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The boldest things mentioned were “under Morris’ tutelage” and “imagining one of the fastest men in college football in Morris’ offense.” Chad will find a way to screw up their talent.
Ummm, not true if you look at recruiting rankings: 2018 = ARK #45 class, Mizzou #43 2019 = ARK #23 class, Mizzou #37 2020 = ARK #30 class, Mizzou #51 Arkansas’ issues have been around inept coaching and no identity.
The SOS for Florida is 41 while Georgia is 18. With UGA breaking in a transfer quarterback with no spring ball, I could see the Gators making a push for the East title. The West looks about right and you could probably flip a coin with Ole Miss, Miss State and Arkansas having the same talent levels and 3 new head coaches. What intrigues me with AR is having Odom and Briles as the coordinators and quite a few returning starters, they may sneak up on a couple teams.