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Offenses were equal. BAMA had better scoring defenses 19.0ppg to 21.9 for LSU and margin of victory goes to BAMA also 29.1 to 24.8...FWIW
Well a LSU website made a meme of what Mac said last night about this team being the greatest team ever...sooo apparently it’s a pretty touchy subject for y’all
Don’t know why emoji popped up...supposed to be a face palm
Yep...exactly what I though last night...gonna be BAMA/Ole Miss 2.0
Sounds to me someone is a little butthurt their team is about to lose 2 in a row and his QB lost the Heisman because a “game manager” put up 45 pts at the half against the team his QB had 3 turnovers and couldn’t beat a 3 win team
Same place they don’t make you wear a helmet
It’s early...just wait, we’ll have 2 or 3 starters go out for the season a week before USC
The only Junior that has decided is Dylan Moses and he is coming back. Tua makes his announcement on the 6th.
Probably went ahead and switched from back to front after the pic was taken