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Congratulations to your gamecocks on beating Kentucky for the first time in 6 seasons. They earned it today and clearly wanted it more. Enjoy it while it lasts, might be another 6 before y’all win one again - KY isn’t going anywhere
Get a life. I sincerely wish this site had an “ignore” button. Me and the rest of the actual KY fans are happy for Josh.
Good work vandy anytime Louisville plays in anything glad to see them lose
You’ll notice it looks a lot like the final sec east standings last year
Here is my tier system 1. Uga 2. Uk, Fl 3. Mizzou, South Carolina, Tennessee, vandy
No love no surprise, prove em wrong again cats
I thought GA fans were classy. Way they are talking on here makes me think I was wrong. Better team won but no excuse to be obnoxious
Not a great matchup. I still think we would beat them, but would much rather play a big name big ten team that we recruit against a lot in michigan/ohio.
When was the last time the Cats had 2 guys on the heisman watch in one season? Obviously Tua's to lose but still pretty cool!
You are a loser. Must be fun being so negative all the time. Go cats!!
The o line got their mojo back in the 4th quarter. I’m hoping the positive progress continues at mizzou next week
That’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen
Thanks so much y’all, we’re awfully happy up here in Lexington!!
Yeah, awful news. Landon is a really good kid and wish him a speedy recovery. We have a few good younger guys but won’t be as good as Landon. Naasir Watkins impressed the coaches last summer and EJ Price was highly touted and transferred from USC. Hoping one of them can step up. Prayers to Landon.
Paris - what is your problem with U.K.? I’ve never seen you say anything positive at all. It is an objective fact that Stoops has improved the football program. Are you unhappy he was hired? Did you expect him to take Jokers guys and win the East? I am tired of seeing your negative posts at the end of everything KY related on here. Do us all a favor and stop with the constant negativity or stop posting at all. I’m really sorry for whatever has happened to make you so miserable, maybe you’d be happier if you started looking at the positive?
Haha super bowl is usually more competitive - go cats!
Will KY make it 5 years in a row against the gamecocks so even their redshirts only know defeat against my wildcats?
10/5/2013 was the last day that South Carolina beat Kentucky. 11/1/2014 was the last day that Missouri beat Kentucky. If the Cats can find a way to get past FL for the first time in my life I think KY will be #2 in the East.