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Desi is a good kid, will always be a Hog first and I wish him well. He was never the same player after his shoulder injury and struggled getting minutes in the rotation. With our current and incoming talent, it wasn’t going to get better and it will be much easier to get minutes at Aubie with their roster.
The Portal’s been working great for us!
Lol, yeah, along with about a dozen other folks. Muss isn’t going to Indiana, there’s no reason to. He’ll get his raise and extension and AR is a recruiting hotbed for basketball with the 2023 class slated to be the best in many, many years.
Not being able to learn or adopt a system is on Stidham, period. Plenty of QB’s come out of high school and learn completely different and complicated offensive schemes in 1 or 2 years. Sounds like JS simply isn’t a pro who can learn things.
Better tell your boy to sharpen his elbows or you’re gonna get rolled
Yep, it’s always fun and games till you get your pearly whites kicked in:)
Two of the most notorious dbags are rednecks from AR, they definitely aren’t Antifa. And believe it or not East, baseball bats are considered weapons. Maybe not in the trailer park, but in society, yes.
Dude, he was caught taking things from players lockers while he was our GUEST on his OV by Razorback staffers, that’s why he was asked to leave immediately and couldn’t attend the BBQ at CCM’s house. His offer was rescinded and if you don’t think theft is a “red flag”, I cant help you.
I’m glad we backed off French the week before he was scheduled to commit to us. There were several red flags.
Our biggest issue towards the backend of the year was defensive depth, dudes were just getting gassed. That really showed in the game against LSU when our D-line starters were out due to COVID protocols, otherwise we win that game. I think Jefferson will be fine but Hornsby is much more like RGIII and King when Briles offenses were wrecking folks. I don’t look for us to regress, we have too many returning players that know what winning feels like now and this is probably the most level the SEC West has been in awhile.
Moody should be the POTY, he gets it done in more ways than Jones on both ends of the floor. Jones is a better defender but Moody’s game is better all around IMHO. Whoever gets it is deserving and I hope the SEC wrecks some brackets in the NCAA tourney. We’re not just a football and baseball conference anymore, we’re gonna take over the sports world!
Lunardi has the Hogs as a 3 seed as of this morning
I was excited initially when he was hired but it quickly became evident BB was about himself more than the institution he worked for. That was abundantly clear when he threw the man who gave him his big chance, Alvarez under the bus. There are a lot of people hurting financially because of the pandemic, so when people sue for failing at the job they were hired to do just doesn’t sit well with me.
Someone needs to teach the A&M kids how to social distance and tell them to quit partying or whatever they’re doing wrong.
Hogs should win the West, they have the best defense in the middle probably in the country. Lots of solid arms to choose from and probably the strongest bunch of hitters we’ve had in awhile, which is saying a lot.
It’s not going to be Jeff Fisher. He’s been an NFL coach since 1985 and a head coach from 1995-2016. Ain’t no way he’d be willing to hit the recruiting trail or say “yes sir” to a newbie head coach.
Jack was a consummate team player, I’m glad he’ll get to spin the pigskin for a season at Tech.
They found pictures of him online painted in “black face” at a Halloween party in 2010 when he was playing with Cam.
Mullen is not an NFL caliber coach. His DNA is more suited for the college level.
Cleveland is 10-5 and is loaded with talent. Plus I don’t see them looking for a coach since they’re playoff bound.
Good fortunes to JM in his next chapter. As he mentioned, Pittman was very honest in the teams plans moving forward so finding a different team would be in his best interest. Love the transparency of our coach so kids can do what’s best for them.
It’s a shame 4 horrible calls has cost us 3 games this season, that’s got to be a gut punch for the kids. Hopefully it makes them hungrier so games aren’t decided by singular moments. We’re very proud of this team and the coaching staff, good times are on the horizon!
That’s comical and a statement to how bad your offense is. Double up on time of possession and only win by 3 due to a horrible call even the announcers said was wrong over and over? Enjoy last years season, you’ll be wishing you had Miles back before too long!
Lol, you need to put the bottle down my friend if actually believe that. Dorkwitz won with someone else’s players last year and bailed for the paycheck before he got exposed. Just wait-
Morris doesn’t know how to effectively use RB talent, we constantly scratched our heads last season with how under utilized Boyd was. Boyd could have had a great season if used correctly, hopefully Tank can succeed despite Morris, he looks like a heck of an RB.