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So, UT's morals can't allow for Schiano to coach them, but the guy dialing up hookers for recruits can come on down. Oh how things are spiraling out of control on rocky flop. Whatever it takes to win, I guess.
How is replying with a rebuttal sensitive? I noticed you didn't touch on UGA vs. Bama passing and run defenses. Guess that's because UGA's rank is better. See how fun 2 game sample sizes are? We get to cherry pick what fits our narrative... This is like me coming to a Bama article and saying Bama really needs to tighten up their defense or it won't go undefeated (83rd in pass defense!!!!). See how "smart" that sounds?
Sacks are a somewhat misleading stat. Especially considering the small sample size (2 games). A lot of the teams ahead of UGA in the sacks/TFLs rankings have played 2 cupcakes. Also, they played an option team the first game, which most teams don't really get sacks against those teams. Then played South Carolina, where they barely missed getting several sacks, and only had one that day. Sure, the pass rush could be better, but they are affecting the QB a decent bit. Since UGA can't rush the passer, you'd think they'd be getting killed in the passing game. Yet they're 39th in passing yards given up per game. While Bama, with that awesome pass rush is 83rd. See I can cherry pick stats too. Oh yeah, UGA's defensive rushing stats are better than Bama's too... Does a small sample size of stats mean that I think UGA would beat Bama? No.
I think Ridley will do great, but I like how this article leaves out Sanu. That's a nasty WR trio. Need the interior of the line to hold up to give these three, along with Ryan and Freeman/Coleman, a chance to shine like 2016.
That's a lot of weight to hold for someone who's 6'2", and who still needs to be agile. He'll probably play 3 or 5 technique in your 3-4 base defense.
It's common knowledge from UGA fans that the staff had cooled on talking/recruiting him as of late. Hence why he decommitted in January. Also, UGA picked up a DT since then, who is rated 138 spots higher. I understand rankings don't mean everything, but take your pick based off the stats below. #129th ranked player, 6'6" 270 lbs #267th ranked player, 6'2" 270 lbs
Why bring up preseason rankings? They’re about as useful as FSU’s #3 preseason ranking. Also, UGA’s o-line was a semifinalist for the Joe Moore Award, one of 7 teams in the nation to get nominated (Bama and Auburn were finalist). Fromm had one bad game, just like Hurts. I’ll take Fromm over Hurts any day, especially considering one has an additional season under his belt. Hurts has better talent around him, which makes him look better too.
UGA has Anderson, Cox, Tindall and Ojulari committed for linebacker this class. They also signed 5 LBs last class. They’ll be losing a lot of senior leadership, but will have skilled players that’ll need to step up. This writer doesn’t seem to understand that UGA runs a 3-4, and a lot of high schoolers that played DE will convert to OLB in UGA’s scheme.
Wins and losses are a team stat, not a QB/individual stat. Bringing that up as an excuse for not putting Murray in top 5 lessens your argument even further. He was 5 yards from beating Bama and going on to destroy Notre Dame for a NC. Oh, and that “decidedly mediocre” game you speak of, he outperformed McCarron (your #4 QB) that game too. Any other excuses you got for leaving him off? As the ones you’ve provided aren’t cutting it... he didn’t improve. So what? He was solid as a RS freshman and a senior.
Either way, Bama is a long shot to land his commitment. Hence, they are backing off. They’d rather spend their time and resources on someone more likely to commit, especially with this new early signing day. If you follow recruiting closely, you’d know Bama is #3 in his recruitment and he’s set to decide in a few days. They probably know he’s a long shot at this point. Doesn’t that seem more likely than this hypothetical question he was asked by a reporter?
Wrong, UGA has one of the strictest universities in the country towards its athletes. Sports Illustrated did an article a handful of years ago about how it puts UGA at a disadvantage, especially in the SEC. Where there’s more than a few teams that’ll do anything to keep their players on the field.
If McElroy and Manziel make it over Murray, then Crist needs to change the article name to “who has the most NCs and Heismans since 2000.” Not top overall QBs.
This is a ranking since 2000, since Manning graduated before 2000 he’s not eligible for this list.
Yep, I’m losing sleep over a Crist article... The QB with all the major SEC QB records of all time, can’t make the top 5 over the last 17 years. Makes sense. Again, you’re making the same argument he is, with no facts to back it up. At least I’ve stated some facts. You should try it some time.
What do you not get about “they probably just know he’s a strong lean to Clemson?” The keyword there is “probably.” So, of course, this is speculation. Reading comprehension is key, my friend. You should try it some time. This article is pure speculation about why Bama is backing off as well. I think we’re all free to speculate. I just wanted to share all the writer’s missed facts about his dad being a legitimate coach, the writer so lazily left out.
For all the people saying this is bad for him to say... he was asked a hypothetical question, and gave a hypothetical answer. His dad has coached at the college level for a long time, 11 years at Wake Forest. So his dad is a legitimate position coach, who has been recruiting and coaching college players for years. He’s currently at Charlotte, so is looking for an upgrade... either way, KJ was asked a question and answered honestly. Also, he said it would not guarantee that he commits to that school either. Pretty bad reporting leaving all those details out, eh? Acting like he is looking for some guarantee for his dad, when his dad is an actual legitimate college coach already. And no, Bama would not back off because of this, they probably just know he’s a strong lean to Clemson, and UGA is second. They’d rather concentrate their efforts elsewhere than fight an uphill recruiting battle with so few days left to the early signing period. Move along folks, just a clickbait article here.
Notice how John couldn’t defend Murray not being in the top 5. He had to go with the generic “my team is better” excuse. Even an Auburn fan below is saying Murray should be in. So, the “to everyone else, it isn’t” remark is null and void as well, kind of like this article and his ability to dissect football.
I think he’s Georgia bound. He’s mentioned wanting to play with Jamaree Salyer, who is likely to commit to UGA. He’s either going to UGA or Clemson (that’s Salyer’s top 2 teams). He’s stated he wants to compete for championships, and that doesn’t look like it’s coming anytime soon for UT. If UGA pulls this off, that’s 2 5 star o-linemen joining, and more importantly not going to UT or Clemson.
Fromm is #1 in QB efficiency in the SEC (6th in the nation), and #1 in yds/attempt. Just because he isn’t asked to throw a lot, doesn’t mean he can’t throw at all. Also, UGA is playing much better than they did against ND earlier this year, mainly the o-line. Which makes their run game much more dangerous than when they played the second week of the year against ND. Also, of the teams you mentioned, none of them (besides UGA) are currently ranked in the top 15 anymore.
They were suspended based on the student rule book. Just like during the Richt years. UGA remains one of the toughest schools regarding discipline in the country, and easily the toughest in the SEC. Any other questions?