the school, and it took a miracle play for your "All Hype" team to beat us. You guys may have more wins this year in the book, but you can't seriously be much more optimistic about your team than we are? Are you?
Why does anyone think this was a upset? Tennessee has barely gotten by all year. They are pretenders.
And Saban looks at the schedule and says "next"...
I think everyone has some 'homer" type fans that are just annoying. I know UGA has them as does everyone, but my gosh, has UT every won a game before? I've never encountered a more obnoxious fan base. Sure you beat UGA this year on an amazing play, congratulations, guess what, UGA has been beaten before, you got no cherry. For goodness sake UT fans, grow some class and at least fake like you've won before. You UT guys sound like a bunch of GT fans on Facebook after theirrwin against UGA once a decade.
"Fire Mark Richt" is really working out well for us so far.... welcome to the deep end LSU.
Whatever.... Young or not, we got outplayed, out coached, and looked like the JV. How's that "Fire Mark Richt" stuff working out for all you guys now? Oh, that's right, this loss was Richts fault....just like all Obama failures are still on Bush...heard all that before. We will see. My guess, we win maybe 5 or 6 games this year. That's optimistic....
Njvol I agree with you. I tried for YEARS to tell my idiot friends to be careful what you wish for. Right was a great coach. Seems like he is getting a lot of trash thrown at him now, but the guy is a winner. The biggest sigh heard on the day he was fired was from the rest of the SEC East. He lost some, sure, but he also broke some hearts, not to mention destroying Tech, spit, spit! (Had to clear the mouth) I remember standing toe to toe with Bama during the Championship game...we'll be lucky to win 6 games. So far, not a big fan of Kirbys system.... Our team was an embarrassment this week. I could be wrong, but so far I'm confident were in no better shape with this coach.
I'm all in for a good joke, but at least make it one someone can understand. You know something like this works: Q: What does a girl in Tennessee say to her lover? A: "Get off me daddy, you're crushing my cigarettes!" Now that's funny! :)
What's the Eason error? I'm sure that's a knock, just not sure your meaning?