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The Hogs will upset Bama on the 20th. Mark it down-
Yep, that 4th and 1 call at Ole Miss would have left a different outcome, but I believe it also lit a fire with KJ. He WANTS the ball in game defining moments. As Gene Hackman said, “ Winners always want the ball when the game is on the line”. WPS
I would LOVE to get a shot at Clemson and kick their tail lights in SEC style.
Your DB’s were holding on to Burks jersey all night and weren’t called for an out of bounds shove on Jefferson which should have been a personal foul. We were owed a call after all that mess so grow up.
The fact Treylon Burks isn’t on this list is laughable, he’s the best receiver in the SEC and one of the top 3 in the country without question.
None of those people are fans and James Bryant is a goober meteorologist that hasn’t even played kickball in his life. We scored quickly on our first drive and were up by 17 by the time you could finish a beer.
We have a pretty favorable schedule, so I’m taking the Hogs to win the SEC.
8-4 is where my head was until learning Catalon was done for the year, you just can’t replace that type of leadership in the Safety spot and it showed vs Aubie. We’ll see if LSU fights for their coach or lets go of the rope and we end up at 7-5.
Bent is a Petrino Hugger too. We’ll get to at least 8 wins this year kids so quit whining
Actually the top 3 classes in order are Duke, Arkansas and Ohio State. Michigan and Kentucky round out the top 5.
The burritos are going to be delivered, he’s not actually going to pick them up. Muss and several of the basketball team will be handing them out though, very cool gesture!
When it’s all said and done, it will be and should be Sam Pittman as we hit the 9 win mark.
That’s the way Kiffin rolls. Bangs other coaches daughters and has his players flop cause they can’t keep up.
That’s not football, there is ZERO technique involved. How about you old fat boys make your way to my front yard so my 250 lb “snowflake” plows you over? Oh, and we’ll give you some tater tots when you wake up-
Not being a threat to them is the understatement of the year. How we can go from pushing Texas and A&M all over the field to looking like you’ve never played before was embarrassing.
LSU will lose at least two, more likely three games before we play them. Ed’s future at that point will already be determined and the players will have already let go of the rope. AR by 17.
And why do we care again? Oh, that’s right…we don’t cause they ain’t SEC! And you’re just Dion bro, you haven’t earned the right to be called “Coach” of anything yet-
Man I wish we could’ve played FL this year instead of GA two years in a row. We’d be 5-0 BABY!!!!!!!
Pittman is about as real as it gets, glad he’s our coach!!
Good for you, the article as about Arkansas, not Ole Piss
If that’s the case, the schools should be able to fine the SEC when their officials make horrible calls. Sorry our fans had so much pent up excitement for our football team, it’s been a minute.
dgs, relax dude. As a whole, our athletic programs from women’s soccer to gymnastics, softball, men’s/women’s basketball and baseball is amazing! But we haven’t earned the right when it coms to football, we’ve sucked. Hopefully those days are over with Pittman. Thank you to y’all from different schools that are cheering for Sam to win, it really means a lot. The SEC is just a big family and I love it-
Jake Paul is an absolute joke. Mayweather knocked him out and had to hold him up till the round ended. Why don’t you challenge someone Jermaine Taylor so he can end your stupid hobby?
I actually like the commercial, the tune is pretty catchy! If they had some hot girls doing the dancing I guarantee it would better received by CFB fans.
Thank you for saying that, TB is an exceptional talent that would have exploded last year with Jones throwing to him. We’re very proud of that young man.
It’s always hard knowing a local kid who wanted to be a Hog was told it wasn’t going to happen. Football is a business though, which I’m sure he gets. He’ll get a good education at UT and that’s what matters most.
The geographical decision makes the most sense and probably divides the # of households reached down the middle. Plus the Hogs would be in the top 4 every year so I’ll sign up for it!
I believe Joseph Burrow played for the Louisiana State University Tigers (also known as LSU), not for Auburn University (also known as Tigers). Both are four year public institutions but Auburn is a little more expensive while LSU has a higher enrollment rate by about 13,000. Maybe someone saw the name Tigers and just got confused?? I am tired and am going back to sleep now. Baxter says night night:)
Pippen actually talked to Coach Muss about being our new Director of Player Development, which given his past is pretty ironic. I heard it was a very brief conversation.
Maybe Godwin will rip his shirt off in the locker room to get the kids fired up-