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As someone who grew up in Alabama, but now lives in Minneapolis, Gameday really should come to Minnesota. Yeah Gameday coming to town is cool, and the Bama-LSU is definitely a bigger game, but it is an experience that the major SEC teams get every year or at least every 2-4 years. It has never been to Minnesota. The Gophers are having a season of a lifetime (though most people here assume it will come crashing down after this game). For once, the Gophers are the hottest team in a city with every major professional sport. Everyone here is excited for them, and it would mean a heck of a lot more to the people here than to the people in Tuscaloosa to host College Gameday for the biggest game they have played in since the 1940's.
"The only Week 1 game featuring an SEC team and two teams ranked in the top 25 of the Coaches Poll is Miami-LSU" #10 Auburn vs #6 Washington?
They just need to create a good/great football game play experience and improve on where NCAA 14 left off. Let the modding community add the jerseys and stadiums that the game can't "sell".
We will definitely have more people there. However, I am tempted to give the location advantage to Washington seeing as Auburn has been HORRIBLE in the new dome every time we play there.
As a frozen tiger who was at this game. The atmosphere in the stadium was incredible and second only to the kick six.
AU-Ole Miss closer than the score showed? That game was over at the half and Ole Miss starters put up 17 points against our 2nd and 3rd string defense. Yeah Auburn shouldn't have taken their foot off the gas, but Ole Miss had given up by half time.
Best of luck to him. He supposedly is amazing at reading the DE on the read option. Unfortunately, he always seemed to be hurt and there was always better talent in front of him.
Please stop putting the superman cape on this kid already. Cam Newton was a once in a generation talent, don't compare people to him. We went through this already with Jeremy Johnson and everyone saw how that worked out. Auburn and preseason hype go together like peanut butter and mayonnaise...
I mean with the current run of Alabama Governors, literally anyone has a chance.
I don't know why we bother keeping kids like this on roster. We have plenty of perfectly good back up kickers that we should be using to catch passes.
absolutely should be* on there
I want to argue that Mon Adams or Carl Lawson should be on here. But there isn't anyone that I could honestly argue that they should have beaten out for a spot. Those 4 DL are insane. The one Auburn guy who absolutely should on there is Carlson, so I'm glad he got the spot.
If he goes to Texas he loses a year of eligibility. So it is unlikely that he goes there. Auburn is most likely where he goes. Florida is a little late to make a huge push. But never underestimate Gus/Rhett's ability to push away willing QB talent.
This is the single most important week for Auburn until kick off next fall.
TBH Ole Miss was the last time Auburn's offense was healthy. You could really tell watching them against Vandy and especially UGA
A lot of these have been lingering injuries. Gus just doesn't like giving out a lot of information about this kind of thing. We just happen to have an easy game this week and can afford to sit a lot of our banged up guys, hence the long injury report.
Except you told the story of: "he had a horrible game, he's obviously terrible now". You completely ignored the important fact that he is obviously playing injured. He is no where close to healthy which was blatant to anyone who watch that game. The only reason he is playing is because we have literally no one behind him, which is a problem I blame entirely on the coaching staff.
AU controlling the clock will be a big factor. Ole Miss this year looks like 2014 Auburn. Swag Kelly and Co. will score for sure. They are so explosive that the Ole Miss Defense will be on the field most of the night. If Kelly turns the ball over, then it will cost Ole Miss the game.
A big reason that the rushing attack is working so well is because the OL is James (LT), Kozan (LG), Golson (C), Smith (RG), Leff (RT). Auburn's power run spread can only function with a good center. Xavier Dampeer was not that guy, Austin Golson is. Also, Darius James is a gamer, the complete opposite of Jeremy Johnson. James apparently is lackluster in practice but has been one hell of a run blocker when in a real game.
Marshall's accuracy was much better on the deep ball than in short or mid range passes. My dad used to joke that he would be better if he ran backwards 15 yds before throwing every time.
Bubba definitely exhibits a similar tenacity to that of The Bus. When running downhill, he hits you, not the other way around. They also have similar body types. However, Jerome Bettis had an extra gear when he got into space. Bubba is a good RB that I'm glad to have in the AU backfield, but The Bus is one of the all time greatest runners of all time.
Well maybe the locker room would sell more visors if everything in the store wasn't at least $120.00...
Yeah I think everyone needs to chill out with the JFIII hype. If he was the answer at QB, he'd be playing in real games. Sean White is doing well, why do we need to change that?
Same* record. I would hope Auburn has some record...
You better believe we have the best damn kicker in College Football.
Yeah, this guy seems like he was just drunk and did something VERY VERY stupid. Not excusing his actions by any means. But it seems like it was an impulse thing. Updyke is a monster. He planned out his killing of the trees and then went around bragging about it. He was even signing autographs for Bama fans at the sugar bowl a few years ago when he got out of prison. I don't understand how people can admire someone like that.
Hopefully Auburn will offer LSU enough so that they hire him as OC. I would say somewhere around $5M - $7M to take him off our hands is fair.
I don't think an SEC team can take Briles as HC this year with the conference's current stance against sexual assault. Even him as OC is a stretch for anyone.