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Enos didn’t respond to a random 130 lb kid soaking wet that’s never played sports. It was a fake account that’s already been discussed on message boards earlier this morning. Be better Derek
Are you stupid? Our secondary and d-line was yet again fantastic, we held them to 240 yards TOTAL. The penalties on the last drive and a failed 4th and 1 on the 50 is what cost us. Try watching the game next time sober
One of the most genuine kids I’ve ever met. You were a blessing to Hog fans and we will always cheer for you. RIP Budda03-
Hogs have the top QB in the SEC as well as the deepest running back room. LB and secondary are the deepest we’ve had in years with the transfers from LSU, Georgia, Baylor and Cincy. We’ll hold our own against Bama
Hogs will beat Illinois, but I don’t see us getting past Kansas. We are very efficient defending the 3, but tend to lose defensive switches with cutters to the basket and that’s what’s going to hurt us against the Jayhawks
Getting NSJ back on Saturday is going to be huge down the stretch!
He’ll be a good receiver in college, long way to go to being a P5 quarterback
If we had a top 60 defense last year we win 10 games. I expect 9 this season with our schedule being lighter.
I’m sure it’s hard on a young player to hear “you may want move on” due to the transfer portal. Seems like a good kid and wish him nothing but success
Good luck to the young man, I don’t think he saw Bo moving from guard to center in 2023. He’s a solid player
Our new DC wanted him to play more of the JACK position and he wanted to play the traditional End spot. He would have had a much better chance of getting drafted in the JACK role that Sanders played, but we’ll reload and be fine.
With Criswell and Singleton coming in, he never had a chance, he’s not built for our offense. Good luck to him though, humility is a very beneficial life skill
Wonder how many prostitutes it took to get a player from East Carolina, lol. Probably just short and fat
Who cares, it’s Texas and they havent been relavent in anything since Vince Young in football and Billy Bates in baseball
Snaxx, Nudie and Quin gonna be a legit problem for folks. Wait till we announce our newest Safety from the portal :)
Hogs will finish 3rd in the West in 2023 behind Bama and LSU. It’ll take some time for Freeze to hire the right prostitutes, Dart still sucks at Ole Piss, Bobby and Jumbo gonna butt heads and Arnett is brand new with no cohesion in the staff. We’ll be bowling in FL at the least-
Especially with the Jones Center, that’s ridiculous. If you don’t go to class, you don’t play, simple as that.
Hogs should be a 3 seed. The next game against LSU will tell us a lot about what we have and what we deserve.
Turner is the best TE coach in the country, glad we were able to hire him. With three 4 star TE’s getting signed, the NFL will be filled with Hog tight ends in the coming years!
They were walk on and scout team players and Pittman is trimming the fat to bring in more transfer portal guys that are P5 players. I hate it for the them but college football is a business now with the NIL
Seems like a good kid but not SEC caliber, good luck to the young man
With KJ coming back, Criswell potentially committing this weekend with 2 years left and Singleton in 2023, Lagway wouldn’t have seen the field for 3-4 years. Florida has a depleted QB room so he’ll get early playing time, same decision I would have made.
Players love him, very good TE coach and can also coach QB’s if needed, but an OC he is not. Spencer is not a pocket passer in the system he would bring.
Dang, his daughter has some horse teeth! Bet she can eat corn on the cob like nobody’s business!
Freeze makes a 13 year old girl take her shirt off in front of him. There’s a special place in Hell for perverts like that-