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The Gumps get one recruit a year maybe out of BR and now it’s no longer LSU’s backyard.
“He’s going nowhere. He would be a fool to leave _________.” You know how many times fans, alumni, etc. have used these exact same words to refer to whichever coach is at their school right before they leave. It’s a rhetorical question but the answer is in the thousands throughout history. They’re used to make themselves feel better about their coach possibly leaving their beloved school. I used them a week before Saban left for the Miami Dolphins. No way he’s going to the NFL. LSU has done everything they promised him. Built a new athletic facility, new coaches offices, new indoor practice facility. Nah, he’s not going anywhere. Right before he left for Miami. I spoke to a few Baylor people about the possibility of Kim Mulkey leaving the dynasty she had built in Waco. They all had it at exactly zero percent chance………right before she came home to Baton Rouge. I personally don’t have a clue. But it’s funny how fans use the exact same words over and over and over. Right before their coach leaves.
It's NEVER too early to hear or read Bammer fans gloating. They've made winning poorly and condescension (regarding no personal gain or accomplishment of their own mind you) a year round occupation. You wonder why the entire universe hates the thought of you.
As an LSU fan and former Saban fan I can tell you from experience Saban has zero connection to the community or fans in the city to which he works. It's a job and that's it. All the rumors swirling around about Sabans wife searching for real estate in the Austin area, the comments Sabans agent made regarding the Texas job, etc, etc is a clear indication he's at a bare minimum very interested in the job. So him leaving Tuscaloosa should not be a surprise to anyone if it plays out that way. Allegiance, loyalty or commitment plays absolutely zero role in his decision making. Don't be fooled.