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Morris doesn’t know how to effectively use RB talent, we constantly scratched our heads last season with how under utilized Boyd was. Boyd could have had a great season if used correctly, hopefully Tank can succeed despite Morris, he looks like a heck of an RB.
I’m not trying to be a homer, but firmly believe Arkansas should be in the top 25 after their performances the last three weeks. Had it not been for the screw call against Aubbie, we’d be 3-1 with two wins over a #16 and #12 teams and shutting down one of the best offenses in the country with Ole Miss.
Don’t worry, we’ll get some flash cards to help you read. How many games have you won yet... oh, that’s right...NONE-
Kudos to Georgia’s special teams. Having 4 consecutive drives starting inside your own 20, 3 inside your own 7 is tough to manage for sure. Arkansas has one of the top receiving corps in the SEC and once Franks and crew gets a little more experience together, we’ll see this happen quite a bit.
Lol, I can’t wait to beat your azz’s this year Gomer-
So who is Woodrow and why is he being propped up? And Nikki, you’re not a dumb broad, you’re a very talented writer.
SDS must really be lacking for content since this material is several months old and a contributor is not listed. Do your job kids and actually pretend to work.
Bielema had multiple winning seasons and went to three straight Rose Bowls at Wisconsin. Two bad seasons at AR but no program would even sniff at him for a full time gig even with his overall book of work and Jimmy Sexton as his agent? Cmon man... He had a reputation for chasing coed’s at WI and did the same at AR. If he’s smart, he’ll settle for a fraction and move on because Jen likes nice things and divorces aren’t cheap.
The boldest things mentioned were “under Morris’ tutelage” and “imagining one of the fastest men in college football in Morris’ offense.” Chad will find a way to screw up their talent.
Ummm, not true if you look at recruiting rankings: 2018 = ARK #45 class, Mizzou #43 2019 = ARK #23 class, Mizzou #37 2020 = ARK #30 class, Mizzou #51 Arkansas’ issues have been around inept coaching and no identity.
The SOS for Florida is 41 while Georgia is 18. With UGA breaking in a transfer quarterback with no spring ball, I could see the Gators making a push for the East title. The West looks about right and you could probably flip a coin with Ole Miss, Miss State and Arkansas having the same talent levels and 3 new head coaches. What intrigues me with AR is having Odom and Briles as the coordinators and quite a few returning starters, they may sneak up on a couple teams.