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He is a good coach, if aTm was willing to gamble, BP would be a good fit in college station, with that talent, BP would be scoring 50 by half time.
Where is he going, he's 60? As long as he keeps the team fighting and competing while building the program, he has job security.
I think Beamer is a good coach, SC fans need to be patient, if SC roster was full 4 and 5 stars when Beamer took over, it would be a different scenario. Georgia is a Beast, Hogs got blown out last year by UGA, did not kill the Hogs year. If Beamer is worth his salt this team will keep getting better, team captains is important, looks like there is some team leadership as well. SC was down 5-6 defense starters,Never give up!
I was heart broken when he got fired, John L Smith took a BP top 10 team and ran it into the ground, coaches do make a difference. I hope Bobby does not go to aTm or Mizz, if Petrino had aTm's talent, they would definitely be a contender every year.
Petrino was coach while I was at UA, took 2 and 3 star athletes with a handful of 4 stars and developed them into top 10 team. Looks like he has done the same (FCS top 10) at Missouri State, with a little help from transfers. My blood pressure is finally starting to level off. Great game Razorbacks! WPS!