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No need for earmuffs. This is nothing we don't expect. We love Jalen. He needs to do what is best for his career at this point. I honestly don't think transferring to play QB is in his best interests. Does anyone believe he will make a NFL roster as QB? If his goal is to play on Sundays, its time for a position change, whether that be at Alabama or not. Whatever he and his family decides is best for him, I wish him well.
Maybe Auburn should look into recruiting some of those police officers.
I heard CBS is going to run nothing but commercials and relegate the game to the bottom right 1/4 of the screen.
REDUCE COMMERCIALS!!!!!!! Leave the game alone. I can't recall where I saw it, but there is more time spent on commercial breaks than actual time on the game clock. Put a Coca-Cola logo on the on-screen score board. Put a bud lite sticker on the sideline reporters microphone. Earn your money somewhere other than wasting time with a 30 second ad. There are several ways to do this, but for the love of God don't take away the thing that is making us watch the program in the first place.
You could change the title to : "Mike Leach couldn't be more wrong" and it would cover every article about anything he says.
If they were smart they would take their bye after Bama. Teams typically tank for a week or two after playing us.
Word on the street is it is a finger injury. The club is out of an abundance of caution. I am no insider, this is just whats being posted on a couple of message boards.
That is true. We'll forget this incident if you guys will forget the event in Krystal's a few years
I think you have hit the nail on the head. I think people are worrying too much about a currently down east. It has been down for some time, but it wasn't too long ago the east was dominant. They will even the playing field at some time and the SEC Championship will be more competitive.
I would just like to say how wonderful it is to know that Alabama is living in the collective heads of all SEC fans rent free. Apparently we have beaten you all into such submission, all you have left is to blame the refs, SEC office (it is in Birmingham ya know) and the legendary REC. The same things win that always won, the only thing that changes are the excuses when you lose.
I know, they called twice as many penalties on us as they did LSU. The bias against Alabama has to stop. Lol at excuses.
I dig the pumpkin carving, if not the sentiment. Roll Tide!
So Alabama had five penalties thrown on them for 38 yards and Tennessee had 1 penalty thrown on them for 10 yards, and I'm supposed to believe the officials are biased towards Alabama? Also, Alabama opponents have had the fewest penalties thrown against them while playing Alabama (3.3 a game) than any other team in all of the FBS. If we are paying the refs, or they are biased we certainly aren't getting our monies worth. Sorry to use facts around here, but that is absurd.
I believe him, but it is so close to a throat slashing movement in real time, you got to know you will get flagged. I am guessing he won't do it again.
One: Smith hasn't graduated and can't be treated as a graduate transfer until Saturday. Two: The SEC bylaws state that any "in conference" transfers have to be at the respective school for two full semesters before they can play. Three: He isn't holding Smith at Alabama, he granted him a release to Miami or any other school not in the SEC. Four: We have only heard one side of the story from an angry momma and former player. Not exactly unbiased stories.
Some of the lower tier bowls were the most fun to watch. The premiere bowls were snoozers this year. I try to watch as many of them as I can. Got to get my football fix before the season ends.
If they aren't exactly perpendicular to the sidelines it would result in the measurement being off a bit. I am aware of how they currently do it to be as accurate as possible, but there is still a possibility of minor human error. It would only effect the closest of calls. I think the point is, we could call for measurement and get an almost instant determination instead of trotting the guys on and off the filed. It would speed up the game.
It is all our fault. They beat us two years in a row and have gotten cocky. We'll be sure to correct that this year.
I am not calling Tennessee a bad team. They are a serviceable team....might go so far as to call them a good football team. I think the expectations of the fanbase far exceed this teams ability. I expect much of the same next season from Tennessee.
or, Tennessee's last five games were against South Carolina, Kentucky, North Texas, Missouri and Vanderbilt. I believe most teams would see improved stats and performance against such inferior competition. This is the same thing that happened to Tennessee last season and created the hype leading into this season.
This again? At some point you really have to let it go or it just becomes sad.
That is too hard to police at full speed and the refs looking for so many other infractions. The more complicated you make the rule, the harder it is to enforce. Simple is better.
I think the reason the rule needs to be changed is the difficulty, at full speed, for the refs to recognize the difference between 3 and 5 yards down field. They have a split second to make that determination. It is a lot easier to tell the difference between 1 and 3 or 1 and 5 yards. With all the rules being made to protect and support the offense, it is nice to see the defensive side of the ball get a little love and even up the playing field a bit.
I liked Georgia's the best. Looks like the opening of the helmet is the bulldog's mouth. The rest were kind of boring. Not very innovative to me. Also, Alabama would never change their helmet, even as an alternate. Tradition is too strong in Tuscaloosa.
The cowbells are a nuisance. I think Miss St. Should be penalized 15 yards every time the refs hear one ring. That would stop it real quick.
Normally, I would make a Mizzou fan whining joke, but I have to agree here. I think you guys were slighted. Now don't let it go to your head. Note: My not making fun of a mizzou fan on this post should not be construed as a waiver of future ridicule opportunities unless such waiver is in writing.
He probably also said Trent Richardson was a franchise RB.