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Seems like y'all really enjoy talking about UCF, eh? I do agree though, I've had more articles sent to me by friends about UCF/Gus than anything from the SEC. I'd imagine he will do well the next two years, knowing that they have one of the best college QBs in the Nation.
First off, I’m a Michigan State/B1G10 fan. Second, how do you figure that my statement is ridiculous? UCF has already competed with P5 schools. Didn’t they beat Stanford with their current coach? To think that they couldn’t go out and compete with MSU, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and NW seems a little ridiculous. I only caught parts of the UCF/GT game but it seems like they were getting after.
Just went and looked at their schedule. They were to play against UNC. From what I am reading, UNC was the one who was handcuffed because of conference guidelines when it comes to Covid. Saying UCF doesn’t schedule anyone seems like a reach. They’ve tried to schedule better teams. I would say that they would probably compete/hang with just about any team in the B1G, Pac and ACC.
Buddy actually has a valid point. Hell, anything in the state of Florida for a neutral field would benefit both teams. Financially, doing that and still have a 1 and 1 would help. Michigan State did a 1 and 1 with both WMU and CMU. Kalamazoo blew up that day when MSU came into town, though Orlando doesn't need the financial help in the city at all, it still was a dope scene. Overall, UF isn't about doing a 1 and 1 with another game at a neutral site, they know that they have more to lose (if they lose) if they were to go that route.
How does that have to do with anything? Great response, LegendDD2.
Home-boy is right, SDS has posted over 12 articles this year about UCF. I don't recall them playing the SEC 12 times or even 3 times in football this year. Also, this is the second article by Lee that he has looked like an 8th grade ELA student. Lee, proof read your articles before you submit them in, it is embarrassing.
Don't they have to be recognized by one of the major voting systems in order to claim National Champions?
UCF schedule isn't top tier but their conference went 7-5 against the P5. I am not saying UCF would've beat UNC but the odds are very likely. That would make the conference 8-5 against P5. With a healthy QB1, I would say that UCF would beat or at least compete with every team in the B1G10. I can't talk much about the other conferences because I have mainly follow MSU and just started following UCF during last years bowl game. Offensively they can ball with anyone but they're garbage when it comes to open-field tackles/gap containment. I chalk that up to them being so young on defense. Overall, the American isn't all that bad. Probably the best G5 conference.
Agreed. The BXII needs to tap into the Florida market. I was upset the way the B1G10 expanded a few years ago. It made sense for the TV market but it certainly didn't strengthen up the B1G10 as whole. Hopefully the BigXII learns from the mistake made up here.
Considering the playoffs have only been around a few years, I would say that having just one year is legit. Michigan State has had only one legit year to make a claim to be playing in the playoffs. Hell, Michigan hasn't even had a year yet to be preaching for a playoff spot. Only OSU has more legit reason to be preaching over UCF the past two years.
SOS is wack. UCLA had the hardest SOS but that key factor is because they contributed +9 wins to its opponents record. If UCLA flipped that +9 to a -9 they would have the 29th hardest record. Since they lost 9 games it strengthens their opponents record which records more points to their overall SOS. The way the point scale system is set up, it is geared for helping P5 teams. ESPN Chicago stated that UCF would have the 41st hardest SOS if you just removed the Loses they gave to their opponents (basically just saying that UCF never played a game) or they would have the 61st hardest schedule had they lost to Cincinnati. My Spartans had the 8th hardest SOS but had they won the game against Nebraska they would've had the 16th hardest SOS. I get the argument but the SOS system has flaws in it. I also read that the American Athletic went 7-5 this year against the P5. I believe UCF ended up where they should've and very satisfied with the playoff grouping. I just notice the flaws that are knocking UCF and any other possible G5 teams.
Nobody belongs on the field with Bama. Georgia & Florida have shown a significant amount of gaps/flaws. LSU is by far the second best SEC team but everyone else below them = significant drop-off.
I know that Pitt and Temple both have a record over .500. I believe Memphis also has a winning record. I know they play South Florida but I don't think they have anyone else with a winning record.
You must not watch a lot of football, eh? That or you don't understand that on any given day any team can come in and beat the best of the best. I was talking about ELITE teams, UF nor UK have proven to be ELITE. That doesn't mean they're not good but true talent, scheme and productivity from those two teams aren't ELITE. Also, a one score game in the third qt doesn't represent a game that wasn't even close. Typically, games that aren't close are blow outs by the half. For example, the 28-0 lead at half time for the Alabama vs Louisville game. That would be a game that wasn't even close. You may want to stick to giving advise on hair products, obviously you're not all that good at giving advice on football.
I feel for ND. They do have a legitimate win against a top tier team (UM). I don't care if you win each game by 50+points or 1 point because at the end of the day you figured out how to come away with the "W". I would also put OSU in the top 8, I do believe they're an elite team and that they can beat any team. The amount of love that Florida and UK get is a head scratcher. It has been an odd season so far, looking forward to teams separating themselves over the next 4 weeks.
Agreed. From what I have heard and read about, UCF did have Alabama and Texas schedule but both backed out. I believe backed out after they won the Fiesta Bowl a few years ago and Texas back out a year or two ago. I am curious if they could convince a team to do a neutral location, I have no idea how the money works with those type of games but at least we won't have to hear anything about a home/home scenario. I would be all about seeing Northwestern or Indiana playing UCF. Heck, Indiana and UCF would be a good game to watch, both have similar offenses and a ton of points would probably be put up.
I don't understand the hate on the UCF AD. That dude has absolutely killed it for UCF. The amount of free publicity that he has given the school is off the charts. I wish Michigan State would have an AD like theirs. Also, I believe the UNC matchup was schedule prior to UNC becoming a bunch of bums. UCF can only handle the things they're dealt with but they're not a top 10 team right now. I do believe they will be at the end of the year once everything unfolds.
What? Stop being bias and actually watch the games being played. UCF would be fools to want to go against Bama, hell every team would be fools if they want to go against BAMA. BAMA is a freaking cheat code. UCF is certainly a top tier football team this year but they're not elite. We will learn more about UCF over the next month or so. Until that time has come, relax and enjoy having a good football team.
Luke Del Rio? What the heck has that dude down to deserve any legitimacy for his comments? Everyone is getting way to caught up on the rankings. Instead of complaining about which conference/team is a joke, how about you watch the game and analyze that team.
UCFBS wasn't wrong at all. UCFBS was writing about how UCF is struggling to get games against top tier programs. Which isn't false or even close to being wrong. Alabama backed out of its agreement against UCF as did Texas. It will continue to be a problem for UCF. I completely understand why bigger football programs are backing out from playing the top tier GP5 teams. Honestly, I wouldn't want my MSU Spartans to go up against UCF, heck maybe only one or two teams in the B1G10 are better than UCF. SEC Nation may want to start acknowledging that UCF is legit, I know many of us B1G10 fans are seeing what they can do and the threat they will be this bowl season. It really does remind me of the Oregon Ducks when Chip Kelly took over for Coach Bellotti. Chip quickly developed a ridiculously high powered offense and a fast playing defense.